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When it comes to online gambling, the games are not only options to use. For more successful gambling sessions, numerous professional players tend to opt for the streaming sessions of the most popular casino activities. On the one hand, watching someone playing ensures the updated strategy of a viewer gambler.

On the other hand, one can easily see if a particular game deserves their attention and time. Agusbob is considered to be one of the most popular online casino streamers in Spanish, whose gambling talents are incredible. By showing his gambling talents, the streamer, in fact demonstrates the way the games can be played to achieve the top-notch results.

Yes, there is not so much officially proven information about this gambling streamer, but still we are here to share some with you. Scroll down and cast a glance at the biography of the streamer, so that you would evidently understand that his gambling background is based on the true skills to admire.

About the streamer


Unfortunately, no one could have been able to dig out lots of data about Agusbob, as mostly the stats on his videos are provided.

When viewing the streams, the audience would hardly ever hearing Agusbob sharing any personal details.

Hypothetically, for now this streamer is approaching his 20s, and it does not prevent him from being a real pro in gambling. The terms he applies in the videos as well as the pretty wise pieces of advice he pays characterize Agusbob as a real gambler whose ability to win is approaching the status of ideal. 

The popularity that Agusbob gained started with a live dealer casino game streaming session. Agusbob beated the casino for the first time then, and got a gigantic win when playing Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live.

Like many other online gmabling activities’ streamers, Agusbob possesses countless social network profiles to get in touch with the audience and to promote the streaming sessions. 

See the most recent stats as for the social achievements the streaming star is characterized with and become a part of the audience possessing a clue to how it is possible to beat the casino. 

Social Achievements:

  • ​​Twitch – 319K followers
  • Twitch viewer hours — 16,165
  • YouTube – 95,3K subscribers
  • YouTube videos views — 945 daily
  • Instagram – 86,1K followers
  • Twitter – 32,3K followers.

In compliance with the streaming services-based stats, the audience of the streamer keeps growing. Just see the image below to get it double proved.

​​Channels and Streams

As mentioned, Agusbob is from Argentina, so it makes his streams and videos pretty emotional and fascinating! Speaking Spanish only throughout the videos, the streamer shows the audience how to play a special kind of casino activity — live dealer games.

When it comes to discussing Agusbob’s channels and streams, it is paramount to single out a special detail — he was the first to unite both gambling and gaming. It means that when viewing his official channels — be it YouTube or Twitch — you would be able to witness streaming sessions on both gambling and gaming.

Being a die-hard fan of live dealer games, Agusbob tends to showcase the way he plays this very kind of casino activities. 

The streamer’s most favourite game is blackjack. Nonetheless, you would also see him playing — and winning! — slot machine games. 

So, no matter if you are a fan of gambling or gaming, you will discover lots of the information to use. 

The most vital thing in this case is that you can financially benefit by watching the streams and implementing the streamers’ strategies into your gambling process for real money.

Isn’t it fabulous? 


For now, there is no exact information about the total sum of the winnings the streamer has already made. You can watch his streams and see each separate time approaching him to the bigger cashouts.


Unlike all the majority of the casino streamers from YouTube and Twitch, Agusbob has never been caught taking part in any scandals or conflicts. One of the reasons here is maybe that the Argentinian gambling market is not that evolved. 

In any case, we cannot share any conflicts with you, as there are literally none of them, where Agusbob would be noticed. 


Yes, if you speak Spanish and are fond of both gaming and gambling, you would get admired when watching the streams by Agusbob. Keeping in mind that his audience tends to grow by 10% monthly, it is evident that his suggestions are pretty effective.

We wish you all the good luck in your gambling endeavours and we are sure that streams by Agusbob would be of a good use for you!



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