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Biggest Win / December $400,000

Biggest Win / 2019 $400,000

xQc is one of the most outstanding personalities on the Twitch and YouTube streaming platforms and a former professional Overwatch player. Since 2019, he decided to make a career as a full-time broadcaster focusing his attention on various games, including casino slots.

Expanding his influential horizon, xQc has reached 5,9m followers on Twitch, regularly having broadcasts with over 60k viewers and 1,64m subscribers on YouTube. Félix has been playing a role as a Canadian professional gamer and has a partnership deal with Twitch. He was born in Laval, Quebec, in 1995.

Taking the last letter of his name and the abbreviation of his hometown, he created his nickname - xQc. Félix started his gaming career as a semi-professional Overwatch player in 2016. The next three years were full of achievements with ups and downs. In 2019, he decided to switch his career path and chose full-time streaming as the primary source of income. Recently, in 2021, he was noted streaming online slots having an average audience of 110k viewers. And the most picked games were Book of Shadows by Nolimit City and Floating Dragon, developed by Pragmatic Play.

About the streamer

Félix Lengyel
xQc, or xQcOW
Laval, QC


Social Media Achievements:

  • #1 the most-watched channel on Twitch (overall);
  • #1 the most-watched Twitch channel in the category of Grand Theft Auto V;
  • #1 the most-watched channel on Twitch for English-speaking audience;
  • #1 the most-watched Twitch channel in the category of Grand Theft Auto V (English).
  • Twitch – 5,9M followers;
  • YouTube – 1,65M subscribers;
  • Instagram – 378K followers;
  • Twitter – 1M followers.

Channels and Live Streams

The Canadian streamer has two pivotal sources of streaming activity. You can find his live streams on the official Twitch page or check out the highlights from his gaming sessions following the YouTube channel. If you want to find more thoughts and text materials, you can go to his Twitter page. In the case you wish to see xQc private life – you can start following his Instagram page.

Talking about live broadcasts, he is a full-time streamer. Therefore, he streams his gaming every day and for around 9 hours/day.

Have xQc ever won a massive win in online slots?

xQc started streaming gambling relatively recently, and during this short period of time, he absolutely smashed several casino games. You can see how much he won for the first time, following this link. And the information about the greatest online slot win that he has ever had you can find here.

Criticism from popular Twitch streamers and Gambling Addiction

After promoting online casinos and gambling, the streamer faced a wave of criticism from popular Twitch streamers and influencers. The main message of this criticism was the contribution to spreading the idea to his relatively young audience that gambling was not harmful.

Such Twitch streamers, like Pokimane and MoistCr1TiKaL, claimed xQc that he had not to talk about this thing for young teenagers.

Moreover, many viewers were wonder about the legitimacy of gambling activity. Currently, the streamer has been living in Taxes, and the local law forbids online gambling. Ollie Ring posted on Twitter:

“What are the other issues here? xQc is based in Texas. In Texas, online gambling is strictly prohibited. TX has one of the most stringent gambling laws in the US, and it’s literally a crime to play slots for real money. What he’s doing is literally illegal.”

On the other side, he used a VPN service, which was not illegal in the actual region. And he was playing at Stake Casino, which is completely friendly with different types of cryptocurrencies.

After the waves of critics and lost money, Félix made a statement:

“We’re not doing gambling. I’m done with it. I’m done with it.”

He explained this decision as a clear self-reflection that gambling trapped him, and he got a bit addicted. His last online gambling session was dated 10 June 2021. But will he stream gambling again? It is the next question.


The gambling industry is over popular that even incredibly popular Twitch streamers use a chance to play some casino games and enjoy this process. One of these people is xQc. He was passionate about gambling, especially the games like Book of Shadows, Floating Dragons took a special place in his heart. Indeed, gambling brought to the streamer many positive emotions as well as crazy instant winnings. But he understood one thing clearly: he had to stop gambling because of addiction and the impossibility of keeping his mind in control while gambling. So, it is valuable advice – follow the rules of responsible gambling.



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