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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of August 2021 (from 16 August to 31 August)

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Summer 2021 is over, and fall is in charge. But this season’s change means nothing to luck because it always comes surprisingly, in a moment you do not expect. So, the last two weeks of summer showed us that you would need to try and try again to make a massive win and be a champion!

Our team is constantly checking broadcasts of popular casino streamers so that we prepared for you a new digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins from 16 August to 31 August. Take a seat, pour your glass with a drink, and be ready to witness massive wins achieved because of the powerful eagerness and piece of luck.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of August 2021 (from 16 August to 31 August)

    Jack’s Gambling Channel in Money Train 2 (Relax Gaming)

    The guys from Jack’s Gambling Channel (Phill and Marcus) demonstrated how to reach success (a cheating way) and get a big winning multiplier with a relatively small bet. The streamers chose the Money Train 2 slot by Relax Gaming, which is prominent among streamers because of the epic winning potential of 50,000x. With the help of the buy-in bonus feature ($10 = $1,000), they were transferred to a bonus game.

    The Western hunt for a grand prize began successfully because the Persistent Collector symbol landed on the bonus grid right at the beginning. It meant that the Collector would gather all the available multipliers on the grid for every single play. Of course, the collection process was not impressive at the beginning, but it was significantly increased by the end of the bonus respin rounds. During the free respins, the Necromancer helped them a little bit.

    As a result, the placed bet of $10 turned into a relatively satisfying win of $13,010.00 (16,390.78 Canadian dollars) and provided Phill and Marcus with a 1,310x winning multiplier. The streamers could not catch the grand prize, but the final result was nice.

    AndyPSX in Fruit Party 2 (Pragmatic Play)

    This time, Andy got a better result and took not 10th place but 9th. The fresh and fruity slot developed by Pragmatic Play – Fruit Party 2 – allowed the streamer to make a successful step during the base game. With a stake of $6 only, the perfect line-up of symbols made his day and the gambling session. But he invested $600 in a bonus feature until the happy moment came.

    Starting the bonus game with ten free spins, Andy had a hope that something magnificent could happen to him but did not anticipate such a great turn. He even started to feel despair because the winning combinations brought only tiny wins. After seven free drops, the total win was a little over 30 dollars. But the following drop changed everything.

    The random multipliers symbols were called to be gathered, and the Tumble feature added extra chances for a crazy win. The total multiplier reached its maximum by the end of this round, and the bonus game was immediately interrupted.

    It was the 5,000x multiplier, which granted the casino streamer the highest payout of $30,000.00 (37,786.05 Canadian dollars). You can also read how Xposed made even a more significant win in this fruity game. Please take into account that it is really challenging to get the maximum possible win in casino games.

    m0E in Roo Bonanza (Pragmatic Play + Roobet Casino)

    Many admirers of Pragmatic Play’s games know the Sweet Bonanza casino slot. Nevertheless, if you visit the Roobet casino, you will find an interesting modification of the game by the title of Roo Bonanza. Mohamad Assad, aka “m0E,” came to this gambling platform and launched this slot. Putting $10,000 into a purchase of the bonus feature (his initial bet was $100), the fruits and sweetness started falling.

    The beginning of the bonus rounds was promising because after a few drops, the streamer had over $3,000 and five bonus plays extra. Fifteen plays after, Mohamad got +$2,000 of a pure profit. But his eagerness to win and intuition hinted to him that he had to place all-in. So, he did it.

    With a casino balance of $12,325, the player repurchased the bonus feature but spent $12,000 this time. The beginning of this approach was way better compared to the previous attempt. In a few drops, his winning pool consisted of over $23k. But the most crucial moment came when the successful line-ups generated a Tumble win of $1,638, and the 20x multiplier made the rest.

    The natural instinct was right, and it earned an ROOOOOOOOOO win of $56,580.00 (71,207.06 Canadian dollars) for the streamer, which is 471 times bigger than his initial stake.

