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2048 Game Strategy — How to Always Win at 2048

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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If you like to have fun, you have certainly not missed 2048. For two weeks, this mini-game has indeed been a real craze on the web.

Designed by Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old Italian developer, it challenges players to reach the 2048 tile by vertically or horizontally combining even numbers on a 4 by 4 grid.

2048 Game Strategy — How to Always Win at 2048

    Designed by Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old Italian developer, it challenges players to reach the 2048 tile by vertically or horizontally combining even numbers on a 4 by 4 grid.

    Based on the 1024 game developed by the Veewo studio, 2048 has itself inspired other programmers who have developed a multitude of equivalent games, such as Doge2048 or Flappy2048 (which is inspired by the famous Flappy Birds).

    The principle stays the same. Only difference, the thumbnails appearing on the tiles are personalized on a theme (LHC, Dr Who, etc). There is even a very easy version...

    To play 2048, you must use the arrow keys to obtain the fusion of two tiles having the same number. For example, when two tiles with the number 2 touch each other, the tile with the number 4 appears.

    The objective is therefore to reach the tile of 2048 by taking care with your movements. The playing area is limited and a new number 2 tile appears each time you move.

    However, there is a way to win every time. Developer Matt Overlan has indeed developed an alternative version of 2048 which offers to automatically solve the game.

    Two options are offered: the first consists of suggesting the next move to be made (it is then possible to play). The second is to turn on the autopilot and let the solver do its job.

    This 2048 game strategy can be broken down into a few key elements:

    So as not to tear your hair out (too much), we have found some tips on the Internet!

    The first is to limit the movements made by using only the down and right keys of the keyboard as much as possible.

    The left key should only be used as a last resort.

    The second trick is to always completely fill in the fourth line (the one on the right), if possible in ascending order (from the smallest number to the largest).

    Use 2 Directions

    It is necessary to make the value of the boxes increase or decrease regardless of the direction. Thus, 2 — 4 — 8 — 16 is acceptable, as is 32 — 8 — 4 — 2. But 2 — 8 — 2 — 16 is not (because of the 3rd box). Here is a totally progressive grid:

    Each movement must therefore be chosen according to the result it will produce: will the grid be more progressive after the movement than before? If so, make the move. If not, find another move.

    This progressiveness actually reflects a feeling of many players: the highest values must be placed on the exteriors to prevent a low value from finding itself “stuck” between two high values and cannot be merged.

    And because videos are often more meaningful, here are tips from users who have taken up the challenge!

    Never Move Your Tiles Up!

    to be able to merge, the cells must have identical values. Thus a sequence of 2 — 16 — 64 — 256 respects the first rule (progressiveness) but will lead to a failure because we will not be able to merge any box with its neighbor.

    A second criterion must therefore be respected: regularity. And make sure not to have a “break” in the series. Between creating a series 2 — 4 — 8 — 16 and creating a series 16 — 64 — 256 — 1024 we will therefore prefer the first, even if the possibility of obtaining a strong number like 1024 may be tempting a priori.

    Keep Your Tiles Tidy

    If all the squares are filled, the game ends with a defeat, so you have to make sure to have the most free squares and favor moves that free squares. Between two moves, one releasing a square and the other not releasing any, choose the first.

    Focus on Your Goal: 2048

    Have you read the 3 rules above? Well you do not need anything anymore. At each turn of the game, study each possible move and award 1 point per rule respected.

    Execute the move that gets the most points. You do not believe in it? You can see how these rules work on this site, by clicking on the auto-run button.

    You can also play on the site and tap/click the Get Hint button if you do not feel like studying every rule but prefer to delegate that to your computer. Know that if you decide to play by applying the rules, your success rate in the game will reach 90%.

    If you prefer to ignore these tips and instead apply another strategy, such as the corner strategy for example (consisting of placing the highest value in a corner pre-determined by the player), know that your chances of winning drop to around 20%.

    But, little problem, you will need an average of 20 seconds for each move, or about 7 hours of play, assuming that you will form perfect combinations.

    If you play on your mobile phone, therefore, prefer a version that keeps your game when you leave the app and check it before you have two adjacent 1024 squares and no more battery.

    Other Tips

    The solution explained above requires you to think a little about each move. For those who prefer to chain movements at great speed, there is always the corner technique, given by the creator of the game.

    Gabriele Cirulli advises moving the boxes in three directions only, while maintaining the highest number in a corner.

    To avoid freeing the square of the corner and seeing a 2 or a 4 appear there, the easiest way is to block the vertical line and the horizontal line corresponding to the chosen corner.

    This allows you to move the rest of the numbers without worrying about moving the corner box.

    1) Take your time and breathe

    The principle of 2048 is so easy that you can easily get into the habit of chaining games without even really paying attention to how you play.

    This is a bad idea since you have to go slow, there is no time penalty after all. Think about where the blocks will land and how you will merge them.

    2) Create lines

    2048 is a combination game, and the more pairs you have in line, the better. Try to set up whole columns of identical numbers two by two, so that you can achieve great combos.

    This will not affect your score, but will affect how much space you have and future combinations will be easier.

    3) Surround your big numbers with smaller numbers

    Often you will end up with 64s or 128s in opposite corners, and there is nothing more frustrating. So try to set up rows and columns that can quickly combine around these numbers, so that you can move them together.

    4) It is not always a 2...

    Usually your new squares are 2s, but not always! Sometimes it is 4. So you have to be careful!

    5) When in doubt, clean

    Finally, if you get stuck and your strategies are not working, clear some space! You will be surprised how much clearer things look with a few less blocks on your screen.

    For those who want to cheat at 2048, it is possible to finish the game without getting tired by simply going to this address and clicking on the Auto-Run button.

    Then watch the AI do the work for you. If you are just looking for help, play normally and press Get Hint when you're hesitant. Have a good game!

    Have a good game!

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