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The Best Multiplayer Games on PC in 2024

08:01 November 11, 2021 3 3694
Author: Denis Malinka
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Modern single-player video games can offer players an amazing gaming experience with incredible visuals, captivating storylines and engaging gameplay. However, when it comes to endless, unique entertainment, they lose to multiplayer projects significantly.

The Best Multiplayer Games on PC in 2021

    The thing is that even if you deal with the most immersive single-player PC games, you will interact with NPCs only. And while their artificial intelligence has evolved in recent years, it still cannot compete with the unpredictable human brain. 

    This is the key engaging factor in any multiplayer game. When you test your strategy, tactical or shooter skills against other players, each match can provide you with an incomparable experience. Unique, masterful in-game decisions, high-level teamplay, constant communication with friends - all this makes multiplayer games an integral part of today’s gaming industry.  

    In our new review, you will learn about the titles that have already managed to create enormous communities. These games have numerous awards and records, and you can surely find something suitable for you and your friends among them.  

    Rocket League

    Who would have thought that a trivial idea like soccer with mini-cars could be so engaging? Yes, while Rocket League offers players a seemingly simple concept, it does not mean the game lacks depth. Like any competitive multiplayer game, this soccer sim has a learning curve to go through. And you will surely enjoy this process. 

    Even if you cannot make a single perfect pass during your first game session, the game will reward you with many funny moments. But once you learn how to use the booster and other controls features to your advantage, Rocket League will open up new entertaining horizons for you. 

    Dynamic gameplay is a significant strength of the game. The developers ensured that the players could get as much adrenaline as possible in no time and made the matches five minutes long. On top of that, given the modest size of the playing field, you can always participate in both offensive and defensive team actions. 

    Grand Theft Auto Online

    It is hard to believe, but Rockstar’s stunning open-world crime saga has delighted players for the past 8 years. And if earlier we could only dream of exploring such a detailed sandbox with our friends, Grand Theft Auto Online has implemented this long-awaited feature pretty effectively. 

    The game will allow you not only to participate in collective robberies with your friends but also to enjoy player-created game content. This gaming community is full of talented and enthusiastic players who are adding new racing tracks, deathmatch contests and other engaging content to the game. 

    Numerous YouTube and Twitch creators also rely on Los Santos to entertain their audiences. They use this virtual metropolis to organize various challenges. Plus, they visit unofficial servers that focus on more role-playing gameplay and create their own crime stories. 


    Given this shooter’s incredible success and widespread promotion, every respected gamer has already heard of it. Initially, this game was supposed to be another zombie shooter with defensive buildings. However, Battle Royale mode changed its fate radically and popularized the game among hundreds of millions of players. 

    While Fortnite’s cartoon style is intimidating to many shooter players, this visual factor does not harm key gameplay elements in any way. You will participate in deadly survival battles on giant maps with an interactive setting. Your rating will be based not only on how you handle different weapons but also on your building skills.  

    Another positive aspect is that this legendary game also contributes to the growth of eSports. For example, when Epic Games hosted the Fortnite World Cup in 2019, the company rewarded the solo tournament’s winner $3 million. Besides, Fortnite is also a popular Twitch destination, as the game often becomes a part of various challenges, branded events and unexpected collaborations. 

    Apex Legends

    This multiplayer project is a phenomenon of the video game industry. It gained worldwide popularity literally right after the release, thanks to its unique marketing campaign. When players saw numerous famous Twitch streamers playing some strange shooter, they decided to follow suit and were not disappointed. 

    Apex Legends turned out to be an amazing action-packed Battle Royale game with many unique gameplay features. The developers have tried to take the best elements of other popular shooters and combine them with Titanfall movement mechanics. As a result, players appreciated this experimental approach and provided the game with a massive player base. 

