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There are different streamers showing the way they play casino games. But there is only one of them being extremely rude and offensive. Yes, we are talking about the well-known streamer nicknamed CrazyDomme.

This page should have been devoted to the biography and winnings he is characterized with but in reality we have stumbled upon a great many conflicts he was known to take place in. So, along with the casino-related experiences by CrazyDomme we will also narrate about his attitude towards his audience, competitors, and casinos.

Believe it or not, it is going to be a hot text! Scroll down slowly and pick up, first, some of the details about the personality of the streamer, and then plunge into the world of gambling scandals he used to be a part of. We guarantee that you will be truly impressed and/or shocked!

About the streamer

Dominic B.


CrazyDomme is a young German gambling-related streamer whose real life name is Dominic B. However, the streamer never reveals the full name or other personal details—in any case, this is also done by almost all other well-known streamers who work in gambling industry.

CrazyDomme knows how to attract attention and thus inspires an unusual target group, which consists of more than 15K fans. He is pretty successful on Twitch, while things are clearly worse for him on other social media channels.

At present, all the social networks where the streamer used to have an account blocked him. One of the reasons is inappropriate media behaviour.

So, there is not much information about the streamer now. However, we found some more interesting details, so that you would be pretty shocked to read them. In any case, satisfy your curiosity now!

​​Channels and Streams

CrazyDomme may seem to be unsympathetic and dubious. When it comes to slots and the associated providers, even this streamer leaves nothing to chance. 

In fact, what really irritates his audience is that he only recommends those companies that are significantly more serious than his reputation. In reality, he is into promoting the casino brands that are particularly noticeable thanks to their official gaming licenses and promos.

The special thing that one may witness on the channel by this streamer is that Dominic B. apparently has a passion for sports betting. He is primarily concerned with slot machine games but his passion for esports is also great.

When viewing the streams by CrazyDomme, it is not complicated to guess his favourite games. One of them is Razor Shark.

As already mentioned, Dominic B. prefers to stream slots in all imaginable variations. The following titles can be frequently encountered in CrazyDomme’s live streams:

  • Deadwood
  • Royal Masquerade
  • The Dog House
  • Razor Shark, and
  • Jammin’ Jars

The way he tests the games and plays them is, in fact, pretty professional. It is not only in terms of high winning percentages and payout rates, but also when it comes to varied topics, high-quality graphics and exciting features.


The Internet would not allow you to find plenty of details on the casino winning by CrazyDomme. However, one of the streams he performed was remarkable due to a pretty large win in the game called Danger: High Voltage. 

Nonetheless, the games that he likes—mentioned above—sometimes bring him nice winnings, as well.

But as it may already be obvious, the main purpose of this gambling streamer is not just to show the way he plays slots but how he interacts with the competitors and his community.

The clue to this attitude can be shaped just in one word—scandals. Yes, the streamer is well-known for his impolite speeches, etc. So, many and many conflicts he has been found in.


If you find out about CrazyDomme, you quickly notice that the streamer lacks one only thing: a certain amount of sympathy. In fact, it is in the opinion of the majority of his viewers. And apparently he is addressing a very special target group with his actions.

Again and again he got into the insider media due to extreme scandals, and yet he managed to become successful as a streamer on Twitch. 

Many viewers—especially the new ones—condemn CrazyDomme for his videos because of his obscene and sometimes aggressive nature. 

But he shows himself from a very special side in the live streams, and this hardly seems to bother his fans, who insult themselves from time to time. And Dominic rarely has a positive word to say about the competitors of his.

There are two characteristics of CrazyDomme: he is both provoking and falling out of the grid. On the one hand, he is repeatedly criticized for his YouTube pranks. On the other hand, there are various rumors about deals with various casino providers and his fake bets made. 

Several scandals were uncovered in 2019, but Dominic B. has not been able to stop them so far.

Domme does not speak up politely and positively about the competition either. He is always insulting. His favourite “jokes” are frequently sexually-based or sexually-related.

Scandals, fake bets, unfair contracts with some of the unreliable slot providers—CrazyDomme has to be blamed for all of this. But maybe he is deliberately provoking an entire scene.

His way of celebrating the smallest winnings or free spins seems strange to many viewers. For instance, he feels fine when assaulting his fans right in the course of the live stream.


Dominic B. stands out as an aggressive and provocative streamer in his live streams. The so-called “happiness” he expresses for small profits is almost ridiculous, as no one would trust him. And the lack of empathy is not exactly an aspect for which you love the streamer. So, it will be interesting to see how CrazyDomme will carry on—if he does, of course!


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