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Best Bitcoin Mining Software

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Author: Denis Malinka
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The easy bitcoin mining software does not represent the most discussed topic. At the same time, it is an integral part of the cryptocurrency mining process. What are the mining programs and the best free options to mine BTC? What criteria should be guided for their right choice?

Approximately over a decade, the topic of cryptocurrencies has become increasingly vital and popular. Nowadays, you can use digital currencies at any krypto casino. While previously the bitcoin and some of the altcoins were discussed in narrow circles, from now on, they are now known to the general public. 

Best Bitcoin Mining Software

    More and more people, being non-professionals in programming and trading, decide to save up cryptocurrency—either buy/sell or hodl in the hopes of hitting the jackpot.

    Those who cannot or do not want to buy cryptocurrency for normal money choose another method: mining coins on a computer or on a special farm.

    Generally speaking, mining offers the possibility of getting a cryptocurrency, but successful mining is only possible if three conditions are met:

    • The appropriate equipment is to be purchased
    • The top program for mining is to be installed and run
    • An exact plan of actions should be made.

    The Best Bitcoin Mining Software Options in 2022


    Just-Mining represents an online service rather than a strictly shaped software . Its goal is to rent computing power from servers located around the world and shared between users. It is a solo bitcoin mining software referred to as one of the cloud mining alternatives.

    In return for your investment, you receive crypto currency. You transfer it to your wallet, then. Just-Mining is frequently chosen, since it does not make you get into 

    • No hidden costs
    • No electricity waste
    • No equipment to buy
    • No noise or pollution. 

    However, this remains a random solution, subject to the value of the mined cryptos that you will then trade. If your currency loses value, your investment suddenly becomes less profitable.


    Claymore is the go-to software for mining Ethereum and BTC. Here, a user is supposed to get their hands on the lines of code. In fact, there are plenty of well-done tutorials to help you do this. In addition, there is a great community of miners who can be addressed for getting some assistance.

    The nice thing about ETH, besides being a reliable, high-value cryptocurrency, is that it can still be mined with a PC graphics card like Nvidia. Ethereum is easier to mine than Bitcoin, and developer fees are very low.

    With a solid setup, you should be able to have the pleasure of receiving some crypto on your wallet when mining using Claymore.


    Visual accessibility is not actually considered to be the preserve of Bitcoin mining software. It is mainly due to the fact that it is primarily intended for audiences who are already proficient in computing. 

    In addition, EasyMiner is always the resource that is not allocated to the actual mining. Nevertheless, EasyMiner offers a simple graphical version but making the information more readable. 

    Technically, Easy Miner allows Bitcoin and Litecoin to be mined from a CPU (standing for Central Processing Unit) or GPU (aka Graphics Processing Unit). 

    Be aware that you need equipment with computing power otherwise the time invested will not be profitable. 

    The software itself is Open Source but is financed with a part reserved for the creators of the software. There is also an Android version, but do not even try to mine using even the most powerful smartphone.


    CGMiner is the software without a graphical interface. There are just lines of code. There are add-ons to add a graphical interface to it, but the results are still passable and some knowledge of the mining universe remains extremely essential.

    Technically, on the other hand, it is one of the most flexible bitcoin mining software Windows. It is known to allow you to run one or more crypto assets, to go through a pool of miners to share computing power, with an ability of oping for several pools or none. 

    It accepts most CPUs and GPUs. Besides, CGMiner works with Windows or Linux operating systems, etc. 

    It is also Open Source. Its versatility makes it the benchmark for experienced miners.


    Computta is an interesting software option because it is quite easy to install and its graphical interface makes the software accessible to as many people as possible. 

    What we particularly like is the benchmark that launches when installing the software. It thus estimates your annual earnings (calculating it on the daily basis). You will quickly realize the relevance of mining with your current equipment.

    Having an ordinary office laptop PC, for example, you may expect a saving of around $10 per year. As evident, it will not cover your electricity costs. However, with a more solid configuration, the software is interesting for its simplicity.

    Bitcoin Mining Software Explained

    Mining bitcoin is quite different from just a process of holding it. To better understand the notion of bitcoin mining, it is necessary to realize its origin and definition, miners’ work and the possible limitations of bitcoin mining.

    In fact, BTC mining is a practice that developed in 2008 with the creation of the blockchain. 

    From the start, this process has been based on securing the blockchain in exchange for cryptocurrency tokens fragments for miners. In a way, it takes the form of a reward.

    Subsequently, BTC mining is akin to conquering shards of the best cryptocurrency by its users. Illustratively and figuratively, they look like gold miners equipped with shovels and pickaxes in search of the precious sesame.

    Simply put, mining is like validating a transaction in BTC, whose data are  encrypted on a blockchain. It is a question of guessing a random number indicating the resolution of a problem generated by the system. 

    Along these lines, it is crucial that your computer be powerful enough to make multiple estimations and earn the right to add the next blocks.

    How Long Could It Take to Mine 1 BTC?