    The game will also impress many players from a graphical perspective, especially regarding high or ultra settings. At the same time, you do not need to worry about any PC upgrades, as Apex Legends is perfectly optimized and works fine even on relatively old machines.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Even though many PC and console gamers were initially not interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), the Valve company has successfully popularized this project. Today, this first-person shooter is one of the most recognized brands in the Internet community. It reincarnated the original game, which was in desperate need of updates, and skilfully transferred all key gameplay mechanics into a new graphical engine.  

    CS: GO allows players to join one of the sides (terrorists or counter-terrorists) of the age-old conflict to engage in brief tactical team firefights. Thanks to a convenient search system, you can quickly find a server with a suitable mode and compete with players like you.  

    Apart from that, one of the most significant factors in the game’s popularity is its gigantic market for virtual skins. It is a whole separate industry that has its own rules, trends and super-rare skins that almost every CS: GO player dreams of.  

    This multiplayer shooter also has a strong pro scene. The cash prizes are relatively modest compared to some other esports games. However, its tournament events attract hundreds of thousands of Twitch viewers thanks to the spectacular professional battles. 


    If you cannot handle your Team Fortress nostalgia and want to enjoy similar gameplay, Overwatch will definitely come in handy. Even though Activision Blizzard is having a hard time in 2021, this multiplayer shooter blew up the Internet five years earlier. The company required a breakthrough project back then, and it managed to create one by relying on asymmetric gameplay. 

    Overwatch lets you choose from a variety of characters with unique skills and join team battles. Whether you prefer shooters or advanced team gameplay, this game has it all thanks to its wide selection of protagonists. The game gets updated regularly; moreover, its players are preparing for the sequel’s release in 2022. 

    Although you can choose from a huge number of characters initially, experienced players believe that beginners should focus on two or three heroes only. This approach will allow you to quickly reach high skill levels and enjoy well-coordinated teamplay without any annoying mistakes on your part. 

    Destiny 2

    When it comes to multiplayer first-person shooters, the time-proven Destiny 2 is undoubtedly worth mentioning. This project will delight you with realistic shooting, cool-looking equipment and massive events that allow you to fight against epic raid bosses.  

    Of course, the game will bring you much more impressions if you travel through this universe with your friends. However, this looter-shooter will also allow you to form groups with random players to complete daily tasks. 

    Destiny 2 is a relatively new project and offers players a fairly high graphical level. Impressively designed locations and combat visuals will immerse you into distant virtual galaxies. Add an awesome soundtrack here, and you will surely have a hard time getting out of your chair with this multiplayer masterpiece. 

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Although this free-to-play game has stepped into the Battle Royale scene relatively recently, it has already managed to make some noise. The first-person shooter reached 50 million downloads in its first month after the release. Considering the high competition in the BR gaming segment, this result is pretty impressive. 

    The Warzone lets you engage in massive, fast-paced battles, including up to 150 players. You can compete with both unknown players and your friends. The game offers players several ways to respawn that contribute to more dynamic gameplay.  

    After death, you will be taken to the so-called Gulag and will have a duel against a player like you. The winner of the fight returns to the playing field. As for the losing side, these warriors can return to the battle with their teammates’ help. 

    It is also worth noting that the Warzone adheres to modern trends and tries to provide players with as many weapon skins as possible. In addition, the game has numerous unlockable upgrades that help players gain a slight edge during gunfights. It means the more you play, the more chances you and your friends have to create an elite CoD squad.

    DOTA 2 / League of Legends

    We are aware that some overly enthusiastic fans may take this headline as an insult, but let us not jump to conclusions too fast. Each of these games has played a significant role in the growth of the MOBA genre and deserves praise for the amazing promotion of esports. Both projects share the same general concept - you play with a group of friends or four strangers on one unchanging map. However, these games can provide you with different gaming experiences. 

    For example, while many players prefer to play DOTA 2 due to its more realistic visuals, the League of Legends’ admirers prefer the cartoon style. At the same time, DOTA 2 players can access all characters for free, whereas you can unlock the Rift’s champions in LoL using in-game currencies (blue essence or riot points) only. 

