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Biggest Win / October $1,500,000

Biggest Win / 2020 1,500,000

ClassyBeef is a team of seven who are passionate about gambling and casino streaming. At the moment, this gang takes a position on the top as one of the most successful channels on Twitch in the category of Slots. Professional gamblers know exactly how to attract their audience and how to engage every single viewer maximally.

It is not only about just spinning the reels without passion but also funny conversations, different challenges with meaty winnings and beef battles. Of course, everything has its own beginning. Going back in 2018, Joe and Espen, the very first members of the ClassyBeef team and its founders, decided to start broadcasting casino games for the very first time on the streaming platform Twitch.

The beginning of the streaming career was not so successful as they would like to have, and, consequently, they had a little over ten viewers on average per their gambling session. But this moment just motivated the passionate gamblers to promote the channel and go further.

About the streamer

Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Lamar, Biggo Georgi


So, after some time, Nando joined their team. And in October 2020, the ClassyBeef team got an extension because two more new members, namely – Jonte and Lamar – became a part of the perspective gambling gang. One month later, Biggo and Georgi became official members of the crew.

This relatively huge extension allowed streamers to become what they are at this moment – a team of passionate gamblers that entertains us with exciting content, interesting gameplay and pleasant tips. And there are some of their social achievements that they reached together.

Social Achievements:

  • #3 – the most-watched channel in the category of Slots (Twitch);
  • #3 – the most-watched English-speaking channel in the category of Slots (Twitch);
  • #92 – the most-watched English-speaking channel on Twitch;
  • #177 – the most-watched channel on Twitch (overall);
  • Twitch – 200K+ followers;
  • YouTube – 24K+ subscribers;
  • Instagram – 24K+ followers;
  • Twitter – 3K+ followers.

The guys are working hard, and from time to time, you can watch their broadcasts for around 19 or 20 hours. In some way, the duration of their gambling sessions is impressive, and independently from your local time, you can go to Twitch, open the Slot category and enjoy their gameplay in different casino slots, including proven-by-time games as well as the latest ones.

Channels and Live Streams

As mentioned above, the casino streamers from ClassyBeef turned casino games into their professional career. So, it became apparent that they have social media channels.

First of all, all the casino actions happen on Twitch. This platform is their primary source for making lives and broadcasting their gambling adventures with ups and downs. Checking the data from the schedule on Twitch, you may notice that they go live almost every day, starting from early morning and finishing the broadcast late at night. This time balance helps reach the maximum possible outcome from the service and allows viewers to join the live streams independently from their local time.

Before Twitch restricted its rules related to casino streaming and sharing referral codes and links, the gamblers had many videos, which highlighted their best moments during the gambling sessions, on their YouTube channel. At the moment, you will only find vlogs covering their private life and how they spend their free time.

If you want to see more content from the ClassyBeef gang, you can visit the team’s Instagram, where the streamers post interesting and exciting photos and videos covering both private life and gambling.

And the less promoted social media channel is Twitter, where you can check the schedule of the next stream or the most significant moments that happened to the streamers.

Additionally, the gamblers have their own website and Discord channel to let fans know about new promotions, tournaments, events related to online casinos and many other exciting things.

The Greatest Online Slot Winnings by ClassyBeef

For sure, after a few years of streaming casino games, the players from the ClassyBeef squad got lots of winnings, including sensational and massive ones. Among all of them, there is one outstanding achievement that overcomes an edge of 1 million dollars. The lucky slot was Fruit Party, developed by Pragmatic Play.

During one gambling session, Georgi and Jonte were spinning the reels of this fruity game. Yes, there were many unsuccessful rounds and thousands of money-losses, but good luck decided to be on their side and provided the streamers with perfect line-ups. Thanks to the golden stars symbols and multiple generous multipliers, their initial bet of 300 dollars turned into an unbelievable win of 1,500,000.00 dollars. It was the maximum possible win at this slot because the final total multiplier reached 5,000x. You can read more about this sensational win by following this link.

Beef Battles

Talking about massive online slot wins, the casino streamers have one kind of entertainment, but it seems like a competition between each other. To make their gameplay and gambling journey even more hilarious, the guys have a challenge, which lies in a straightforward task – to make the most significant win ever.

From the last part of the article, it is obvious who is a leader (in our case - leaders) of this challenging competition. Up to date, nobody from the gang could beat that high-stake insane result.

Fake Streamers?

When you watch casino streamers and notice that their minimal stakes start from 100 dollars or an even larger amount of money, you have some questions about their gameplay's honesty. Are the casino streamer or streamers playing for real money, or are they sponsored by online casinos? There are many rumours and statements without any proves on the Internet that these guys are fake. But there were no reliable arguments detected in this regard.

The professional gamblers from the ClassyBeef squad have gotten their popularity step by step. Nowadays, they are considered one of the most popular and most-watched channels on Twitch, touching on the topic of Slots. These seven high rollers stream different casino games on the streaming platform on an everyday basis. And thanks to their manner of behaviour and diversity of personalities during the streams, many casino admirers love this approach and watch them. Additionally, ClassyBeef gives a distinctive and insightful look at casino slots but with a tone of the crazy atmosphere.



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