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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of July (from 1 July to 15 July)

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You can win a great amount of money almost from nothing in online slots, or you can raise your stakes and become a millionaire instantly. Our new digest of TOP 10 biggest online slot wins from 1 July to 15 July shows how generous casino games can be in relation to players. And it is still possible to make an insane win within seconds.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of July (from 1 July to 15 July)

    Banksy in xWays Hoarder xSplit (Nolimit City)

    Many people dream of meeting their luck and get the highest winning multiplier in an online slot. But it is a pretty challenging task because the odds are extremely high. A casino streamer Banksy signed up to this impossible mission at the xWays Hoarder xSplit casino slot developed by Nolimit City, placed a bet of 20 cents and bought a bonus feature for $43.60.

    Four raid Scatter symbols guaranteed Banksy to have 9 raid rotations by default, but extra xWays images added three more spins to this amount. Moreover, these xWays symbols removed low-paid images from the playground grid, increased the Hoarder level from 1 to 2 and created an excellent starting point for the realization of the free raid spins.

    Good luck was unbelievable for the casino streamer because every single bonus game rewarded him with additional xWays symbols, increasing the level of Hoarder and bringing him closer to Wasteland. Usually, when you are spinning the reels during the bonus rounds, the number of free games decreases. In his regard, the number of free games constantly goes up.

    And a few rounds later, the dosimeter was full and transferred the gambler to Wasteland with a 3x3 xWays symbol and tremendous multipliers. The money came to Banksy like radioactive waves spreading across the world.

    Banksy completed the mission impossible and got the highest multiplier of 11,030x. The winning pool consisted of $2,206.00 (2,799.74 Canadian dollars) from the stake of 20 cents. And the probability of getting such an insane luck was one of fourteen million.

    PressPlayTTV in Battle Maiden Cleopatra (1x2 Gaming)

    A casino girl from the Twitch channel of PressPlayTTV continues to surprise us with the successive crazy win while having a relatively low stake (5 euros). The Battle Maiden Cleopatra casino game by 1x2 Gaming allowed the girl to enter into a bonus game with ten free rotations and generate a crazy winning pool.

    This highlight from a long-term gambling session was super quick. The first play rewarded the casino streamer with a prize of 8 euros. And the second play was the most significant because four full-sized Wild symbols appeared on the playground grid. This fascinating match brought her a tremendous reward instantly. She could not even control her feelings and emotions after such an unexpected combination, which generated the winning pool of 16 grands.

    A single bet of 5 euros generated a total winning pool of €16,142.00 (24,202.19 Canadian dollars), which is 3,228 times more compared to the stake’s value.

    The Bandit in East Coast vs. West Coast (Nolimit City)

    Almost the same bet’s value can make even a better result. And The Bandit, a casino streamer from The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel, proved it while was playing in the East Coast vs. West Coast casino game created by Nolimit City. And as you have already assumed, the initial streamer’s bet was 5 pounds sterling.

    Thanks to good luck and land of well-desired symbols on well-desired positions, The Bandit got a chance to charge his casino balance significantly. The infectious xWays images combined with a few A-symbols filled the playground grid with many A-portrays. And this advantageous line-up allowed the streamer to feel himself above the law.

    Just one play with a low stake of 5 pounds made a huge win. The Bandit literally showed which coast is the best one and emptied the casino game. The winning multiplier of 5,103x generated the winning pool of £25,518.50 (44,690.42 Canadian dollars).

    AndyPSX in Mystery Museum (Push Gaming)

    Ok. Let us move to high rollers and see how generous the video slots were for them. AndyPSX takes the 7th position of our digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins. And traditionally, he got this place with a big win in the Mystery Museum slot developed by Push Gaming. The stake was ten times bigger compared to the previous streamers’ bets and was 50 dollars.

    Three bonus symbols were landed on the playground grid during his gambling session and initiated bonus rounds with eight free plays.

