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The name of DocJazy is one of the most influential in the world of Twitch and YouTube. Countless online gamblers watch his performances and try to copycat his strategy to beat the casino and hit the jackpot playing slot machines.

If you are a fan of one-armed bandits, you would be amazed to view the live streams by DocJazy, an influencer and a professional gambler. He showcases the way how to play and how you should not behave when gambling.

Right on this page, we have compiled a set of facts about the famous streamer. Believe, after reading it, you will be extremely fascinated!  For now, just have a glance at some quick facts, and then we will show you more and more!

About the streamer

Rennes, France

A French guy named Jason — more known to wide web audience as a streamer DocJazy — is one of the record holders in the field of online gambling streaming sessions.

Sometimes, his nickname is spelt like Doc_Jazy.

Being just 26 years old, DocJazy has already earned up to $511K by streaming. Born in Bretagne city of Rennes, France, the streamer is famous not only all around France but in many francophone countries where gambling is claimed to be legal.

There is a story on why Jason became interested in YouTubing and how he achieved such popularity. One of his friends — a YouTuber nicknamed LeBouseuh — inspired DocJazy for streaming. So, the debut video was made and uploaded back in 2017. 

By that time, LeBouseuh had been a member of Team Croûton, which is a crew of YouTubers producing quality content. The other famous names that were included in the team are:

  • Inoxtag
  • Michou
  • Valouzz
  • Dobby
  • Pidi.

The Croutons — as they prefer being called — also run a merchandising shop.

Initially, the team — DocJazy included — streamed the videos related to gaming. By the way, the game that united all of these guys was Fortnite. Some of the team members make up videos about Minecraft.

What is remarkable is that the first video by DocJazy was related neither to gambling nor to gaming. It was a review of Yamaha, a musical instrument.

In the course of time, DocJazy switched to gaming and gambling.  

The most favourite game genre the streamer picks up to play is slots. However, when it comes to the casino type choice, he is frequently down the crypto casinos.

As for his private life, there are no data about Jason’s marital status. No one knows for sure if he has a partner. Also, no information can be found about his family. 

The social networks accounts by DocJazy are pretty famous, and they already possess hundreds thousands of fans and followers.

Social Achievements:

  • ​​Twitch – 319K followers
  • Total hours streamed on Twitch — 2,214
  • YouTube – 1,7M subscribers
  • Instagram – 805K followers
  • Twitter – 222K followers
  • TikTok — 535,1K followers.

​​Channels and Streams

The essential characteristic why the audience is all ears in love with the channels by DocJazy is that he exhibits not only winnings but also losses.

For instance, he shared the news that he lost €25K for gambling online in one of his Twitter posts.

In other words, the credibility of the streams by DocJazy is pretty high, and it really causes much fun among his fans.

As we previously mentioned, the player devotes most of his gambling videos and streams to the slot machine games. He sets an initial bet size or an amount of money he is going to bet within a particular stream and also poses a target of how much he is going to win.

So, everything takes place in the real time mode, and the viewers leave all of their doubts behind as for the streamer’s reliability.


Currently, there is no exact information on how much was the biggest win by DocJazy. When watching the influencer’s videos, different amounts can be observed: starting from €1000 or more, and the limits are absent.

In any case, the DocJazy’s viewers use his experience, which is evident from the comments section of the videos.

We are sure that you will definitely succeed in gambling by watching the streams.


Fortunately — but pretty surprisingly — no one would be able to dig out any conflicts that would be associated with the name of DocJazy.

Remarkably, the field of gambling — especially the web-based one — is full of conflicts when it comes to streaming. A lion share of the controversies tends to be provoked by the streamers’ fans. 

In the case of DocJazy, the situation is absolutely different. He inspires the community he has.


If you thoroughly read the page we accomplished for you, you might have certainly noticed that the streaming industry is quite popular. One of the reasons for that is the credibility of this streamer.

DocJazy is one of those who showcases the real situation and exhibits real bets and winning (or sometimes losses). Both experiences are precious, as they help you introduce some new steps and stages into your personal gambling strategy.



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