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Biggest Win / August $ 30,000

Biggest Win / 2020 $ 30,000

March 4, 2019 is a remarkable day for the fans of online gambling activities streams. That day, a well-known streamer nicknamed HOMESwKASYNIE (aka Homes w Kasynie) created the first video.

What is purely marvelous is the fact that the streaming channel by HOMESwKASYNIE on YouTube had witnessed 82% growth by May 2019. In other words, just within a couple of months, the channel literally exploded.

In fact, there have been several reasons for this, and we will narrate them right on this page, so you will get familiarized with everything easily! For now, consider some essential details about HOMESwKASYNIE streamer and proceed with reading. You will be surprised by all the facts we have succeeded to discover about HOMESwKASYNIE.

About the streamer


HOMESwKASYNIE is known to be one of the most mysterious casino streamers. Naturally, there are not so many facts on him in public access on the web. 

As evident from the nickname, the streamer is from Poland. However, he is currently living in the Philippines with his wife and a baby daughter.

When watching the videos by this streamer, it is evident that he is in his 20s. 

One of the main opponents — say, competitors — is ClassyBeef, and if you remember, we also published some mind-blowing facts about him, as well.

Along with making streams related to the online gambling industry, the streamer is also into vlogs about traveling, his life in the Philippines, etc. Some of the streams are frequently about local Philippine politics.

As for the casino-related streams, HOMESwKASYNIE gives preference to the slot machine games. Sometimes his wife assists him in streaming, so you may encounter both of them speaking up.

As mentioned above, HOMESwKASYNIE is pretty mysterious from the social image perspective. You would never stumble upon his Instagram profile — with the exception of Facebook, where the streamer shares all the moments of his life, including his personal life.

Also, HOMESwKASYNIE has recently closed his Twitch streaming platform profile, so you may view his videos on YouTube only. 

Now, we would like to draw your attention to the social achievements by HOMESwKASYNIE. Yes, compared to the other gambling streamers, the rates are pretty low. 

However, regardless of a quite small audience, HOMESwKASYNIE possesses countless views. What is more, there are always literally tons of comments under his streams and videos. So, his community of gambling fans is extremely active.

Social Achievements:

  • Twitch viewer hours — 16,165
  • YouTube – 11,8K subscribers
  • Total YouTube videos views — 1,615,786
  • Total YouTube comments — 93,174
  • Facebook — 66K followers.

​​Channels and Streams

At present, HOMESwKASYNIE works on two channels on YouTube: both are related to the gambling industry. The second channel’s name is not much different from the first one —HOMESwKASYNIE 2.

The stats on the second channel by this streamer impress:

  • There are 2.19M total views.
  • 204 videos have already been posted.
  • The average video views rate is 12.96K.

Unlike all the other streamers, the HOMESwKASYNIE 2 YouTube channel contains both gambling streams as well as the videos related to his family and his Phillipine wife.  

Regardless of containing some versatile videos, the fans of the channel really admire watching the streamer’s life along with the gambling-related posts.

When it comes to the streams by HOMESwKASYNIE, you will unlock plenty of the useful perks to play slots with more benefits, namely:

  • Valuable pieces of advice on how to bet.
  • Exact game mechanics to pick up.
  • Slot games names to opt for.
  • Using bonuses.
  • Accumulating bigger amounts of winnings.

So, you will surely enrich both your experience in gambling and your financial situation by watching the live streams of HOMESwKASYNI.

Finally for this section, the audience of the streaming sessions tends to grow by 25K+ viewers for each video. Isn’t it a good sign for a viewer to trust this particular streamer, right? 

Now let us proceed with the winnings rates recorded by HOMESwKASYNI.


As there is — again — not much information about HOMESwKASYNI, you would never find any exact winnings rates disclosed on the web. Nonetheless, it is always possible to figure out the winnings right when watching the streams.

The author of the videos honestly informs on the initial bets he makes, deposit methods he applies and the slot game he is into playing. 

In general, as per our experience, we saw him winning up to $30K, which is a terrific result. Of course, it is not for each streaming session he holds — but still such a winning is an excellent rate.

On the one hand, it characterizes him as a professional gambler who is aware of how casino slots function. On the other hand, HOMESwKASYNI demonstrates how to stick to one’s budget and never bypass it.

So, when you watch the streams you would also grab an idea on responsible gambling. This aspect of gambling is no doubt vital. 


There have been no conflicts registered with the name of the streamer. However, all the fans of HOMESwKASYNI are aware of the opposition between him and ClassyBeef, as we already mentioned. 

The main reason for this kind of controversy is the difference in outlook and gambling philosophy.


No matter if you are a fan of gambling or prefer just watching the gambling-based streams, you will definitely enjoy watching this guy playing the slots. Regardless of you not speaking Polish, you would still be amazed to get into the world of gambling in this new format. 

So, we wish you to gamble online successfully, and if you have no ideas on how to do it better, you can always consult HOMESwKASYNI and grab the best pieces of advice.



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