    Besides that, both games have certain achievements from the cybersport perspective. League of Legends’ professional plays gather hundreds of thousands of spectators regularly, as more than 8 million players play the game daily. On the other hand, DOTA 2 has been revolutionizing the gaming industry through crazy events with enormous cash prizes. The tenth instalment of its most prestigious tournament, The International 2021, had a total prize pool of just over $40 million. And the 1-st placed team of 5 players returned home $18,2 million richer. 

    Either way, both multiplayer giants unquestionably deserve your attention. Although they are based on the same concept, these games have numerous nuances that make them unique and impressively engaging MOBA projects. 

    Team Fortress 2

    While Team Fortress 2 may seem like a fairly typical project to you now, it indeed shocked numerous players right after its release in 2007. The unrivalled visual style, endless number of gameplay modes and classes with unique skills made this first-person shooter incredibly popular. 

    The game offers you tons of possibilities for impressive teamplay combinations. Once you have joined a decent team or built a group, you realize how engaging this shooter is.  

    Perhaps the modern gaming community does not consider Team Fortress 2 to be some high-calibre project, but this game has undoubtedly influenced mainstream gaming culture. If you want to understand why this revolutionary shooter still has many loyal players, you should give it a try. 

    World of Tanks

    This multiplayer project relies on several key gameplay elements. In addition to rewarding players with a solid dose of action-packed moments, World of Tanks has shooter, strategy and RPG mechanics. This combination has allowed it to maintain its status as the world’s most popular game for quite some time. 

    The game focuses on combat vehicles from the 1930s-1960s and offers players over 600 different tank variations. Although it seems simple on the surface, the more you play, the more interesting nuances you will discover. You can upgrade your vehicle or buy powerful new tanks to participate in massive clan battles.  

    A significant aspect is also that the game has a reasonably low entry bar. Considering this, it should come as no surprise that the project has already reached over 160 million players in early 2018. The Wargaming developers have been successfully supporting this multiplayer hit for the past 10 years. So, you can join its tanking gaming community right now without any hesitation. 


    Back in the day, there were CS 1.6 servers that allowed players to dilute classic matches with various modifiers. Additional classes and skills for opposing teams were one of the more popular mods. And many players wished to see that this idea would turn into a full-fledged game sometime in the future. In essence, Valorant is the most successful representation of that concept. It combines skill-oriented gameplay with asymmetrical characters that have different combat advantages. 

    Considering that the Riot Games company built the game based on CS: GO, many nuances may seem familiar to you. You will join a team of 5 players and will fight for the attacking or defending side. The more efficiently you destroy your enemies in each round, the more in-game currency you will generate. The earned money will allow you to buy weapons for subsequent rounds. 

    It is also worth highlighting that skills are not the decisive factor during the gunfights in Valorant. Yes, these abilities affect the gameplay and can help you in some situations. However, your reaction and accurate aiming a much more significant role in winning. 

    War Thunder

    This project is a multiplayer simulator that focuses on all aspects of military affairs. Do you want to take part in land-based tank battles, showcase your flying skills to enemies or launch a torpedo from a military submarine? War Thunder gives you all these options in a stunning virtual environment. 

    Your multiplayer battles will include 6 to 16 players on each side. You will need not only to destroy enemy vehicles but also to complete collective tasks to get a victory. The game provides you with over 50 maps, allowing you to realize your strategic potential to the fullest. 

    Many players praise the project for its realistic damage model that considers even minor nuances like armour’s thickness and projectiles’ velocity. In other words, if you get into any significant module of enemy vehicles, this will affect its combat effectiveness significantly.

    Left to Survive

    This post-apocalyptic game has an unexpected twist, as endless zombie hordes will not be your only issue here. The project demonstrates that people can also create numerous problems even if a dangerous virus has already covered the whole world. With this in mind, the developers will allow you to participate in various PvP battles both with your friends and against them. 

