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TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of September (from 16 September to 30 September)

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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Massive winnings are always pleasant to have. By the end of the first month of the cool season, new casino slots and the proven-by-time ones helped popular casino streamers make a lot of money. Some of their winnings overcame an edge of a million-dollar bill, and some of them allowed the gamblers to multiply their initial bets by thousands of times. Keep reading the latest digest of the top 10 biggest online slot wins of September, and look how bountiful casino games can be.

TOP 10 Biggest Online Slot Wins of September (from 16 September to 30 September)

    LetsGiveItASpin in Jammin’ Jars 2 (Pragmatic Play)

    Kim and Blanco, the guys from the LetsGiveItASpin channel, take the tenth position in our regular digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins. After setting a total bet for 20 dollars and turning on a feature of Auto Plays (for 100 spins) in the mega generous Jammin’ Jars casino slot, the guys started their way to a miracle.

    The miracle did not let the streamers wait for a long time, and the Push Gaming’s game allowed them to unlock a bonus mode with 8 Giga Spins featuring the Giga Jar. The beginning of the bonus game was relatively good, and Wild Jars symbols alongside Prize symbols started generating the winning pool. When the number of free rounds came to its end, a golden coin with a 100x multiplier joined the grid.

    Thanks to those incredible multipliers, the Wild Jar symbols, and prosperous circumstances, Kim and Blanco multiplied their initial bet by 1,542 times, and the final winning pool consisted of $30,840.00 (39,186.38 Canadian dollars).

    SPINLIFE in Volatile Vikings (Relax Gaming)

    Relax Gaming has recently released its brand-new casino slot - Volatile Vikings, and this development fantastically surprised a casino streamer from Spinlife. The player placed a stake of six dollars and used an option to purchase a bonus feature of the slot. It cost him $600 and granted seven free spins.

    After the very first bonus round, he witnessed an appearance of two multipliers, which were equal to 102x. Thanks to several winning line-ups, this total multiplier was attached to the gameplay. Consequently, the rest of the bonus rotations brought the casino streamer crazy wins.

    By the end of the bonus game, the casino balance of the player was credited with a total sum of $36,865.80 (46,791.92 Canadian dollars). Considering a relatively small initial bet of six dollars, the guy multiplied it by 6,144 times.

    Xposed in Floating Dragon (Pragmatic Play)

    Considering the fact that the previous streamer put 600 dollars into the bonus feature, Xposed put 700 dollars for a single bet but in another slot developed by another game provider. The chosen slot was Floating Dragon by Pragmatic Play.

    While spinning the reels of the slot during a base game, the streamer was able to get three golden coins in the middle row. This match initiated one of the bonus features of the game by the name of Hold and Spin. In simple words, he started to collect the golden coins with different values on a special grid. The bonus game lasted not so long, but it was enough to generate a massive win.

    This lucky casino slot allowed Xposed to get a total multiplier of 124 (which is incredibly low) and made a win of $86,800.00 (110,253.79 Canadian dollars).

    Roshtein in Das xBoot (Nolimit City)

    One more new game, but developed by Nolimit city, gave a shot to make an insane win for Roshtein. Knowing that the streamer usually plays high, he decided to lower the stakes. With a placed bet of 30 dollars, he bought the most expensive bonus for 10,500 dollars with 8 Wolf Pack Spins.

    At the beginning of the bonus rounds, he did not see anything significant except extremely small wins slightly covering the expenses of the bonus-buy decision. But when the number of free plays remained one, one of the most paid symbols, two extended wilds and two xWays’ rows showed up on the playground grid, generating a Gold Vault Des Grossadmiral win.

    It is well-known that most games developed by Nolimit City obtain a great winning potential, and this new Das xBoot game has no exceptions. When the bonus game was over, it rewarded Roshtein with a massive win of $95,037.60 (120,438.77 Canadian dollars) or 3,157x the placed stake.

    CasinoDaddy in Mental (Nolimit City)

    The next lucky persons are from the channel of Casino Daddy. The guys tempted their good luck in a recently released casino slot, Mental, developed by Nolimit City. Previously, AyeZee had little success with this casino game, but these streamers beat his record and made even more profit from the game. Good luck came to the streamers and gave them access to a Lobotomy Free Spin bonus game without any bonus purchases. Their initial bet was 4 dollars.

    This mental bonus game started bringing benefits to casino streamers right after the first rounds. Because of several Dead Patient symbols, the players got five multipliers with a value of 30x. The following bonus round allowed them to use these multipliers to the full extent and make an instant Full of Crazy payout. It was enough for them. During the rest of the bonus game, they did not get anything significant.

    After all, the game was hit, and the gamblers from Casino Daddy got their mental reward of 48,604x (the maximum possible payout is 66,666x). To make it simple, the initial stake of 4 dollars was turned into $194,416.00 (246,324.10 Canadian dollars). Crazy, is not it?

