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TOP 5 New Slot Games Coming in July 2021

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Author: Viacheslav Yatsenko
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The first month of summer is almost behind, and you may feel bored of the casino games. But the next month will bring its brightness to your daily routine and presents you with pretty exciting video slots. You will be able to try out a bank heist, join a pirate crew to find the hidden treasure, or protect your realm. Of course, all your efforts will be rewarded to the greatest extent as well as you will get a lot of positive emotions from the new-coming games. So, let us start our monthly digest of the TOP 5 new casino slots that will be released in July 2021.

TOP 5 New Slot Games Coming in July 2021

    Empty the Bank! (Pragmatic Play)

    Date of Release: 1 July

    If the first month of summer was a little bit boring for you and you want to feel something adventurous, then Pragmatic Play knows how to engage you in such an activity. At the very beginning of July, the game developer will release the Empty the Bank casino slot. So, your primary task is to break the bank and take away everything from the bank storage. Adventurous environment, unique bonus feature with special hacking devices will assist you in reaching the main reward. So, can you empty the bank?

    What to expect from Empty the Bank!? The banking heist starts on a playground grid of 5x4 with a fixed 20 lines for payout. From this point, it is essential for you to get a line-up of three Bonus symbols to break into the bank storage.

    Bonus game with retriggered spins begins on the same-sized grid, but you can expand it to 6x7. During the bonus rounds, hacking devices, aka symbols, will help you crack the storage and empty the bank. If you get in trouble and Bonus symbols do not show up, the Ante Bet feature will increase the chances of entering the bonus game.

    The game’s winning potential is slightly different from the previous game developments by Pragmatic Play and provides players with a shot to win up to 10,000x the initial stake. The theoretical Return-to-Player rate remains 96.48% during both base and bonus games, and the level of volatility is high. Thus, you have all the chances to break and empty the bank!

    Booty Bay (Push Gaming)

    Date of Release: 15 July

    Is 10,000x not enough for you? Do you desire to dip into a more dangerous gambling adventure together with a pirate crew? Push Gaming is ready to surprise you with another marine theme-related video slot – Booty Bay. Malevolent pirates are also prepared to participate in a race for the main treasure of 20,000x exploring the booty bay. You can start looking for the hidden treasure together with them on 15 July. 

    What to expect from Booty Bay? The search of the treasure begins on a 5-reel and 5-row bay. Sometimes, the middle part of the grid will be highlighted, indicating on the Hotzone. The game developer put a lot of effort into making this game outstanding in case of a bonus feature on the competitors’ background. This Hotzone is the most valuable part of the grid, where you can get unlimited respins, lucrative multipliers and other helpful bonus features. With the help of these “assistants,” you can dig up the main treasure of the game – 20,000x the placed bet.

    The Booty Bay casino slot is an attractive but dangerous marine adventure, which obtains high volatility and a theoretical RTP index of 96.41%. This combination of technical details will allow you to feel the real taste of excitement and find the greatest reward.

    xWays Hoarder xSplit (Nolimit City)

    Date of Release: 16 July

    From day to day, gambling adventures become more and more hazardous. The game developer Nolimit City will release its new casino game Hoarder related to the future, where something has gone wrong. Warning sirens, the burnt-out city landscape, and toilet papers will depict the terrible cataclysm. But several liquidators will guide you through all of this to survive and get your prizes.

    What to expect from xWays Hoarder xSplit? At the very beginning of the hazardous accident, you will see a traditional grid of 5x3 filled with up to 95,760 ways to have success. From the name of the video slot, it becomes apparent what kind of features you will to expect.

    The x Ways particularity serves as a helper because it reveals a randomly chosen symbol. Sometimes, it can help fill the gap and generate a winning line-up. The next perk is xSplit Wilds. The essential property of the feature is to increase the winning potential by splitting and doubling the symbols.

    Of course, the game comes with free rounds that can be activated with the support of Scatter or Super Scatter symbols (3+). The number of free spins is fixed: 7 or 10 depending on the number of scatters or scatters’ kind.

    During the gameplay, you are able to achieve the highest possible payout of 11,030x. xWays Hoarder xSplit is a high-volatility video slot with an RTP rate of 96.14%. So, it will be pretty challenging for you to survive and win the prize.

    Money Cart 2: Bonus Reels (Relax Gaming)

    Date of Release: 20 July

    There are people who want to relax and enjoy gambling without complicated mechanics and a huge variety of symbols. Relax Gaming makes this dream comes true with its new video slot Money Cart 2. This casino game has a direct reference to the Money Train 2 slot but has one tiny distinction – gameplay.

    What to expect from Money Cart 2? You used to play casino games where you were looking for certain line-ups of certain symbols, learning the rules and payout table. In the case of Money Cart 2, it is in the past. The playground grid is the same as the grid possessed by Money Train 2 (5x3), but you will not find any symbol except for the Bonus image.

    Your primary goal is to get a match of three Bonus symbols that will trigger a bonus game. During the bonus play, it is necessary to collect multiple-sized multipliers o climb to the top and get your prize. The final award is precious because it can reach up to 50,000x the placed bet. Bear in mind that mathematics works in another way. For example, you set a stake of 10 dollars and participated in the bonus game, so one multiplier would be equal to one dollar.

    This gaming solution perfectly fits those who want to chill out and gamble without any doubt about complicated combinations of symbols and something like that. The RTP index is crazy compared to the competitors and consists of 98%. The game will see the world on 20 July. 

    Odin Protector of Realms (Play’N Go)

    Date of Release: 29 July

    Coming back to the topic of adventures, the software developer Play’N Go will introduce its newborn project Odin Protector of Realms, which refers to Norse mythology. Try to protect your world from the quite untypical environment.

    What to expect from Odin Protector of Realms? Playing side-by-side with the supreme Norse God Odin, you need to be a hero and protect all the realms. The gameplay takes place in Asgard on an extraordinary hexagonal playground grid with 37 symbols on it. Besides the untypical grid, you will sight of unique bonus feature with randomly picked modifiers.

    There is a ring meter (Draupnir, Odin’s magical gold ring) on the left side of the grid. You need to fill the meter with the winning symbols and activate one of the following perks: wisdom, power, or glory. Each of the perks modifies the images and makes the game super valuable.

    Protect your realm together with the supreme God, and get your reward for the salvation of everything. The game offers a chance to earn up to 5,000x the initial bet. However, with the help of medium volatility and a theoretical Return-to-Player of 96.20%, it will not be so complicated.

    For sure, the second month of summer will be even hotter because of these new casino games, their unique features and the probabilities to win. And if you do not believe in crazy slot win, you can check how much money casino streamers make, while playing the slots.


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