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Best Manga Sites: Read (FREE) Manga Online in 2022

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As the world of Anime has progressed in popularity over the years, it turned out to possess its graphic novel counterpart — manga. As a rule, literally every anime initiates as a manga before getting its own show.

Best Manga Sites: Read (FREE) Manga Online in 2022

    If you are a passionate fan of this genre but lack the funds to buy new books, take a look at some remarkable manga sites to read your most beloved manga titles.

    The platforms located below make it easy to dig out famous and astonishing manga or discover less popular series that might interest you.

    The manga on these sites are put together through high-quality analytics, allowing anyone to access them. It is an excellent way to follow your favourite series.

    First, take a look at our compilation of the best manga websites, and then, we will demonstrate to you some more alternatives to choose from.

    Best Websites to Read Manga Online

    Name Supported platforms Notable Titles Working Link
    Mangapark Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS Why the Hell Are You, Immortal Swordsman, Kengan Omega, Tales of Demons and Gods, Perfect Half, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Fire Force  Yes Learn More
    Comixology Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

    Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill, Battle Angel AlitaFairy Tail, Street Fighter

    Yes Learn More
    Bato Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS Lottie Putrinya Dami, Brother’s Sick Love, Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage Yes Learn More
    EBookRenta! Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS That’s Why I’m Saying It’s Fate, I Want to Spoil Ikuro-san, All's Fair In Love And War, I May Be Your Big Brother But I Want You To Be Sweet On Me Yes Learn More
    Crunchyroll Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS To Your Eternity, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Talentless Nana Yes Learn More

    # 1 Mangapark

    MangaPark is one of the best websites to read manga online, since it has more than 50,000 manga. On the website, all reading is fully customizable. 

    You can create a user to have more information or read without registering on the portal.

    It has a convenient and simple interface with a basic search engine to find manga by genre or name. It is advisable to use the web platform because the mobile application contains a lot of advertisements which can make it difficult to read by frustrating you.


    • In a clear grid, MangaPark contains all the popular comics and the most recent comic releases.
    • You can mark your favourite comics and themes as favourites just with a free account.
    • You will be eligible to see all previous chapters of the comic by tapping the “History” button. 
    • You do not have to sign up to use the service.

    Visit the site at: https://mangapark.net/ 

    # 2 MangaKakalot

    If you are seeking to stumble upon a little more variety, Manga Kakalot will provide you with it for sure. It contains manga series of more than 40 various genres. And you can witness all the most popular series along with the less famous ones, as well.

    At Manga Kakalot, each manga chapter is collected on one web page, so you can scroll down to go through any chapter in its entirety. 

    You will also be able to modify a few options to make it easier to read. For instance, there is a chance to choose which image server is more convenient to use and modify the page margins. This site is one of the best for reading manga.


    • The manga’s homepage contains links to its latest version.
    • All types of manga are available, from action comics to mystery and romance manga.
    • The manga series are listed in alphabetical order, along with their completion status.
    • All the comics on the homepage are displayed in a grid format, and the site has a simple and minimalist layout.
    • Online manga reading is optimal on this site.

    Visit the site at: https://mangakakalot.com/

    # 3 Comico

    Comico is one of the most famous and progressive web platforms devoted to manga. It contains numerous manga series — from the older ones to the most recent releases. The only drawback is that the website is totally in Japanese. 


    • The adult format of manga is available only.
    • The search engine on the website contains filters for the simpler searching experience.
    • Editorial suggestions provided.

    Visit the site at: https://www.comico.jp/ 

    # 4 Viz

    If you are into the most recent releases in the manga style, be welcome to Viz. Indeed, it is one of the platforms that publishes the newest arrivals. What is more, you will find a ton of the manga items that are truly a must-read!


    • The newest titles along with the fundamental classics.
    • Unique and appealing website layout.
    • Available for all operating systems.

    Visit the site at: https://www.viz.com/read

    # 5 Bato

    Slightly more sophisticated and attractive than, say, MangaPark or Manga Kakalot, Bato possesses a different interface. 

    Diverse manga comics genres are on the platform. The genres include sci-fi, sports, romance, action and many other different alternatives. 

    The Bato website is popular, and it is not prone to unexpected downtimes, similarly to lots of other same style sites. 

    Bato is a place where there is a download feature, so you can grab your manga from this open-source site and/or help diversify its collection.


