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Biggest Win / July €500,000

Biggest Win / 2020 €500,000

Bidule is a popular Twitch channel that belongs to a successful streamer named Adrien. It is fair to say that Bidule (or LeBidule) is one of the most significant players in the French gambling market. He has already formed a giant gaming community of over 170,000 Twitch followers and is not going to stop there.

Considering this guy’s incredible positive energy, down-to-earth attitude and pretty advanced gambling skills, he is one of the brightest stars in the world of risky adventure. Although there is little information about Adrien on the web, we do know that this guy started his gambling career in France, where he was born.

As he developed his key social media channels, Bidule decided to move to Malta in 2018.

About the streamer

Bidule or LeBidule


The exact reason for this move is unknown; however, it is pretty fair to assume that the player left his home country for more than just golden beaches. Malta attracts many gamblers with its lucrative tax laws, and it seems that Adrien is no exception to this rule.

Most regular viewers know Bidule as an optimistic guy who emits positive energy in every video. So, even if you do not know French, you can enjoy his content and the overall vibe that he skilfully creates.

Bidule’s Gaming Preferences

Unlike numerous gambling streamers, Adrien does not focus on online slots exclusively. Yes, he certainly devotes a lot of time to these games. But at the same time, the player does not hesitate to dilute his gambling experience with successful blackjack and roulette sessions.

Apart from that, Bidule also admires live shows that Evolution Gaming studio specializes in. Its Crazy Time game brought numerous wins to the streamer. But none of these wins can match his Mega Ball cash prize of a whopping €500,000.

Channels and Live Streams

Adrien distributes its media activities across multiple platforms. You can try to see one of his impressive wins on Twitch streams. However, if you cannot watch the streams because of the time difference or for another reason, you can always visit the player’s YouTube channel. He dedicated it to countless gambling highlights and has already built a community of over 70,000 subscribers there.

If you want to learn more personal details about Bidule, you should check out his Instagram page. The guy has over 45,000 followers here and actively shares memorable photos from his daily life with them. Another method of interacting with a streamer is Twitter. He uses this platform not only for private messages but also for tweets about bonus promotions at respectable casinos.

The Greatest Online Slot Winnings by Bidule

Given his immense experience and substantial fortune, it comes as no surprise that Bidule prefers high-rolling slot gameplay. He tries to vary the online slots and always keeps track of the winning statistics for each of them. The player has already put together a pretty impressive library of YouTube and Twitch highlights. And as you can see, one of his latest clips showcases an $80,000+ win with a $100 bet in the Reactoonz slot.


Bidule is an excellent streamer that can entertain both novice gamblers and advanced players, looking for inspiration for new winning sessions. His responsible approach to risky gambling, down-to-earth nature and natural charisma make him one of the most memorable representatives of the industry.



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