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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of August (from 1 August to 15 August)

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Luck is super unpredictable, and many gamblers know this fact. But they still try to gamble in online casino slots with the hope and great patience that a winning line-up will come to them and reward them to the greatest extent. In our new digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins, you will see how popular casino streamers placed their bet, risked a lot of money and got massive wins in return.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of August (from 1 August to 15 August)

    AndyPSX in El Paso Gunfight xNudge (Nolimit City)

    Previously, Andy opened our digest of massive wins and did it again. This time, the streamer's lucky video slot was El Paso Gunfight xNudge, developed by Nolimit City. He knows that many games by Nolimit City obtain an incredible winning potential. Therefore, he placed a stake of 10 dollars, bought a bonus feature by the name of Marshal Gunfight Spins for 4,000 dollars and was entirely right about this decision.

    The bonus feature offered him to choose between a high volatility mode of the bonus game or an extremely high level. Of course, Andy selected the riskier option with nine free games. And the bonus game began.

    The first rotations brought almost nothing to him except a little over 40 bucks. But the first significant outcome came to the streamer right after the second play: the wild symbol of the Marshal dropped on the playground grid and helped him generate over 3,5k dollars. After this moment, two wild symbols showed up and instantly paid the player 16,2k dollars. The following free rotations were not such impressive but still helped make enough money to get the 10th position of our digest.

    The final winning pool was $28,414.40 (35,781.26 Canadian dollars), or 2,841x the initial stake. Anyway, the purchase of the bonus feature was worth it.

    Casino Daddy in Respins of Amun Re (Oryx Gaming)

    Even Jesus plays in casino slots, but not actual Jesus from Christianity – from the Casino Daddy team. His choice came to an intriguing game title – Respins of Amun Re (Gamomat Studio). With a placed bet of 20 dollars and the turned-on feature of the Auto Play, five bonus symbols occurred on the playground grid. They provided the streamer with an invitation to a bonus game and an opportunity to reach the Super-Ra bonus.

    The bonus game started with three respins on the grid of 5x3, and the harvest of bonus symbols also began. As a starting boost, Jesus got six bonus symbols with a total value of 160 dollars. Almost every rotation of the reels refreshed the number of free plays, increasing the winning pool of the gambler.

    The bonus game did not last so much time and ended when the entire grid was filled with the bonus symbols. And what does this moment mean?

    According to the game rules, when you fill the grid entirely, the bonus game automatically comes to its end and rewards a player with the most fabulous prize – Super-Ra. It is a kind of a jackpot. Thus, Jesus got a little money prize of €30,500.00 (45,301.60 Canadian dollars), equal to 1,525x the initial bet.

    Roshtein in Phoenix Reborn (Play’n Go)

    Some online slots are very generous, but you need to have a lot of patience to get your well-desired prize. So, it happened to Roshtein and the Phoenix Reborn slot by Play’n Go. The triumphant appearance of the scatter symbols triggered the bonus game with seven free spins. And something unbelievable happened to the streamer. As he highlighted during the gambling session: “I have been chasing this moment for almost three years.” The phrase was referred to the combination of symbols that Roshtein got. The stake was 50 dollars.

    The bonus rounds started, and the process to be a witness of the rise of the Phoenix was on the way. The first plays provided the streamer with insignificant and modest rewards, and Roshtein was only communicating with his audience. After several unsuccessful attempts and a fortunate increase of the free spins, Roshtein finally got what he deserved and awaited. Five mythical birds spread their flaming wings on the playground grid, expanding the fire around.

    As a result, five images of Phoenix gave Roshtein the highest possible payout of 5,000x the placed bet. The total win consisted of $50,912.50 (64,259.21 Canadian dollars). So, FINALLY, his patience was rewarded.

    LooPooYT in Book of Shadows (GameArt)

    If you want to reach a massive win, there is one proven way – to go to an online casino and find the Book of Shadows slot by Nolimit City. The game is prominent because of the instant and insane payouts, and if you can fill the playground grid with the Cursed Girl symbols or one of the valuable symbols, you will feel true happiness. And the casino streamer LooPoo took this advice and shortened the way after buying a bonus feature for 4,800 euros while having a bet of 60 euros.

    Before the bonus game was started, the streamer got a chosen symbol of the Moth (one of the high-paid images of the game). LooPoo decided not to re-pick it and entered the cursed bonus game.

    The reels began spinning, but winning combinations did not occur on the grid. 9 out of 10 free games brought the streamer a little over 1,5k euros. But at the very last moment, the long-awaited symbols of Moth flew on the grid and filled it entirely.

    This culmination granted the streamer a hell-fire payout of €61,736.00 (91,304.55 Canadian dollars), or 1,028x the placed total stake.

    Jack’s Gambling House in Iron Bank (Relax Gaming)

    If you want to heist bank and make a lot of money, the only proven legal way is to launch the Iron Bank casino slot developed by Relax Gaming. Jack from the Jack’s Gambling House channel knows the truth, so that he decided to play that game. The opportunity to purchase the bonus feature helped him shorten the way, but it cost him $2,000 with a placed bet of 20 dollars.

    After this move, Jack had to choose between three given options – Mystery Symbols, Expanding Wilds, or Multiplier Collect. The streamer picked the first one, which provided him with eight free plays and a randomly selected Mystery symbol. The random symbol was a box of cigars, and the dangerous adventure began.

    One rotation and 80 dollars of win. Second rotation – nothing; third one – also nothing; fourth play and zero in return. Such a loose streak tickled the nerves of the streamer. But the penultimate spin brought at least something, namely over 1,00- dollars and changed Jack’s mood. The final drop and the symbols of Mr. Bull appeared almost filled the whole playground grid. The winning indicator started increasing and stopped its growth when the winning pool was 108k dollars. In one moment, he missed some digits, but after a few seconds, he realized how successful the bank heist was.