    • There are a lot of manga on Bato.
    • Regardless of it having a lack of organization, the site still achieves its goal.
    • The resource offers a variety of free titles for you to read.
    • There is a section for the newest releases and updates.
    • There is a pretty massive community you can interact with.
    • It allows you to refine your search using advanced filters.
    • You will see four filter types: style, status, demographics and gender.

    Visit the site at: https://bato.to/ 

    # 6 Manga Freak

    A good number of viewers find Manga Freak useful and admire it, regardless of the ads. There is a huge database of comics on this platform. 

    Manga Freak is unique due to the fact that it is updated much more frequently than other dead websites. New content is always being released here. And you can read this content absolutelyfree of charge.


    • The site has a dark theme which makes it look really calm.
    • Although you see some annoying ads, the site is worth reading.
    • There is a huge library of manga available on this site.
    • You can also search for manga of your choice using the search bar on the top left.

    Visit the site at: https://w12.mangafreak.net/ 

    # 7 Honto

    Along with the manga titles available for reading, the website unlocks some reviews and ratings for the readers. So, it may dramatically simplify your choice. Besides, you will find a pretty appealing website design.


    • Countless manga titles.
    • Numerous ratings for the readers’ easier search.
    • Vast variety of genres.

    Visit the site at: https://honto.jp/ 

    # 8 Mangainn

    The outstanding feature that Mangainn readers truly enjoy is the translation of all the comicses into English. The simplicity of the usage is another trait why users tend to attend it.


    • Multiple search filters available.
    • Appealing layout.
    • Extended collection of the manga stories.

    Visit the site at: http://www.mangainn.net/ 

    # 9 EBookRenta!

    On this platform, you will have a number of the options related to the manga releases. For instance, you may either borrow or purchase a particular manga edition. Unlike some of the similar websites, all of the titles at the users’ disposal are translated into English.


    • Various genres of manga are available.
    • Simple interface and user-friendly navigation.
    • One of the sites where you can borrow an item.

    Visit the site at: https://www.ebookrenta.com/ 

    # 10 MangaHere

    MangaHere is another excellent manga web portal. There is a wide range of manga in different genres like romantic comedies, girls, dramas, school life, teens, action, fantasy and sports. 

    In addition to manga news, MangaHere provides leaked manga. The administrators add new episodes or manga series to this site regularly.

    Similarly to the other manga websites, the interface of MangaHere is quite ordinary. The homepage has a section for manga news, trending manga releases and latest updates.


    • You will discover 10K manga stories.
    • There is an ability to choose the genre.
    • It contains plenty of the most recent releases.
    • There is a hot mange collection, too.

    Visit the site at: https://www.mangahere.cc/ 

    # 11 ComicWalker

    ComicWalker is one of the largest manga publishers in Japan. The company has launched its own official service to read comics online for free — yes, totally free. 

    Not all of ComicWalkers popular titles are available here, but still you may find lots of them. 

    You can actually use the app without signing up, though the registration adds some nice features, such as creating a library of bookmarks and enabling notifications when a new issue is posted.


    • Plenty of official manga readings for free.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • The platform is pretty loved by the manga fans.

    Visit the site at: https://comic-walker.com/ 

    # 12 Crunchyroll

    Regardless of being best known for its anime streaming service, Crunchyroll also offers manga lovers access to countless series. There are plenty of free manga on the site, and there is also an app available so you can read your favourite series on the go, too.

    To read all available manga, you will be supposed to sign up for Crunchyroll Premium for $7.99/month. It would ensure you have you access to both anime and manga on the site. The site also offers what it calls “simulpubs.” It assumes that each and every reader can read manga while it is being released in Japan.


    • Crunchyroll is great for an ad-free experience. 
    • It hosts the series you are interested in.
    • Free access also grants you an ability to read plenty of the releases.

    Visit the site at: https://www.crunchyroll.com/comics/manga 

    # 13 Manga Plus

    One of the best sites to read manga online is Manga Plus. The site is created and controlled by the Japanese publisher SHUEISA, which guarantees that the artists are compensated for their work. 

    It is owned by the same company as the popular manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, which means you will be able to read the magazine’s content on the website once it gets released.


    • Amazingly, everything is offered for free.
    • There are iOS and Android apps.
    • It is free and legal.
    • You will also find a wide variety of new and old titles, including Dragon Ball, Leach, Naruto, Blue Box and Black Clover.

    Visit the site at: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/manga_list/all 

    # 14 Webtoons

    Webtoon is one of the biggest platforms for fans of the manga genre. It has constituted  a community of over 72 million readers and a catalogue of some of the most popular manhwas that include Noblesse and God of Highschool.