    He started to collect Mystery Stack symbols right away. In the first play, he reached a 12,5k dollars win because two Mystery symbols revealed Pharaoh's images and lined them properly. But the excitement was slowing down due to a simple reason – the winnings were not significant, and the number of free rotations was going down.

    The moment of triumph came to the last play when the playground grid was filled with the Mystery Stack symbols. And these symbols revealed an image of Gorgo (the third most paid symbol of the game). Andy was shocked and surprised. The Gorgo symbols gave the casino streamer a prize of 50k dollars.

    So, by the end of the bonus game, these eight free plays credited the streamer's account for $65,020.00 (83,206.09 Canadian dollars), or 1,300x the placed stake. You see what can happen when the hope is almost died.

    Jack’s Gambling Channel in Dead or Alive 2 (NetEnt)

    The next survival casino game Dead or Alive 2, developed by NetEnt, helped Jack and Marcus from the Jack’s Gambling Channel to get an even more lucrative multiplier and prize. The casino streamers met their luck while having a relatively small stake of 9 dollars participating in a wild west adventure.

    Of course, the result of the adventure might be different if they would not join the most volatile bonus game by the name of High Noon Saloon. The primary advantage of this bonus mode is the presence of sticky Wild symbols.

    The first part of the bonus rounds was not successful, and there were no significant winnings at all. But when enough Wild symbols plus generous multipliers appeared on the grid and created a mega-profitable environment, then the slot started to bring its fruits.

    Good luck did not leave the streamers until the very end of the bonus game and assisted them in reaching a huge jackpot. When the bonus game came to its end, the winning pool was more than enough great. During all bonus games, the casino balance was credited with $127,072.00 (162,520.01 Canadian dollars). So, the streamers could multiply the initial bet of 9 dollars by 14,119 and chose to stay alive!

    Jack’s Gambling Channel in Iron Bank (Relax Gaming)

    The thirst for a real gambling adventure is in Jack’s blood. This time, the streamer decided to temp his luck in the Relax Gaming’s development – Iron Bank. The stakes are high because money heist is always a dangerous business. Jack wanted to shorten the way to get success and purchased a bonus feature for $2,000, having the initial bet of 20 dollars.

    The bonus game offered the casino streamer to pick one out of three game modes. Jack selected the Multiplier Collect type with the greatest number of free rotations (12) and not the highest volatility level.  

    This mode is the best choice because of the additional possibility to collect coconut crates and obtain extra spins. Enough number of boxes allowed the streamer to have over 20 free plays. And the most fantastic line-up showed up when four Wild symbols appeared on the grid and instantly generated a prize of 140k dollars.    

    With the help of the retriggered number of free plays, the casino streamer got rewarded for his risky decision to buy the bonus. The Iron Bank was rubbered, and Jack’s winning pool consisted of $146,788.00 (187,581.85 Canadian dollars), which was equal to 7,339x the placed bet.

    TrainwrecksTV in Book of Shadows (Nolimit City)

    Do you remember when the Book of Shadows slot by Nolimit City rewarded xQc with an insane win of over 400 grands? This story is almost the same one with a less lucrative prize, but the main hero is Tyler, the owner of the TrainwrecksTV channel on Twitch. Tyler was having a regular gambling session and spinning the reels of Book of Shadows when three books of shadows landed on the grid. The initial bet was 100 dollars. 

    The crucial moment of every bonus game of Book of Shadows is the choice of the playing symbol. In this case, Tyler got a poison bottle (one of the most profitable images of the game). And the cursed bonus game with ten free spins got started.

    After the first three plays, the streamer earned almost nothing from the bonus game, but the following bonus round initiated something delightful for him. On all the reels, the poison bottles emerged, and Tyler had a clue what would come next. According to this information, he even went away from his gaming chair. And this was not without purpose.