    The dangerous mission was so successful that the pure profit was $109,092.00 (137,630.47 Canadian dollars), or 5,454x the placed bet (54 times more the bonus cost).

    Xposed in Fruit Party 2 (Pragmatic Play)

    Fruits always bring pleasure and enjoyment. So, Cody, or Xposed, decided to play the mega profitable Pragmatic Play’s slot – Fruit Party 2. Initially, he purchased a bonus feature for 10,000 dollars while having a stake of $100.

    This attempt was unsuccessful, and he was down the balance. But this person is purposeful, and he exactly knew what he needed. Therefore, he bought another one for the same amount of money. This shot was way better because it allowed at least to return the money from the purchase and got a little profit.

    The third attempt of the bonus-buy feature was the culmination point of success. The drop of fruits started generating winning line-ups and increasing winning multipliers. Suddenly, all these combinations made an insane winning pool of $117,480.00 (148,186.34 Canadian dollars). Even though Cody invested into the bonus feature 30k dollars, the final prize satisfied the streamer. The multiplier that Cody got was 1,174 bigger compared to the placed bet.

    Xposed in Juicy Fruits (Pragmatic Play)

    Love to fruits is in Cody’s blood because there is one more massive win he could reach while spinning the reels of the fruity slot. The same developer, but the different project (Juicy Fruits) proved the fact that fruits can make people happy. Together with his friends, he was playing the game (without purchasing a bonus feature) with a high-roller bet of $600 and suddenly got the scatter symbols to enter the bonus game.

    The bonus rounds started with five initial free spins, but an additional gathering of Diamonds (scatter symbols) increased the number of free games and the size of the Wild symbol. Step by step, the streamer collected the winning combinations generating the winning pool. The craziest part came to the moment when the Wild symbol reached the size of 4x4 (almost filling the grid). At this moment, Cody predicted that the win would be a little over $200k. But he was wrong in his prediction because the final prize was more significant.

    By the end of the bonus play, the streamer’s balance was credited with $288,920.00 (364,436.46 Canadian dollars). The multiplier was not so massive and was equal to 481x the placed bet. So, it was a really juicy game and a mega juicy reward.

    DeuceAce in Buffalo King Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    The third place of our digest of the TOP 10 craziest online slot wins goes to a popular Twitch streamer, namely Deuce Ace. He came up with an idea to launch the Buffalo King Megaways slot, which gave an insane win to another streamer at the beginning of summer 2021. The gambler put a 100-dollar bet and triggered a bonus game.

    The bonus game consisted of 10 free rounds (a traditional number of free spins for Pragmatic Play’s projects). The first rotations were insignificant, and the streamer got almost nothing in return. In the middle of the free rounds, a particular line-up allowed the casino player to make $32,000.00. Meanwhile, there were several multipliers on the playground grid. Consequently, the generated win was multiplied by a relatively small multiplier of 15x and surprised the streamer to the greatest extent.

    After ten free games, he reached almost the highest possible payout – 4,832x (5,000x) and got the payout of $483,250.00 (609,760.02 Canadian dollars). And it was about halfway close to the most remarkable result.

    ClassyBeef in Fruit Party (Pragmatic Play)

    One more time, the fruity slot impressed us with a massive win. This time, good luck was on the side of the popular casino streamer from the ClassyBeef team. The streamer was talking to the audience, answering the comments on the live chat and spinning the reels of the Fruit Party game, having a bet of $300. But something amazing happened in one moment.

    It is not wondering that the Fruit Party slot often allows gamblers to get a lot of money and instantly. So, the same thing happened to the streamer. Fourteen green apples dropped on the playground grid generated a winning pool of $15,000. During the same line-up, many 2x multipliers also appeared, which created a total multiplier of 64x. The math was simple and instant: $15,000 was multiplied by the total multiplier.

    This life-changing winning combination of green apples gave the casino streamer an insane prize, namely $960,000.00 (1,210,401.60 Canadian dollars). The fruits from Pragmatic Play are really special and allowed the player to get a crazy multiplier of 3,200x.

    Roshtein Mystery Museum (Push Gaming)

    Some time ago, Roshtein showed how to gamble and how generous online slots could be. But in this digest, he could reach an even better result. His choice came to the Mystery Museum video slot developed by Push Gaming. Placed a total bet of $400, Roshtein was spinning the game’s reels and suddenly entered into a bonus game with eight free spins and Mystery Stack symbols.

    The greatest thing about this slot is an opportunity to fill the entire playground grid with those mystery symbols and get mega-winning line-ups.

    At the very beginning of the bonus rounds, the Swedish streamer got only two Mystery Stack symbols. This was good news, but it was not what he expected. Round after round and the number of these symbols kept unchangeable so that the total win was unchangeable as well and was equal to zero. But the penultimate round made things clear and provided the player with five Mystery Stack symbols. And the miracle happened.

    Right after this perfect appearance, the Golden Pharaoh symbols were randomly dropped. This symbol is the most valuable one and pays insane. Immediately, Roshtein stood up from his chair and started screaming with happiness because the epic win was $2,000,000.00. The final round credited his casino account for $8k.

    This lucky gambling session presented Roshtein with a total win of $2,008,800.00 (2,533,398.12 Canadian dollars), or 5,022x the initial total bet.

    You see how difficult to predict an outcome while playing online slots. Some casino streamers needed some time and extra tries to reach something valuable, and others had been waiting so long to get a massive win finally. Anyway, their hopes, attempts and patience were unexpectedly rewarded to the greatest extent.


    9.75 (Votes: 2)



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