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Among Us Maps: Vent Locations and Visual Tasks

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Maps and vent locations are the ones of the most crucial elements that can help you increase your winning chances significantly in Among Us. After the first release of the game, there was only one map - the Skeld. But the game’s insane popularity and its further improvements have added a few more maps with their unique specifications. In our short overview of the Among Us maps and vent locations, we will get to know you with them in detail to increase your chances of winning!

Among Us Maps: Vent locations and Visual Tasks


    Date of Release: 15 June 2018

    The Skeld is the origin of the Among Us game because it is the game’s first map. It depicts a plan of a spaceship, which contains fourteen rooms, multiple corridors and fourteen vents. The imposter can use all the vents to move around the map quickly, and your task is to be attentive and find this badass as soon as possible.

    Thanks to the visual task, you can scan yourself in the MedBay room and prove to other players that you are not the imposter.

    The most dangerous zone is a room of Electrical. It does not have a thorough passage and surveillance camera. Due to this reason, it is almost impossible to figure out who is the real imposter because this person can go away from this room using the special vent.

    Mira HQ

    Date of Release: 8 August 2019

    Being the game’s second map, Mira HQ will allow you to visit the headquarters of the MIRA company, which is located in a giant skyscraper. With an extensive, interconnected ventilation system, any player can quickly move between all rooms available.

    The map includes numerous visual tasks that can help the crew to win regardless of the number of imposters remaining. These tasks can include watering plants, fixing wiring in various corridors, running diagnostics in Launchpad and more.

    Considering that this skyscraper location will give you access to 11 rooms and variable scenarios to defeat the imposters, it will surely keep you and your friends entertained. For example, when it comes to the Reactor room, the map has a certain similarity to the Skeld. And if the traitors sabotage here, the crew will also have 45 seconds only for two players to put their hands on the scanning panel simultaneously. 


    Date of Release: 12 November 2019

    When you will visit the Polus base, which has become the game’s third map, you will face an adventure that spans 13 interesting locations and eleven ventilation paths. Thanks to the security system, any player can monitor several rooms through cameras. But at the same time, it has one significant flaw - you can only watch one room at a time.

    Be ready to complete exciting visual tasks that fit perfectly into the map’s overall theme. Whether you need to reboot the Wi-Fi router in the communications room, fix the drill in the lab or start the reactor in the research room, Polus will provide you with the ultimate experience.

    Since the communication module allows imposters to disable the entire security system, it is one of the most dangerous rooms for the crew. In addition, always remember about the Electrical room, sabotage of which reduces the entire crew’s field of view substantially. 


    Date of Release: 31 March 2021

    The last map from our review proves that the developers care about their gaming community. Even though the game lost the lion’s share of players after its initial success, they created a new map, slightly refreshing the already familiar gameplay.

    This giant airship is the largest Among Us location, containing 18 rooms. You will be able to move between them using typical ventilation hatches (there are 13 of them) and additional movement mechanics. For example, platforms will help you cross impassable parts of the map. And the stairs will allow you to navigate the airship without using doorways.

    Imposters often try to win through critical sabotage here. They can direct the aircraft down the crushing route, giving you 90 seconds to clear the problem. And as for the tasks, your admin will be able to choose any of the 24 available options. It may be opening a safe in the cargo hold, fixing a shower, making a burger in the kitchen, etc.

    While Among Us is no longer showing its peak popularity, this game definitely deserves praise. Yes, perhaps it does not blow your mind with its realistic graphics. But at the same time, it surpasses almost any modern AAA game from a gameplay perspective and deserves every bit of your attention in today’s day and age.


    10 (Votes: 3)


    • Alimohammad
      I thought this game was too dull at first. But after a few sessions, this game has become my favourite multiplayer title of all times.🥰🥰🥰✅

    • deyman fugus
      I love this idea, but I would like them to make the sequel with better graphics.

    • Jose Gilmore
      The Airship is just so much fun.

    • Maksim
      I can't get enough of this multi-layered game! 😵

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