    CasinoDaddy in Fruit Party (Pragmatic Play)

    Not only Andy from the AndyPSX channel could reach the maximum possible payout of the Pragmatic slot. Gogge, from the CasinoDaddy team, tested his luck in the first part of the Fruit Party casino game, and good luck decided to surprise him.

    During the gambling session on Twitch, he was spinning the reels of two different slots simultaneously. One of them was the Fruit Party slot, and the placed bet – 10 euros. Previously, the streamer set up an Auto Play feature for 100 plays, and when the number went down to the 71st, good luck appeared in full grace. The fruits started to make many line-ups generating an insane winning pool. The last drop was multiple multipliers that made the rarest thing – the highest payout.

    This successful symbols’ formation credited the streamers account for €50,000.00 (74,481.75 Canadian dollars) instantly. That was a sweet taste of the victory with the traditional highest possible multiplier of 5,000x.

    AyeZee in Mental (Nolimit City)

    As you may know, Nolimit City has released its new and mad game – Mental – relatively recently. So, a Twitch streamer AyeZee wished to go wild and try to hit the slot with its massive winning potential of 66,666x. He placed a bet of $40, and the madness began.

    This streamer is a high roller so that he decided to purchase an entry-level bonus feature (Autopsy Freespins) for $3,200 first to learn more about this new slot. The result of the bonus game was miserable, and he did not understand what even happened. After this unsuccessful attempt, he raised the stakes and bought the second-level bonus (Lobotomy Freespins) for $9,200. The result was even worse. And he still did not know what was going on there.

    This game obtains one valuable bonus feature that provides players with a chance to get randomly one out of three bonuses (the possibility to get the most expensive one is exceptionally high). And the player used this opportunity. Thus, he purchased this random bonus for $9,280. But this Mental game is not that easy that you may think.

    He faced many losses (over $90k) before the most valuable feature was dropped, but Mental Freespins proved that his tries were worth it. During 11 sick free rounds, a winning line-up together with xWays and xSplit gave him a sick-voucher with a text: “Full on crazy” and a money reward of $109,960.

    The Mental video slot was a true hell for the streamer because he passed over different states: from the hope of an insane win to despair. He did not give up and was rewarded with a 2,767x multiplier or $110,680.00 (139,431.90 Canadian dollars) for this mental resonance.   

    Xposed in Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play)

    Another high roller also spent a lot of money until the lucky combination of symbols and the land of an insanely colossal instant multiplier appeared on the playground grid of the Gates of Olympus slot (by Pragmatic Play). Xposed, or Cody, placed a bet of $625 (including Ante Feature) and purchased a bonus feature for $50,000.

    The first attempt to get something valuable from the bonus game did not meet success, and his casino balance started to go down. For a high roller, it is a matter of principle to make a massive win, so he put $50,000 again. The second shot was more successive, but it was not still what he expected.

    In terms of purchasing such an expensive bonus feature, Cody literally gave up. The streamer set up 30 auto plays in a Turbo mode and was waiting for a massive win with a massive multiplier. After 18 rounds, this moment came. The symbols dropped on the needed spots generating money and creating a new space for more successful line-ups. By the end of the Tumble feature, one multiplier of 100x felt on the playground grid and multiplied the Tumble Win.

    Despite the fact that the gambler spent over $100,000 on two bonus features and auto spins, the multiplier allowed him to earn $222,500.00 (280,466.81 Canadian dollars) just during one play. The total winning multiplier was 356x.   

    LooPoo in Da Vinci’s Treasure (Pragmatic Play)

    Previously, LooPoo temped his luck in the Da Vinci’s Treasure casino game developed by Pragmatic Play and won over €170.000. By the end of summer, he tried this game again, and the result was even better. Together with John Hunter (a fiction character of this game), the streamer placed a bet of €500 and surprisingly got a ticket to the bonus game with 12 free plays.

    The blow-minding thing about this game is a progressive multiplier that raises value after every round, whether you win or have no line-ups. The first rotations of the reel were not great for the player, but the first remarkable win came to the 10th round when four Wild Da Vinci symbols formed a perfect combination. It granted a sensational prize of €189,000.

