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Biggest Win / June 340010$

Biggest Win / 2021 340010$

Online casino game streams are popular nowadays, since gamblers all over the world intend to master their gambling skills to win big. Wingz is one of the most promoted casino streamers, whose videos are ranked by the streaming platforms. In addition, his fans follow him in different social networks, so that Wingz could keep them all posted about the new videos being streamed.

Unfortunately, it is pretty complicated to find precise information about the streamer. But we will share all the facts that we discovered, as we have found some interesting insights! One of the main events in Wingz’s biography was the 2019 Comic-Con São Paulo, where he was interviewed on the occasion of playing League of Legends.

It is also known that Wingz prefers playing slot machines from two most famous online casinos software providers: Furious Gaming and Riot Games.

About the streamer

São Paulo


Social Achievements:

  • ​​Twitch – 91.8k subscribers;
  • Twitch viewer hours — 34,269;
  • Twitch hours live — 90;
  • Instagram – 17.3k followers;
  • Twitter – 126 followers.

​​Channels and Streams

Wingz Twitch channel is pretty evolved, and its ranking is outstanding:

  • #6 most watched Español Slots channel;
  • #76 most watched Slots channel.

The most frequent casino activities that Wingz goes in for are slot machines. However, his channels also unlock some more content apart from the gambling process, namely:

  • Teamfight Tactics;
  • League of Legends;
  • Europa Placements.

So, if you are fond of both gaming and gambling, you will find numerous clips on the Twitch channel by Wingz to enjoy.

As for the slot games broadcast by Wingz, the most popular videos are as follows:

  • Bonus hunt 3k dolares;
  • Bonus hunt 2 millones clp cash en punga;
  • Bonus hunt 1000 euros desde alemania;
  • Bonushunt 3k usd desde las europas;
  • Casino, minteo y novedades !sorteo.

Therefore, if you like bonus hunt fruit machine games, you may always consult the streams by Wingz, as the streamer frequently goes in for this very activity.


If you watch the streams (or clips) by Wingz, you may see that the most outstanding winnings come from Furious Gaming and Riot Games games.

Some of the videos demonstrate how the streamer fails to get the best results of the game. In most cases, however, Wingz wins.


There is no information about any conflicts that Wingz could be a participant of.


The world of online gambling is extremely captivating — especially, when watching the professionals playing casino games. Wingz’s streams are a direct manifestation of how to play with the purpose of winning.

Watch the videos by Wingz to borrow some ideas and boost your slot game winnings on the regular basis!


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