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Biggest Win / February 1,008,810.00 Euro

Biggest Win / 2019 1,008,810.00 Euro

Roshtein is one of the most influential and most-watched casino streamers. He calls himself “a casino philosopher” who possesses unique techniques to outplay every single video slot.

His gambling sessions attract many people across the globe because of his unique manner of communication and broadcasting. Starting his career as a casino streamer in 2014, he reached enormous popularity on Twitch. Currently, Roshtein is a full-time casino streamer with 592,5k followers on Twitch who plays different casino games with a motto – Big Stakes Make Big Wins.

Roshtein has started to make live broadcasts on Twitch on 6 October 2014 (this information was taken from TwitchMetrics). He was not so popular at the very beginning of his path, but the significant moment or winnings came to him in 2015. Streaming his gambling adventures, he won a massive prize of 5,000 euros. A few moments later, the next great win followed. And from this point, Roshtein began to grow as a casino streamer.

About the streamer

Ishmael Swartz
Stockholm, Sweden


Ishmael Swartz or Roshtein was born in the heart of Sweden, namely in Stockholm. Ishmael is trying to separate his public and private lives. Thus, there is no clear information about his parents, education, or even the day of his birth. Some third-party sources indicate that the streamer celebrates his birthday on 5 March. And he looks like a person between 20 and 30 years old.

Interesting fact: the nickname of the casino streamer refers to an infamous kingpin Arnold Rothstein who was a businessman and gambler.  

During his daily gambling sessions, he shows that it is possible to win an insane amount of money, but you need to play big. Therefore, when you join his streams on Twitch, you will not see low-stake bets of 10 or 20 dollars; Roshtein usually places 100 dollars or even more for making crazy wins. This way of gambling attracts many people, especially newcomers. Therefore, Roshtein is almost the number one when it comes to gambling.

Social Achievements (June 2021):

  • #2 the most-watched channel in the Slots category;
  • #2 the most-watched channel in the Slots category in English;
  • #22 the most-watched channel in English;
  • #34 the most-watched channel on Twitch (overall);
  • Twitch – 592,5K followers;
  • YouTube – 65,4K subscribers;
  • Instagram – 83,4K followers;
  • Twitter – 42,1K followers.

Channels and Live Streams

Despite the fact that Roshtein separates his private life from social activity, he manages different media channels. The primary source of his gambling activity goes to the official page on Twitch. All the highlights or the best moments from the gambling sessions are uploaded on YouTube. Moreover, you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter to get the latest updates from the streamer.

The Biggest Online Slot Wins

Big stakes make big wins! The casino streamer is a pretty lucky person because he has won many crazy wins since he started broadcasting. Of course, he is streaming on an everyday basis and spends a lot of money, but he smashes casino games in return.

Roshtein got his most remarkable online slot win in the Book of Shadows slot developed by Nolimit City. The winning pool of the streamer consisted of 1,008,810.00 euros (1,476,257.25 Canadian dollars). In addition, the same game developer and the El Paso Gunfight xNudge casino slot helped the streamer reach the highest multiplier that he had got – 35,584x. If you want to read more about this success, you can check out our digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins. But all of his considerable winnings in video slots raised a wave of suspicions and allegations.

Is Roshtein a Fake Casino Streamer?

If you type the name of the streamer in the Google search line and request the search system to find some information about Roshtein, you will notice several headlines that refer to articles about the honesty of Roshtein.

Some experienced players and viewers cannot believe that Ishmael can gamble all day and night long for real money. If you have joined the streamer’s live broadcasts once in your life, you watched the size of the bet, losses and winnings. Sometimes, Roshtein lost a few hundreds of thousand euros within half an hour and got nothing in return. And he has not shown how he withdrew money from the casino. Exactly these moments became questionable – is Roshtein a fake casino streamer? Or not?

Of course, there are zero pieces of evidence about the streamer’s dishonesty, and all these rumours are kept unproved. Anyway, over 20k viewers are watching the streamer’s broadcast every day, no matter whether he plays for real or fake money.


If you want to dip into the topic of gambling deeply, you can start watching Roshtein. His live broadcasts on Twitch and highlight short videos on YouTube will give you a lot of valuable insights, tips and tactics. During the streaming sessions, you can also watch the streamer’s ups and downs as well as winnings and losses. Maybe, you will also follow the motto – big stakes make big wins!



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