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Webinar on First Cases of Legalization of Gambling Was Held by LoginCasino.com.ua

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The legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine is gaining momentum. Considering the importance of the topic for the country’s economy, the first specialized business magazine team about gambling (LoginCasino.com.ua) organized and held a webinar on the case “First Cases of Legalization of Gambling Business in Ukraine.

Webinar on First Cases of Legalization of Gambling Was Held by LoginCasino.com.ua

The online event took place on February 18, from 11 am to 2 pm (UTC+2).

Participation in the online event was for free. Thus, everyone could listen to state consultants’ exclusive speeches and legislators of the Ukrainian gambling market, and a live panel discussion of the speakers.

Boris Baum, the First Deputy Head of the Advisory and Expert Council of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL), started a webinar speaking on the topic “Licensing and Monitoring in the Gambling Industry of Ukraine.” He talked about the main mistakes the representatives of the gambling business make when applying for a license, and about when the CRGL working groups and the systems of online monitoring of licensees will be formed. According to Boris Baum, there are much fewer mistakes in applying for a license today, and the process of issuing permits has also accelerated.

Anton Kuchukhidze, Head of the Gambling Association of Ukraine, spoke on the topic “Gambling Business in Ukraine Now and in the Future.” He highlighted such problems as the politicization of the gambling business and resistance to its legalization by some lobbying groups in parliament, and discussed options for solving these issues. As for the gambling business’s potential for the development of the Ukrainian economy, then, in terms of numbers, the minimum potential is UAH 7.4 billion, and the maximum one is UAH 30 billion and more.

According to Mr. Kuchukhidze, there will be several stages in the development of the gambling business:

  • The activity of risky companies;
  • The start of work of moderate companies;
  • Market stabilization and long-term development.

Mykhailo Koval, Head of Legal Parimatch UA and Vice President of All-Ukrainian Union on Bookmaking Development, revealed the peculiarities and difficulties of obtaining a license for casinos and bookmakers. The speaker also touched upon taxation, and why it is crucial for the complete launch of the industry. Besides, Mr. Koval shared information regarding the case of obtaining a license by Parimatch UA.

Oleksii Tserkovnyi, Marketing Director of Favbet BC, spoke on the topic “Marketing in the Gambling Business,” saying that the Favbet betting company plans to switch to a European model of perception of the gambling business. Mr. Tserkovnyi also talked about how he and his team work on the perception of gambling’s ethics and what strategies and tools they use to promote the gambling business on the legalized Ukrainian market.

Hanna Buiadzhy, lawyer, head of VigoLex, former state secretary of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, highlighted Ukrainian legislation regarding advertising of the gambling business. Moreover, she talked about its features, and gave examples of advertising of gambling, operators, and services in Ukraine.

During the webinar, experts shared insider information on how the legalization of the gambling business is progressing, on the difficulties and opportunities that arise in front of licensees, and how important a balanced taxation system is for the business that is new for the state.

In addition to broadcasting the webinar on the Pruffme, YouTube, and Facebook platforms, the online event was simultaneously held on the new popular social network ClubHouse. Everyone could join the broadcast on the first gambling channel in Clubhouse LoginCasino.com.ua.

It is important to hold such events because representatives of the state, law, and business can openly discuss problem issues and find ways for their solution. All those interested in the topic of legalizing the gambling business in Ukraine can ask their questions to experts live.


9.25 (Votes: 2)



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