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Biggest Win / Jun 69,000$

Biggest Win / 2021 69,000$

The year 2015 can be fairly considered one of the most successful in the history of live casino games streams. That year a streamer currently known as AndyPSX ran his first stream and got popular among the casino sharks and newbies.

Being a media star on Twitch and YouTube, AndyPSX possesses thousands of followers.

The most frequent game that he plays online in the course of streams is poker. In fact, his whole career revolves around poker. AndyPSX does not have alternative income than the one from online poker streams.

Wherever on the web you try to find something about this streamer, you would fail, as there is not so much information. No one knows the real name of AndySPX, however, some of his fans presuppose that his real name is Andy. But this information has not been proven. Also, you will almost never discover any information about his marital status, family, hobbies and so on. In any case, it is evident that he is passionate about casino games and is currently one of the professional poker players.

About the streamer



Social Achievements:

  • ​​Twitch – 61.7k subscribers;
  • Twitch viewer hours — 235,132 hours;
  • Twitch hours live — 102 hours;
  • YouTube — 2.89k subscribers;
  • YouTube viewers — 391,997 views ;
  • Instagram – 8.3k followers;
  • Twitter — 1.5k followers.

​​Channels and Streams

Both YouTube and Twitch profiles by AndyPSX are popular among the casino players who want to master their skills in gambling.

When you watch AndyPSX’s streams and recorded videos, it is evident that he plays for real money, as he exhibits all the process of game.

The most frequently watched videos by AndyPSX are as follows:

  • 18.000$ Bonus Boost - Bet 50$🚀 Unete A La Comunidad Y Mas!!! !Ou Stream +18
  • 10.000$ Cash Raw Bonus Buy🚀 Unete A La Comunidad Y Mas!
  • 10.000$ Bonus Buy + 10.000$ Cash Raw Bonus Buy🚀 Unete A La Comunidad Y Mas!! !Ou Stream +18.

If you watched at least one of his live videos, you know for sure that Andy streams at least for 3 hours, no less. However, some of his sessions reach even 5 hours.


In the course of his online streams, you may witness him winning fabulous amounts of money from poker games. Nevertheless, the streamer is also keen on slot machines. The record he made in September 2021 was $293905. The streamer tweeted this fact, and a great number of followers liked the post.

The other outstanding wins that AndyPSX gained live were $18k Bonus Hunt x2 Money bag and $10k Cash Raw Bonus.


Since there is not so much data about the streamer, there are no mentions about the scandals and/or conflicts with AndyPSX’s participation.


To sum up, AndyPSX is one of the most famous online casino game streamers. His passion about poker and slots is magnificent, and it made him a real professional.

The streams he runs on air are pretty captivating, as the streamer demonstrates his outstanding gambling skills. You may always borrow some of the perks he shows to implement into your gambling strategy.



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