    Roshtein in Starlight Princess (Pragmatic Play)

    A Swedish casino streamer Roshtein was lucky enough to get one more place in our digest. Together with the Starlight Princess slot developed by Pragmatic Play, the casino philosopher could make even a more fantastic win but with a lower winning multiplier. He put 50k dollars into purchasing the bonus game (his initial bet was $500) and got 15 free rounds in return.

    The first significant win came to the 8th round when a Tumble feature allowed Roshtein to make a win of over one thousand, which will be subsequently multiplied by 15. A few rounds later, winning line-ups generated over 5k dollars, and the multiplier of 21x provided one more successful win of 119k dollars. But all surprises were not ended at this point. The very last round presented the player with a prize of a little over 121k dollars.

    The free rounds were over, and the casino balance of Roshtein was credited with $315,750.00 (400,748.32 Canadian dollars). Yes, the win was massive, but the total multiplier from the initial bet was 631x only.

    LooPoo in 3 Clown Monty (Play’n Go)

    Many people are afraid of clowns, but these comical characters can bring a looooot of fun and many positive emotions. So, the same thing happened to a French-speaking casino streamer LooPoo who launched a video slot 3 Clown Monty powered by Play’n Go. After some time spent on the gameplay with an initial bet of 200 dollars, three Scatter symbols depicting three clowns appeared on the playground grid. This appearance allowed the player to pick a card and get seven free spins. 

    These seven rounds did not provide the player with something valuable except three more Scatter symbols, 5 Monty Spins and a sticky multiplier of 25x. Every bonus round generated massive wins, but the most crucial moment happened when eight multipliers stuck to the playground grid and rewarded LooPoo exceptionally.

    After 12 bonus rounds, 3 Clown Monty helped LooPoo to multiply his initial bet by 1,677 times. So, the total sum of the winning consisted of €335,420.00 (493,117.71 Canadian dollars). And it was truly enjoyable for the casino player.

    Roshtein in Booty Bay (Push Gaming)

    Roshtein has a winning streak because he made so many wins during this short period of time. The next-in-turn win was reached in the Booty Bay video slot developed by Push Gaming. He decided not to play low during this gambling session and set his total bet for 400 dollars. Thanks to the lucky circumstances, Roshtein unlocked Hotzone with an unlimited number of respins. By the word “unlimited,” the game developer means that this Hotzone will be active until it contains at least one Wild symbol.

    With extremely good luck, the casino streamer was fortunate enough to keep Wilds within the frames of this zone. Additionally, he unlocked two more bonus perks, like Swirling Rapids Symbols and Triple Wild Lock. This powerful combination of these bonus perks generated winnings over and over again.

    The unlimited number of rounds ended soon and provided Roshtein with a massive win of $579,720.00 (734,571.91 Canadian dollars). So, the total final multiplier reached 1,449x.

    TrainwrecksTV in Rise of Giza (Pragmatic Play)

    The second place goes to Train, who was sure about his luck in the Rise of Giza video slot developed by Pragmatic Play. It was a high-roller game because Train set up his total bet for 1k dollars and started spinning the game’s reels. After dozens of unsuccessful tries, three Scatter symbols appeared on the playground grid and launched the game’s bonus game with eight free spins.

    The free spins began to generate winnings almost from the very first round. And the most remarkable combo came to the second round when one row was filled with one of the high-paid images of divine Bastet. Due to a PowerNudge feature, every paying line-up lasted till a time when no more winning combinations had shown up. And these valuable symbols were coming over and over again, almost filling the whole grid. This single bonus round credited the streamer’s casino balance with over a half-million dollars. The rest of the free spins were not so generous compared to the success of the second rotation, but still… they helped to make a worthy win.

    Finishing these eight spins, Train got $848,400.00 (1,071,974.61 Canadian dollars). The final winning multiplier was not so huge (848x), but the winning pool was impressive.

    ClassyBeef in Mystery Museum (Push Gaming)

    And the most significant win of this digest belongs to a ClassyBeef team, precisely to Biggo and Nando in Mystery Museum casino game developed by Push Gaming. Previously, we witnessed astonishing results of this game with massive payouts. And this time, the video slot rewarded streamers even better. With a place stake of 200 dollars, the players were capable of joining a bonus game with a pack of eight free rounds.

    Good luck decided to come instantly, and after the first rotations, the playground grid was almost filled with Mystery Stack symbols. The appearance of Medusa’s Shields made an instant profit of 20k. The next round provided a missing Mystery Stack symbol, and a drop of Pharaoh symbols rewarded the gamblers like actual Pharaohs.

    The final lucrative prize reached an edge of $1,028,500.00 (1,300,440.54 Canadian dollars). Considering the fact that the initial bet was 200 dollars, the streamers were able to multiply this little amount of money by 5,142 times.

    Sometimes, it is pretty easy to place a bet of several dollars and make an insane win, but the most remarkable wins come when you raise your bet and get an incredibly huge multiplier. That is all for this time. We hope you have enjoyed it and got motivated to make your own victories.


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