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Biggest Win / July $688,380.00

Biggest Win / 2020 $688,380.00

TrainwrecksTV is a Twitch channel of the famous American streamer and podcast host - Tyler Faraz Niknam. He came up with an idea to make live broadcasts focusing primarily on gaming and IRL content (any activity unrelated to gaming or business) in 2015.

Since that time, he has become extremely popular on Twitch and YouTube. Two of his most outstanding achievements were 600k+ hours watched on Presidential Election night in 2020 (the second most-watched streamer on Twitch) and Scuffed Podcast. He is also a good friend of xQc.

The starting point of streaming was dated 2015, but the most crucial stage of his life happened in 2019 when he launched his show - Scuffed Podcast. In this podcast, Tyler deeply discussed a diversity of topics with different personalities. The popularity began to follow him because of his extraordinary manner of communication and unique style. For sure, this communicative way provoked several bans from Twitch, so the growth was not without difficulties.

About the streamer

Tyler Faraz Niknam
Scottsdale, Arizona

Tyler was born in the west’s most western town of the US – Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1990. Growing up in this city, he successfully graduated from Arizona State University in 2014, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the field of analytic philosophy.

Having over 1 million followers on Twitch, he began streaming gambling for over 20k viewers regularly. Sometimes, this number reached 77k viewers. Without any doubt, he has had many ups and downs in case of winnings and losses while playing at the Stake casino.

Interesting fact: Tyler has played Stake Casino for the reason of the capacity to deposit and withdraw money using cryptocurrency. He is currently living in Taxes, where online gambling is strictly prohibited. 

Social Achievements:

  • #1 the most-watched channel on Twitch in the category of Slots;
  • #1 the most-watched channel on Twitch in the category of Slots (English);
  • #21 the most-watched Twitch channel for the English-speaking audience;
  • #31 the most-watched channel on Twitch (overall);
  • Twitch – 1,4M followers;
  • YouTube – 192K subscribers;
  • Instagram – 68,5K followers;
  • Twitter – 354K followers.

Tyler’s channel on Twitch is called the most-watched channel (Slots) in June 2021, with viewed hours of 4,538,506. Moreover, during the Presidential Election night in 2020, he earned a streamer status who had been watched for 600k+ hours in total.

Channels and Live Streams

Tyler has different mass media channels, like Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. You can follow the streamer in a way that fits you best. On the Twitch channel, you can see gambling sessions where he places extremely high-stake bets. The YouTube channel is entirely focused on the Scuffed Podcast and highlights from his Twitch sessions. If you want to check private content, you can visit his Instagram or Twitter.

The Greatest Online Slot Winnings by Trainwreckstv

As any online casino streamer, Tyler has been playing in online slots regularly. The only difference between him and other streamers is the amount of money that he places. If you think that $100 and $200 are stakes for high-rollers, then what can you say about him? During the last gambling sessions, he put $500, $700 and $1000 for a single bet. Sometimes, he got winning, but from time to time, the losses are inevitable. You can check insane winning results here and here.

Despite the Winnings, the Streamer is $100k Down

Of course, behind each crazy win, there is a hard way and a lot of losses. And he does not hide the fact that despite his winnings in Nolimit City’s and Pragmatic Play’s games, the total profit from gambling is minus $100,000.00.

Rage to His Viewers

On 19 May 2021, Tylor was spinning the reels of the slots. But this streaming session was unsuccessful because he was losing his money and got nothing in return from the Stake casino. The viewers wrote to him in a chat bar that he had to stop gambling because he would lose all his money, but he did not listen to them.

Instead of taking this advice, he wrote many arguing messages to the followers, like they were “not financially secure” and it was not their business how he spent the money. Later on, the streamer apologized.


He is not that bad, as you can think following the above-read text. Indeed, Tylor takes care of people and nature. For example, he donated $41,109.00 as a small support for World Wide Fund for Nature Australia after the Black Summer. Furthermore, the streamer made a charitable investment of $35,000.00 for civil rights advocacy.


TrainwrecksTV, represented by Tyler Niknam, is an excellent choice to start watching casino streams. This guy combines a variety of topics you may be interested in, including gambling.



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