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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of September (from 1 September to 15 September)

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Casino slots can bring a lot of positive emotions and feelings. Even though you place a bet of a relatively small amount, the casino games can surprise you to the greatest extent. In our latest digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins, you will see different results achieved under different conditions. Some casino streamers played low and were satisfied pleasantly, and some of them placed high-rollers’ bets and got prizes that were beyond their imaginations.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of September (from 1 September to 15 September)

    LetsGiveItASpin in Deadwood (Nolimit City)

    Blanco opens our new digest of TOP 10 biggest online slot wins together with his teammates (Nathan and SonnyLee) from the LetsGiveItASpin team. The guys picked the Deadwood slot developed by Nolimit City. The outstanding feature of the game is its winning potential, and Blanco knows about it. He set up a total bet for 6 dollars and purchased a bonus feature for 426 dollars.

    After the purchase, the slot asked to specify the bonus game – Hunter Spins with Guaranteed Wild (less volatile option) or Gunslinger Spins with Sticky Multiplier (extreme volatility). The choice was obvious – the second one. And Blanco started to collect the gunslingers with the multipliers.

    The very first attempts brought almost nothing to the table. Rotation after rotations, no winning combos showed up. But as it usually happens, the last bonus round allowed the casino streamers to get something. The second, third, and fourth reels got three full-sized images of the gunslingers, and they increased the total sticky multiplier up to 12x. Additionally, J, A, and Shotgun symbols on the first reel and the same symbols on the fifth reel allowed to generate a massive win.

    By the end of this bonus game, the casino streamers are seen that the casino balance was credited for €17,538.00 (26,131.79 Canadian dollars), and the small bet of six dollars was multiplied by 2,923.

    AndyPSX in Hoarder (Nolimit City)

    xWays Hoarder xSplit, a relatively new casino slot developed by Nolimit City, helped Andy take the ninth position. Spinning the reels of this biohazard game with his friend, Andy came to the decision to buy the most expensive bonus feature with Raid Spins for 2,175.60 dollars (his placed bet was $2.80).

    Thanks to the xWays symbols, a few low-paid images were eliminated so that the beginning of the bonus rounds was good. But good luck did not want to go away and blessed them with its fortunate touch. Every round added xWays symbols and winded up the non-profitable images.

    A few rounds later, nine xWays symbols were collected, and this moment transferred the players to another playground grid (Wasteland) with an insane winning potential and additional free spins (7). The huge xWays symbol of 3x3 started generating a real winning pool.

    When the guys left the Wasteland, 27,723.78 dollars (35,034.54 Canadian dollars) were added to the casino balance. And the final multiplier was equal to 9,901x.

    ShiroxAtWar in Dead Man’s Trail (Relax Gaming)

    It has been a while since Dominik, a German-speaking casino streamer from the ShiroxAtWar channel, participated in our digest. Previously, his slot of success was Mystery Museum by Push Gaming; and this time, his eyes came to a brand-new Relax Gaming’s development – Dead Man’s Trail. With a placed stake of 2 dollars, three bonus symbols of the Ghost Ship finally dropped on the playground grid and initiated a bonus game, which seems like a table game, with surprising chests and perilous traps.

    The whole map was filled with mind-blowing multipliers thanks to two Collect & Command symbols a few moments later. Each spot had a minimum multi of 1,800x. Consequently, every successful move brought to Dominik at least that crazy multiplier.

    The bonus game did not last long, but the total multiplier reached an unbelievable edge of 26,370x. This final result of this risky trail allowed the player to earn $52,740.00 (78,583.11 Canadian dollars).

    Bidule in The Dog House Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

    Let us raise the stakes! Bidule does not like to play with a small bet. Therefore, he was spinning the reels of The Dog House Megaways while having a stake of 120 dollars. But he would like to participate in a bonus game as quickly as possible, so he purchased a bonus ticket for 12,000 dollars.

    As usual for this Pragmatic Play’s project, there are different bonus rounds: with seven free spins and better winning potential and a less volatile option with 15 free plays. To get a SENSATIONAL win, Bidule selected the more promising one.

    The essential goal of this bonus feature is to collect sticky multipliers – the more symbols you have, the better the final outcome will be. And good luck started following the streamer from the very first rotation. The first round – one 2x multiplier. The second play – one more symbol with the same value. The third rotation and the player already had three 2x multipliers and about 3,5k dollars.

    The first significant line-up was formed when the fourth reel got a 3x image. After this moment, the video slot became sick and generated Bidule massive wins. By the end of these seven bonus rounds, the total winning pool was replenished with extra 83,256.00 dollars (105,210.61 Canadian dollars) and equal to 693x the initial bet. So, the dogs can bring not only slippers but also nice bankrolls.

    Xposed in Fruit Party (Pragmatic Play)

    One more title developed by Pragmatic Play made one more casino streamer happier. We are talking about a generous Fruit Party game. Cody, well-known as Xposed, set up a bet for 400 dollars and turned on a feature of Auto Play (100 plays). He understood that it would be challenging to make a huge win after a few drops, so he went away from the broadcast. After over 100 unsuccessful plays, the bonus symbols finally appeared and rewarded Xposed with ten free drops.

    At this point, good luck decided to come to him, and winning combinations appeared every single game. After five games, the winning indicator displayed a pool of over 50k dollars thanks to many fruits and 2x multipliers. When Cody had three free spins left, the slot gave him a little over 50k dollars in a moment. The last plays also added a little bit.

