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The 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor Slot Review

2 Gods Zeus VS Thor

Yggdrasil Gaming

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Do you know how popular the topic of mythology in gambling is? Many game manufacturers pick Greek, Egyptian, or even Scandinavian legends as a main plot to their slots with one single purpose – to engage players. But what can you say if two completely different realms of Greece and Scandinavian cultures combine in one game?

Yggdrasil has released a brand-new video slot based on two mythological backgrounds – Greek and Scandinavian with the name of 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor in 2020. This is a real resistance between two well-known to everyone gods of the same names. And you need to choose your favorite one who will bring you pleasant and valuable treasures in case of winning. This Zeus vs. Thor review will get to know you with these two completely different cultures in detail and show all pros and cons of both sides.

The Zeus vs Thor Slot – Pick You Own Side

2 Gods: Zeus vs. Thor is a slot machine divided into two separate zones, with five reels, four rows, and a total of 2048 ways to win thanks to the two-way pay mechanic. On the left side is dominated by the god of lightning Zeus, and on the right –Thor, the god of thunder. Winnings are awarded for 3 to 5 matching portrays on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost or rightmost reel.

Since there are no pay lines in the machine, there is a special mechanic here. It offers 2048 ways to create winning combinations that will be built on a two-sided scheme. Rewards are given for several identical game images that have dropped out on adjacent reels. The chain built by them can start both on the far-left reel and vice versa.

The video slot is designed pleasantly and attractively: the playground is divided into two colors that symbolize the gods. On the left side, the predominant tone is orange with an image of Zeus. On the opposite side, Thor is presented on the blue background. The music background is accompanying players during the whole gambling, and it’s changed into epic music while spinning. When a winning combination appears – there is a special sound. 

One of the essential advantages of the casino slot is a dual-spin option. That means that every user can pick the side, place a bet on the preferred god, whether it is Thor or Zeus, and get rewarded.

The video slot is available on mobile devices as well. And it has one more interesting option – to change the orientation of the game itself (vertical or horizontal).

God’s Rules and Betting for Mortals

Yes, the gods dictate the slot regulation, but the rules are simple – place a bet and spin the reels. For sure, there is some sort of information that it would be better for you to read before you start betting. All of the necessary information can be found in the Menu section: sound settings, paytable info, Autoplay set ups, press arrow to spin, and game rules.

The Autoplay section is different from other video slots because of the extra setting section for bet sequence. Moreover, a gambler can set up the number of spins in the range from 10 to No Limit. There is also an opportunity to arrange a Loss and Single Win limitations.

Betting options vary in a diapason from 0,10 to 20,00, and a player can select the needed one.

One more unique feature of the video slot is the presence of two Spin buttons: a blue one and a red one. There is a distinction between them: you choose not the god only, but you choose the way of winning. We are going to talk about this feature more in detail later in the review. 

Two Gods – Divine Treasures

It’s time to look at the symbols, winning options, and bonus opportunities of the 2 Gods slot. And the video slot has something valuable and beneficial to offer.


First of all, the game title has two categories of symbols – low and high-paid ones. The classical slot symbols (duplicated in two different styles) refer to the less valuable ones. The theme-related portrays have much more benefits and bring to gamblers glorious treasures. Among them are:

  • Warrior Helm;
  • Warship;
  • Kerber/Fenrir;
  • Warrior Goddess/Valkyrie;
  • Zeus/Thor (Wild symbols);
  • Zeus’ Lighting/Thor’s Mjolnir (Scatter symbols).

Reaching the match with at least 3 of the same symbols make it possible for you to earn a wonderful reward.

Free Spins

The 3 or more Scatter symbols are awarded players with free spins. The amount of them varies from 7 to 10 depending on the number of matching symbols. You may wonder how to calculate these winning. It’s pretty easy. For instance, you need to have a match of 3 Zeus’ Lightings, or 2 Lightings and 1 Mjolnir while gambling on red to get the maximum amount of FS. The same combination brings to you 7 spins in the case of spinning on blue.

During winning spins, there is a feature called a Progressive Win Multiplier. The multiplier starts at x1 and increases by one when the winning symbols match your chosen spin button color.

The maximum winning pool can reach x15,360 from the maximum sum of the bet and equates to € 307,200.

Special Feature of the Slot

Dual Spin - this feature is associated with two Spin buttons that are usually provided in slots one at a time. The first red refers to Zeus; the second blue refers to Thor. This feature is called Double rotation. It means that with each spin, you yourself choose which of the buttons to press. The Red symbols make a payment from the left to the right side, while blue ones pay off in the opposite direction.

The presence of a two-way payment system efficiently increases the probability of winnings at least in double time. As a result, you get 1024 ways of winning for the red symbols from the far-left reel and 1024 ways for blue symbols from the far right. If the winning combination matches the color of the spin, a multiplier of x1 is applied. If the winning color doesn’t match the color of spin, you won’t earn any multiplier.

The Volatility Level and RTP index at the 2 Gods Slot

From the technical perspective, the video slot game has a high level of volatility and can offer such a valuable and estimable prize of € 307,200. But the probability is pretty low to get this amount of money. The coefficient of the RTP is equal to 96,5% that is quite a fair index in comparison with other competitors.

The Zeus vs Thor slot is an attractive and fascinating slot machine developed by the Yggdrasil studio with Dual Spin mechanics, which will surely impress users. This feature stands out the slot from the others mythology related game titles, and players have a shot to experience something special and innovative. The presence of interesting bonus features and 2,048 successful ways for winning makes the gambling even more engaging and increases the winning odds. Pick your side, play the game, and take the winnings at the Zeus vs. Thor slot.

Slot screenshots

Screenshot 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor
Screenshot 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor
Screenshot 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor
Screenshot 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor
Screenshot 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor

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Frequently asked questions

The exodus of this battle is unpredictable because of the Random Number Generator. Sometimes Thor can beat Zeus, and, sometimes, Zeus gains the upper hand over the god of thunder Thor.

Yes! When three or more Scatter symbols land on the playground grid, you will be transferred to a battlefield with 7-10 bonus rounds.

As the game developer, Yggdrasil, states, the maximum possible winning pool can reach up to 15,360x the placed bet. Knowing the fact that the maximum bet is 20 dollars, you can expect to earn 307,200.00 Canadian dollars.

Yggdrasil indicates that the RTP rate of the 2 Gods: Zeus vs Thor game is fixed and equal to 96.5%.