    • It offers a wide range of comic genres, ranging from comedy to action.
    • The app uses your likes to create constantly changing recommendations, giving you something new to read every day.
    • An extensive community to interact with.

    Visit the site at: https://www.webtoons.com/

    # 15 GlobalBookWalker

    If you are looking for free Manga to enjoy then Global Book Walker might be the best manga site for you. 

    Every month, the site releases plenty of free manga episodes, which would cost you literally $0.00, and you can read them in the app or even through the in-browser mode. It may resemble something like Amazon’s ComiXology that we will describe some later on this page. 


    • Global Book Walker is basically a global manga and light novel store. 
    • There are two versions of this app available, one is global and the other one is Chinese.
    • Innumerable stories to read.
    • The website manga database constantly gets updated.

    Visit the site at: https://global.bookwalker.jp/categories/2/manga/ 

    # 16 Fanfox

    If you are fond of various manga genres, then, Fanfox would be one of the choices you would love to make. Tons of releases — from the oldest to the most recent ones — will never let you feel exhausted!


    • There is an ability to share your favourite series. 
    • Enormous variety of genres available.
    • Hot manga releases are always the first to appear on this platform.

    Visit the site at: https://fanfox.net/ 

    # 17 Comixology

    ComiXologie is an Amazon company dedicated solely to comics, graphic novels and manga. The main site allows you to purchase individual titles. However, the best overall deal is easily ComiXologie Unlimited. As the name suggests, you can read anything you want for a single monthly subscription.

    The only downside is that not all titles are included in the unlimited plan. For example, you can stumble upon Attack on Titan but Black Butler is not presented. 

    All in all, you get access to over 25,000 comics, graphic novels and manga. 

    In addition, you benefit from discounts on your purchases.


    • Supported by Amazon.
    • In addition to online reading, there are also iOS and Android apps.
    • Offers a diverse range of comics and manga.
    • Clean website layout.
    • Easy to access and use.

    Visit the site at: https://www.comixology.com/Manga 

    # 18 Inkr

    Inkr Comics features a variety of manga, manhwa, webtoons and other types of comics. You can find a diverse library of comics which are updated weekly with the latest chapters. 

    Inkr uses a personalized recommendation engine that monitors what you read and uses that to generate suggestions that might also be of interest to you.


    • There is a download tool.
    • You can find lots of additional information about a particular manga story.
    • There is a convenient search engine on the website.

    Visit the site at: https://inkr.com/

    How to Read Manga Online

    We would love to post a couple of useful facts about online manga reading. Cast a glance at them and enjoy the process.

    Fact # 1

    Surely you might have already heard that a manga is read in an upside down mode. This is not true, in fact: it is simply read in the direction of writing in Japanese. This is written from right to left and from top to bottom, which is very far from the Western system.

    To help the non-Japanese public, some editions had westernized the direction of reading (as it was done to the first edition of Dragon Ball), but the original version quickly took over. 

    So, you have to get used to it, which is not really a problem when you know it.

    Fact # 2

    As for a Western comic strip or a comic, each manga board is divided into several thumbnails, and the mangaka chooses their placement on the page. So every page is different. The only point that may be difficult to master at the beginning will be the order of the thumbnails.

    If the thumbnails are the same height, you will just play the rightmost thumbnail, then the leftmost thumbnail, and so on. 

    Repeat this for each row until you reach the thumbnail at the bottom left of the page.

    Also, if the thumbnails are arranged in a more complex way, always follow the top-right diagonal down to the bottom-left. 

    Even if one of the thumbnails is larger in terms of size, you will first have to read the boxes preceding it in the order of the manga narration.

    The order of the bubbles follows the same logic of reading from right to left and from top to bottom. Sometimes the order of the dialogues is not even the most important thing, so do not be afraid to get confused: it will either be very clear or not a big deal!

    Fact # 3 

    In general, thumbnails on a page are placed on a classic white background. 

    However, this can change when the background is black: it is then a flashback (most of the time), and you can tell by the total change of context and generally by a small box locating the action in the past.

    It can also be used for a dream or alternate reality depending on the complexity of the scenario you are reading. 

    In any case, be informed that this process is also used for American comics, so if you already know it, no worries.

    The transition background is a gradient background between white and black which means that we leave a temporal ellipsis. Thus, the author will use it to enter a flashback (from white to black) or leave it (from black to white).


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