    So, this fruity game allowed Xposed to get a total multiplier of 335x the placed stake, or $134,220.00 (169,613.81 Canadian dollars). The multiplier was not that huge compared to the previous participants, but the final result was worth the effort.

    AyeZee in Land of Zenith (Push Gaming)

    The exact value of the bet put another casino streamer AyeZee. But the chosen slot was the game developed by Push Gaming – Land of Zenith. The streamer wanted to explore this new land with its bonus features again. And when the Disk Mechanism took the proper position, it allowed the player to enter into a Hypermode with a timer and an endless number of free rotations.

    Starting the bonus game limited to 20 seconds, AyeZee could fill the Disk successfully and go further. The rest of the timers were set up for 10 seconds. Round after round, the Wild Crest Symbols helped survive the bonus game, and the winning line-ups generated a total winning pool for the streamer.

    At the beginning of the bonus, it was not difficult to watch how these combinations appeared. But when the game started spinning up, the player could not notice what was going on on the playground grid – only the incredible speed of reels’ rotation.

    After spinning the reels of the Land of Zenith slot, the game congratulated AyeZee with a small gift of $571,200.00 (722,185.30 Canadian dollars). If Xposed got could get the multiplier of 335, this casino streamer reached a way better result – 1,428x.

    LooPoo in Hop’n’Pop (Hacksaw Gaming)

    But some streamers made even a bigger profit while having a lower stake. As a good example of such a win, it is LooPoo. The French streamer was broadcasting his gambling adventure in the Hop’n’Pop slot presented by Hacksaw Gaming with a bet of 100 euros. And in one moment, he decided to buy a bonus feature for 20,000 euros.

    The Moon changed the Sun, and the bonus game with ten free games was started on the dark playground grid. Right from the start of the bonus game, LooPoo got admirable winning combos, which allowed him to get pretty juicy multipliers. Consequently, each drop of fruits brought some money.

    When he had one free spin left, over 15 symbols of strawberries formed an insane line-up, and two multipliers of 32x and 64x made the rest. Instantly, the last free round rewarded the player with 512k euros. The total multiplier was 5,417x, and the final prize turned into €540,710.00 (805,710.98 Canadian dollars).

    Roshtein in Buffalo King (Pragmatic Play)

    The third place with a massive win goes to Roshtein. It is not the win that he reached the last time, but he still earned a lot of money in the Buffalo King slot by Pragmatic Play. The high-roller placed a bet of 500 dollars and joined the bonus game with free rounds.

    The first rounds did not bring anything special to the streamer, except disappointment and frustration. But, when the number of free plays came closer to its end, the symbols of wild animals finally started forming winning combinations and generating winnings.

    The most significant highlight of this gambling session was when many multipliers were dropped on the playground grid. Roshtein understood immediately that this prize would be insanely huge. And he was right, as usual.

    The bonus game was ended, and the streamer’s balance was credited with an insane sum of $655,250.00 (828,452.23 Canadian dollars), which is exceeded the placed bet by 1,310 times.

    ClassyBeef in Fruit Party (Pragmatic Play)

    The ClassyBeef team, to be precise – Georgi and Jonte, earned even more in the Pragmatic Play’s development. The casino streamers tempted their luck in the legendary Fruit Party video slot with a placed bet of 300 dollars. The players did not decide to purchase an overpriced bonus feature for 30,000 dollars, so they set up an Auto Play feature and started to wait for the miracle.

    The game did not want to give the casino streamers something valuable, and they got only relatively small wins. But about 30 plays later and around 9,000 dollars spent, 14 golden star symbols with many 2x multipliers dropped on the playground grid and provided the players with a sensational instant win.

    Despite the fact that Georgi and Jonte spent so much money to get this mind-blowing line-up, the taste of victory was sooooooo good. This fortunate combo of stars and multipliers generated a winning pool of 1,500,000 dollars (1,896,495.00 Canadian dollars) and gave a shot to get the maximum possible payout of 5,000x. So, this fruity slot definitely surprised the gamblers from the ClassyBeef team.

    TrainwrecksTV in Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play)

    And the greatest highlight of our digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins with the most prominent win achieved Tyler, the owner of the TrainwrecksTV channel. This time, the casino streamer was playing extremely high. With an initial stake of 1,250 dollars, Tyler was spinning the reels of the Gates of Olympus casino slot (Pragmatic Play) and finally got something super-valuable from this game.

    Thanks to the Tumble feature of the slot, the streamer had enough chances to get a massive win. But the crucial moment came when the first multiplier of 50x dropped on the grid. Meanwhile, the successful line-ups were continuing to generate a prizing pool. But a few seconds later, a 500x multiplier landed on the grid and turned everything upside-down.

    A crazy win plus massive multipliers made a total win of $2,117,500.00 (2,677,218.78 Canadian dollars) for the streamer. The total multiplier was not that huge and was equal to 1,694x, but it still helped Tyler take the highest position of the digest.

    That was all for this time. We hope that you have enjoyed this digest with the crazy wins. And you can see that sometimes you need to put a lot of effort to get massive success. But some lucky players can reach the same result even faster and without such huge expenses. Who knows, maybe, you are fortunate enough to make even a more significant win! Share with us your story of what was your greatest win in online slots.


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