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Biggest Win / January $500,000

Biggest Win / 2020 $500,000

Xposed is a famous Canadian casino streamer who reached his fame because of his unique personality, raging reactions and green sense of humour. From the very childhood, he dreamed of becoming a professional eSports player and stream his gaming sessions.

Xposed achieved this goal, but something went wrong, and he changed his broadcasting direction in favour of gambling and casino streaming.

When Cody was an 8-year-old boy, he got a dream to play eSports games as a professional. Since that time, he has begun to make his dream come true and master his gaming skills in Call of Duty. His passion for gaming was incredibly strong that he needed to have a small break and complete the final year in high school.

After this break, Cody decided to come back to the streaming industry in November 2017. The second attempt to climb to the top of the broadcasting platform met success. He noticed that his channel was growing, and many people started following him. This life-changing moment forced Xposed to rethink further perspectives, and he unrolled from the college and became a full-time streamer on Twitch. In the same year, Cody joined the world of gambling.

About the streamer

Cody Burnett
Orillia, Ontario, Canada


A real name of Xposed is Cody Burnett. The guy was born in a relatively small city Orillia in the province of Ontario, in 1996. According to information on his IG page, his date of birth is the 18th of June. So, he turned 25 this June. There is no clear information about his parent and early childhood on the Internet. But we know that he has a young wife (Shania) and toddler (Linkin) of the age of over one year.

During the next several years, he was streaming and creating exciting content for his audience. Many of his followers and viewers have appreciated the way he makes live streams. The live sessions are attractive, mega funny, emotional, and, in some way, helpful – because he has tested different casino games and tried varied strategies on how to outplay these games.

Nowadays, he is called one of the best casino streamers on Twitch with an enormous fan base. Even though Xposed is married and has an almost two-year-old son, he streams his gambling sessions as a high roller player.

Social Achievements:

  • #6 most-watched Twitch channel in the category of Slots;
  • #6 most-watched Twitch channel in the category of Slots in English;
  • #108 most-watched channel on Twitch broadcasting for English-speaking audience;
  • #198 most-watched channel on Twitch (overall);
  • Twitch – 364,4K followers.
  • YouTube - 162K subscribers;
  • TikTok – 92,1K followers;
  • Instagram – 45K followers;
  • Twitter - 60,6K followers.

Channels and Live Streams

Most casino streamers prefer to hide their private life from their followers and subscribers. Xposed does not do this, and you can see what is behind the scene. For sure, his Twitch channel focuses more on gambling purposes and entertainment, while his Instagram account provides mixed content that includes gambling and his private life. If you want to read his thoughts, you can join his Twitter. Mostly, Cody announces when he will go live via this communicative channel.

For sure, you can see the schedule of the upcoming gambling sessions on Twitch but take your preference. And as Xposed personally states on his mass media channels, he usually makes streams at 9 pm (Eastern Standard Time) every night. On weekends, he is active earlier. The gaming sessions last at least three or four hours, and he cannot do this in daylight time because of his young family.

If you have missed the live, you can check out the highlights from long-time sessions on his official YouTube channel or TikTok.

The Greatest Online Slot Winnings by Xposed

As every casino enthusiast and streamer, Xposed has enough breathtaking winnings in different casino games. One of the first colossal victories he reached was in Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming – it was half a million dollars. 

But he has added one more achievement to the shelf in the Fruit Party real casino slot developed by Pragmatic Play relatively recently. The instant win allowed him to become wealthier for 500,000.00 dollars. You can also read about another success in our regular digest of the TOP 10 biggest online slot wins.  

Is Xposed a Shill of Roobet?

Many rumours go across the Internet that Xposed is a fake casino streamer and is paid by the Roobet casino. A few posts on Reddit include thoughts that Cody has not even shown the withdrawal process of the won money.

This aspect seems suspected for many players and has caused a wave of untrust and rumours. One Reddit member posted a provoked post without any clue and proof:

“Xposed is a shill, paid by Roobet (gambling company) to show off “big wins” (fake) and get more idiots to play.”

It is just a claim, and everyone can write something like that without attached proofs and evidences. So, it still remains an unproved argument.


Cody Burnett, or simply Xposed, is a casino streamer with an open and lively personality. And if you are bored of watching the typical casino streams that lack extraordinary emotions, then Xposed will add some colours to your daily routine.



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