    One of the most serious questions is how long it takes to mine a block of bitcoin? The average confirmation time for a block in the BTC blockchain is just 10 minutes. This means that every 10 minutes the first miner to solve the calculation receives a block reward.

    What about mining 1 bitcoin? How long would it take? Let us cast a glance at this peculiar question!

    At present, this question has no fixed answer. The reason is what is called “mining difficulty”. This is a dynamic parameter that controls the computing power required to mine a block of bitcoin, that is, hash power. This setting changes every 2,016 blocks based on the current total amount of mining power on the Bitcoin network.

    When Bitcoin started, the reward for blocks was 50 BTC (!!!). But for every 210,000 blocks mined—happening about every four years—the block reward drops by half. With that in mind, the current block reward is 6.25 BTC.

    The chances of being the first to solve the riddle and receive a reward are extremely low with the current competition between miners. This is why miners combine the computing power of their equipment into pools of miners. 

    A pool of miners divides the task of solving the puzzle into smaller tasks and distributes them among the devices connected to that pool. 

    When the pool members receive a bulk reward for their collective efforts, the reward is distributed among them according to the rules of the pool.

    So, the main parameters that affect the time needed to mine 1 bitcoin are as follows:

    • Current and future mining difficulty
    • The hash power of the donated material
    • The current and future size of commissions on transactions.

    The answer to this question, as a result, depends on many variables, including the computing power of your mining equipment. 

    For example, it might take up to 1,133 days to get 1 BTC. Herein, any possible difficulty with current mining is included as well as the  transaction fees.

    Is It Possible to Mine Bitcoin for Free?

    To get Bitcoin for free, several ways exist and can all allow you to achieve your goal. 

    For example, did you know that it is quite possible to earn Bitcoin for free? Cast a glance at some of the most widespread alternatives that can be either direct or indirect! 

    Earning Bitcoin directly consists of using means that earn you bitcoin without going through compensation organizations. It includes Bitcoin mining, membership, etc.

    As for the indirect methods, these are those where you perform tasks that could earn you Bitcoins as remuneration.

    Surely, each of these ways possesses certain advantages and downsides.

    The benefits of getting Bitcoin directly can be shaped in the following way:

    • Saving a lot of assets
    • High-level reliability.

    If you prefer the indirect methods, they have the following advantages:

    • These do not require any investment
    • There are a variety of earning methods.

    Unfortunately, some shortcomings are also presented in relation to these two methods of getting bitcoin for free.

    Directly gained free bitcoin

    • Involves having the right equipment
    • Often involves an investment.

    The disadvantages of earning Bitcoin indirectly are as follows:

    • The payoffs are a way not too huge
    • The risks of scams are great.

    How We Chose the Best Bitcoin Mining Software 

    Before recommending a particular software to mine BTC, we assess the power of the equipment you are to possess and choose a program suitable for the equipment being used.

    If a processor cannot deliver a power higher than 20 MH/s, what is the point of putting a “heavy” program designed to work with capacities of 50 MH/s? 

    So, you can not only overheat the hardware, but also cause it to malfunction. But you do not have to take the simplest software, designed for weak equipment, as it is an inappropriate use of existing capabilities.

    Thus, one of the factors here is the equipment you are about to use.

    In addition to these basic criteria, we pay attention to other important parameters of mining programs:

    • The ability to mine different cryptocurrencies (some programs are designed for a specific cryptocurrency, while others allow you to mine different coins)
    • User-friendly interface (intuitive graphics, even for beginners, or console,which you need scripting skills for)
    • The presence of additional functions (heating control, possibility of working in the background, automatic selection of calculation algorithms, etc.).

    If you are new to cryptocurrency mining, choose programs with a GUI (standing for Graphical User Interface). It is easier for beginners: information is entered in specially selected fields and the mining itself is started with the click of a button.

    The Bottom Line

    This article aimed to present the best software available to the general public to initiate mining and earning BTC with the minimum of available hardware. 

    Of course, if you want to obtain even more results, you will need to further deepen your computing skills to configure more sophisticated mining software. 

    If you are interested in setting up a mining rig which requires an investment of several thousand dollars (or any other fiat currency). 

    We do hope that the article was of use for you and you truly discovered some top options to initiate or keep on mining.


    10 (Votes: 1)


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    Of current interest

    Frequently asked questions

    Mining works quite simply. It functions in according to the following steps: 

    1. The miners install the mining hardware and configure the mining software (for laptop or PC).
    2. A block is created, grouping together all the verified transactions. 
    3. The computers on the network must find the math problem in order to add a new block. 
    4. The first computer to solve the crypto puzzle gets a reward after adding the new block to the blockchain.

    Long before you initiate the bitcoin mining adventure, it is vital to be reassured whether the process is profitable or not. So, take some time to analyze all mining costs including the purchase of mining equipment and the energy/electricity consumption.

    Bitcoin mining earnings actually vary depending on the price of electricity in a particular place of residence. Also, the chosen mining system makes it possible to determine the miner’s profits.