    The key gameplay idea is to build and improve your base as you fight against zombies or other players. Each of your effective actions during encounters will bring you XP points. And the more you generate them, the faster you will get access to more advanced weapons and defensive features for your camp. 

    Rainbow Six Siege

    It is another prominent representative of the first-person shooter scene. The game’s basic concept will remind you of CS: GO. However, Rainbow Six Siege has its own unique features. Yes, you will fight in 5v5 mode using firearms. But at the same time, your combat locations will surprise you with their interactivity. 

    The thing is that one of the game’s calling cards is compact maps with destructible elements. Every wall, chair, or other piece of furniture will react to your shots. Therefore, you can destroy your enemies not only in a typical way but also through the bullet holes in the walls. 

    Rainbow Six Siege is a promising project that has already achieved a lot in the esports area. But even if you do not plan on becoming a pro gamer, this game has enough content to keep you and your friends entertained every day. 

    ARMA 3

    Anyone who is into ultra-realistic military simulators knows that ARMA is the most recognizable franchise in this genre. It will amaze you with the mere number of details recreating real military equipment, strategic actions and numerous combat nuances.  

    The third installment of this highly respected gaming series will delight players with more streamlined gameplay, improved graphics, animations and soundtracks. The game has a well-thought-out cooperative campaign. It will allow you to affect the delicate geopolitical situation which happened on one of the islands in the Pacific Ocean. 

    Don’t Starve Together

    Compared to other games from our list, this game will offer you a slightly unusual gaming experience. While you will not be able to compete against your friends, Don’t Starve Together will encourage you to be a more active team-first player. You and up to four other players will enter a mystical world full of various monsters. You will need to fight against these evil creatures and monitor other gameplay factors. 

    This project will introduce you to a few fundamental survival mechanics that will surely keep you busy. The game will punish you with changing seasons and sneaky enemies that will try to destroy even your campfire. Besides that, you will be forced to collect various resources to keep each member of your team alive and progress through the plot together.

    Titanfall 2

    While the first-person shooter scene has suffered from a lack of innovative solutions for the past few years, Titanfall 2 has taken the genre to an impressive new level. With an engaging storyline and memorable characters, this game already deserves serious praise for its single-player mode. But at the same time, its multiplayer side definitely does not disappoint players. And if you want more than just satisfying gunfire from a shooter, this game will amaze you with its dynamics. 

    Titanfall 2 lets you mix and match different fighting styles thanks to the vast, controllable titans. Your original character will allow you to cover long distances quickly, run on walls and use various weapons. But once you get inside the titan, you will turn into an actual destructive machine, and your gameplay will change drastically. 

    This multiplayer shooter is the perfect combination of engaging gameplay mechanics and intelligent shooting packed into juicy visuals. It is suitable for both veteran players who want to experience something new and casual gamers who just take their first steps in the first-person shooter genre.

    Among Us

    Even though the developers launched this game a couple of years earlier, it impressed the entire gaming industry in 2020. Among Us has shown giant companies and game publishers that games can engage millions of players without cool, realistic visuals.  

    This project is based on a simple idea of ​​fun social interaction. If you play for the imposters’ team, you need to do everything you can to kill all the peaceful players quietly. As for the opposing team, its task is to get rid of all imposters through voting.  

    The game’s most engaging factor is the social gameplay that generates numerous comic situations. So, if you failed to jump on the Among Us hype train earlier, you should certainly give it a shot this time around. 

    Now, you know which games deserve your attention in 2021, and all you have to do is make your choice. Just keep in mind that multiplayer projects are unlikely to be able to entertain you if you constantly lose to your real opponents. So, whether you pick some shooter or strategy title, you better take some time to training sessions to impress your friends and thousands of other players.


    9.5 (Votes: 2)


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