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Biggest Win / September $194,416

Biggest Win / 2020 $194,416

CasinoDaddy is one of the most popular channels on Twitch dedicated to casino games. With three blonde-haired brothers from Sweden on the board, their streams contain different casino games, including slots, blackjack, poker, and they have a lot of fun.

Their manner of broadcasting with complete calm and without aggression (when it comes to losses) attracts many people. But the brothers passed through a hard time to reach the point where they are at the moment. Going back to 2011, three brothers (Erik Joelsson, Anton Joelsson, and Mathias Joelsson) fell in love with gambling.

Their love began with a passion for casino streams. After five years of staying behind the streaming scene (in 2016), they came up with an idea to create their own channel on Twitch and started streaming different casino games.

About the streamer

Erik, Anton, Mathias


The first streams of gambling sessions were far away from high-quality content, and not so many Twitch’s users joined their broadcasts. But they tried again and again and put a lot of effort into making the name of CasinoDaddy popular.

Analyzing their career as professional streamers, it is worth noting several crucial aspects that helped them get nowadays’ fame and popularity.

First of all, if you want to achieve your goal or goals, you need to act. Everything starts with hard work, so Joelsson’s brothers applied this principle. And as you may notice, they take the streaming hobby seriously and broadcast for over 10 hours per day. The second moment is the quality of the produced content.

Compared with video fragments that they were started with, the changes in the quality of their content shifted significantly. A few years of streaming helped the brother to become professional casino streamers. Thanks to the time-improved way of broadcasting and charismatic approach of streaming, Erik, Anton and Mathias started to create mega attractive content. But the success would not come without this third ingredient.

And the final aspect lies in the diversification of the content. It is a well-known fact that if you are focusing on monotonous content, then your viewers will become getting bored very soon. And the brothers know this truth. During their gambling session, you will be able to watch how they are spinning the reels of different casino slots developed by different casino suppliers as well as playing card games like blackjack or poker.

These three components allowed the passionate gamblers to rise from worst to almost first and got love from many casino admirers. And you can see how successful they are at this moment, looking at their current social achievements.

Social Achievements:

  • #6 – the most-watched channel in the category of Slots (Twitch)
  • #6 – the most-watched English-speaking channel in the category of Slots (Twitch)
  • #178 – the most-watched English-speaking channel (Twitch)
  • #342 – the most-watched channel on Twitch (overall)
  • Twitch – 160K+ followers;
  • YouTube – 75K+ subscribers;
  • Instagram – 11K+ followers;
  • Twitter – 8K+ followers.

Channels and Live Streams

As every professional casino streamer, three brothers have social media channels. Their passion for gambling and casino streaming started with Twitch, so it is evident that one of the primary sources for broadcasting is exactly this streaming platform. In the Schedule section, you can see that the guys do their job regularly, and you can enjoy their gambling sessions every day. It is a little difficult to say about the average time of streams because it varies from 10 to 17 hours. Impressive, is not it?

If you miss something from their streams, you can go to their YouTube channel and see the most significant moments with massive wins or funny situations from the previous Twitch’s sessions. Besides these social media channels, CasinoDaddy has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On these social platforms, you can check out some announcements, the schedule of the next live streams, and so on. Additionally, the streamers run their website – aboutSLOTS, which was specifically developed for the fans. On this website, the players share not only some basic information but also different step-by-step guides with their community, including tips on getting crazy wins in different casino games.

The Greatest Online Slot Wins by CasinoDaddy

From time to time, the brothers from CasinoDaddy get nice places in our regular digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins. This charismatic casino trio made one significant win in one of the latest casino slots developed by Nolimit City – Mental.

The first victorious trigger of that massive win was a collection of the Dead Patient symbols with 30x multipliers. Then, the realization of these symbols made them feel mental happiness because the placed bet of 4 dollars was multiplied by 48,604 times. The final winning pool of CasinoDaddy was equal to €194,416.00. Up to date, it was the most significant win that the guys could reach throughout their gambling career.

Are the CasinoDaddy Streamers Fake?

At the very beginning of their streaming career, the brothers did not play high. But the time has changed, and they can afford high-stake bets. Consequently, many viewers raised a question about the streamers’ bankroll – whether it is real or sponsored by certain online casinos. And if you type in a Google search line a request – “casinodaddy fake” – you will get many results. There are a quantity of rumours and thoughts that the streamers are sponsored, but the lack of proof and evidence does not allow to make an absolute conclusion about their falseness. 

Some Internet users assume that the only reason for accusing CasinoDaddy of falseness is a fake play: fake emotions, fake reactions, fake happiness after massive winnings, etc. But without actual proves, it is difficult to confirm this statement. 

CasinoDaddy is not just a brand; it is a family business ruled by Erik, Anton, and Mathias, from Sweden. Starting their gambling/streaming path in 2016, the guys have reached almost the very top. Thanks to their hard work, high-quality content, and diversity of casino games that they are playing, the brothers have attracted many gambling admirers worldwide and continued attracting more new people.



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