    The presence of the poison bottles on all the reels generated an instant wicked win of 100 grands. The following bonus rounds were not so significant in terms of winnings, but the last one repeated the success and gave the player one more 100k-dollar roll. 

    In general, Tyler earned $206,980.00 (263,675.96 Canadian dollars). Compared to the initial bet, the total prize exceeded it by 2,069 times. The last time, Tyler was more successful with online slots and got one of the greatest wins in Juicy Fruits.

    ClassyBeef in Floating Dragon (Pragmatic Play)

    The funny time is over, and it is the right moment to step forward to more outstanding victories. Georgi and Jonte, an inseparable due from ClassyBeef, had a regular gambling stream while spinning the reels of the Floating Dragon casino game by Pragmatic Play and having a stake of 200 dollars.

    Once, three Floating Dragon symbols came to the streamers and rewarded them with ten free plays (one circle). And the bonus game began. Rotation after rotation, Jonte and Georgi collected money and the Princess symbols. When the number of free plays reached one, collected Princess symbols added ten more games for free with a double multiplier. 

    The second circle with the 2x multiplier made a winning pool of about $50k, but the needed number of the Princess symbols appeared just on time. The third circle with the same number of free rounds, but with a 3x multiplier, gave much more to the casino streamers – $95k. Do you think it was the end? No, it was not!

    The streamers were again awarded ten extra respins and a 10x multiplier. Such an incredible multiplier allowed them to get maximum from the slot. Each play made an impressive win.

    These 40 bonus rounds provided Jonte and Georgi with a total multiplier of 1,418x the placed bet or $283,700.00 (361,463.59 Canadian dollars) in cash.

    ClassyBeef in Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead (Play’n Go)

    Over one year ago, Play’n Go released a video slot by the name of Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead, and only this time, it demonstrated an incomparable result. ClassyBeef again showed how to play big and win big as well. Biggo and Nando were spinning the reels of the slot with a “tiny” bet of 500 bucks.

    Occasionally, three symbols of the golden compass landed and indicated the casino streamers on the way where a lucrative treasure could be found. Moreover, these three compasses combined and merged into a big one and chose K as a special expanding symbol. Consequently, a bonus game with ten free rotations came to play.

    The very first rotation of the reels called for the Lords of Death. The five dead pharaohs showed up on their full size and gave the streamers a portion of madness! Instantly, Nando and Biggo jumped off from their chairs from what they saw in front of their eyes – an instant win of 500k dollars. The greatest thing was that they still had nine more free plays. Of course, the following spins did not bring something more valuable as the first rotation had done, but it was enough to get the second place of our regular digest.

    With the help of the initial bet of 500 dollars and dead pharaohs, ClassyBeef’s members multiplied the stake by 1,042 times, which brought $521,450.00 (665,670.03 Canadian dollars) to them.

    Roshtein in Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play)

    If we cannot impress you with such substantial online slot wins, this one will make your blood boils. Roshtein, one of the most respectful gambling philosophers, made a record! The fruits came to him from the slot developed by Pragmatic Play by the name of Gates of Olympus.

    He put a bet of $625 (together with an active the Ante Bet feature) and quietly spinning the reels. So, what can disturb such a quiet condition? Of course, something unbelievable can change your mood and feelings in a second. And it happened to Roshtein.

    A crazy multiplier of 250 dropped from the skies during a base game, and successful line-ups started to collect a tumble win. The stake was massively huge, so the winning pool was increased significantly. One thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars. Almost six thousand dollars. And the multiplier did its primary role – multiplied the winning pool.

    The multiplier of 250 generated a mega lucrative prize for Roshtein, namely $1,425,000.00 (1,819,689.38 Canadian dollars). Even though he put a huge stake in the game, the total multiplier was 2,192 times bigger.

    We hope you have enjoyed our new digest of TOP 10 biggest casino slot wins. So, you see that sometimes you need to spend some time and money to get a result, or it can come to you in the most unexpectable moment.


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