    This moment was not an endpoint because the next round provided the streamer with a retrigger of the bonus feature (+12 FS). During this second chance, LooPoo made a few sensational wins.

    By the end of the game, the Da Vinci’s Treasure was reached, and the streamer’s winning pool consisted of €376,300.00 (561,731.88 Canadian dollars), or 752x the initial bet.

    ClassyBeef in Mystery Museum (Push Gaming)

    One more interesting story happened to a dwarf, Biggo, from the ClassyBeef squad. He decided to launch the Mystery Museum slot developed by Push Gaming at the Stake Casino and started spinning the reels. After many tries and thousands of spent dollars, Biggo finally got the bonus symbols, which turned the game to the bonus grid with eight bonus rounds. The initial bet was $200.

    With such a high-value bet, it is easy to make a crazy win during this bonus game, especially when you are able to collect five sticky mystery symbols. From round to round, good luck came over to him and provided such a wild opportunity. Two rotations left, and the playground grid is filled with mystery symbols, and the first valuable reward appeared. One spins later, and pall the grid was completed with Helmets (one of the most high-paid images of the game).

    The full stake of those portrays helped Biggo earn $400,000 in a moment. And the final bonus mini-game gifted a bit less.

    The loss of thousands of dollars was definitely worth the attempts. As an end effect, the streamer’s balance was credited $473,440.00 (596,425.51 Canadian dollars), which was 2,367 times bigger compared to the placed bet.

    DeuceAce in Fire in the Hole (Nolimit City)

    One more game released by Nolimit City participates in our Top 10 biggest online slot wins of August. The Fire in the Hole video slot and DeuceAce take the second position of the digest. The casino streamer purchased the most expensive bonus feature for $7,000 (the placed bet of $14) and did not regret this decision.

    The winning potential of the slot is 60,000x, so DeuceAce tempted his luck to reach this high. The dynamites exploded the ground floor (reel) and revealed collect chests from the beginning of the bonus rounds. But the most terrific point came when the Dwarf image appeared on the fourth reel. This collector gathered all available multipliers from round to round, providing the player with a constantly progressive multiplier. Every subsequent free play, and the total multiplier was increasing of the essence.  

    By the end of the game, the final multiplier reached 54,465x (it was close to the max. possible one). And the placed bet of $14 turned into a massive win of $762,510.00 (960,186.90 Canadian dollars). And you see that sometimes the great result can come even without putting in a lot of effort. But there is still a person who could reach the maximum possible multiplier (in another slot). 

    Roshtein in Chilli Heat Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    The king of the greatest slot wins repeatedly proves that he is the best one in making mind-blowing wins. Roshtein takes first place for the third time in a row. But this win is a little bit lower, compared to the previous result. The great casino philosopher placed a bet of $250 at the brand-new Mexican casino slot Chilli Heat Megaways (by Pragmatic Play) and bought a bonus feature for $25,000. So, let us see where this decision led him.

    This bonus game was extensive because he did not have a fixed number of spins (only three respins that had to be retriggered). The bonus game lasted around five minutes, and he experienced different states, including excitement. Because of the special symbols like Lock (unlocks reels 1 and 6), Extender (adds extra spots to the grid), Collector, and Multiplier, Roshtein had everything to beat this game.

    With almost all the spots filled with Money symbols and a total win of $483,000, the 5x multiplier joined the game. It guaranteed the casino streamer an instant grand prize of 5,000x (the highest multiplier of the game) and rewarded him with $1,250,000.00 (1,574,787.50 Canadian dollars) instantly.


    The remarkable result cannot come without any effort, and the casino streamers showed it. Some of them lost thousands of dollars until the successful line-ups came over, and some of them took a risk, which was subsequently rewarded them to the greatest extent. That was our new digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins from 16 August to 31 August. Enjoy responsible gambling, play smarter, and make massive wins in the best online slots.


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