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10 Best NFT Games to Play & Earn Cryptocurrency

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Author: Denis Malinka
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If you have not been living under a rock in the past few months, you have probably heard that NFTs continue to cover more and more new areas. The gaming industry is no exception in this regard, and it has also followed the popular trend to allow players to enjoy all the benefits of cryptocurrency tokens.

10 Best NFT Games to Play & Earn Cryptocurrency

    Numerous players have already seen the huge financial potential of this new trend and have started using NFT games to earn money. They hunt for unique digital items, be it equipment, weapons, resources or anything else, and sell them thanks to blockchain technology. To join this community of gamer-entrepreneurs, you will need to choose a suitable game genre, and our review will help you do it in a few minutes.

    Meta Wars

    This multiplayer project will immerse you in a fantastic space setting full of unexpected discoveries, cool vehicles and, of course, collectible NFT items. In this game, you will be able to influence the global economy, participate in combat missions and develop your character from different angles.

    MetaWars is based on several key aspects. You will be able to dedicate your game sessions to the Exploration gameplay elements, upgrade your ships/robots and demonstrate your skills within the game’s Combat segment.

    In addition, the project will allow you to participate in multiplayer exploration missions and discover new galaxies. And if you manage to cope with several tasks, your squad will be able to contribute to the development of these galaxies.

    The title’s economic model revolves around the so-called $WAR tokens that you can earn for successfully completed challenges. On top of that, it is worth highlighting that the game is pretty flexible when it comes to your hardware configurations. So, you can vary your devices and customize your robots however you want.


    The next project of our rating also became one of the best paying NFT games. However, unlike the previous title, it focuses on fantasy football and allows players to earn money through their understanding of the sport. Sorare is suitable for those who constantly monitor upcoming matches and have reasonable assumptions on which players will participate in them.

    The game will offer you two key ways to increase your initial budget. According to the first method, you will need to purchase player cards and form a squad that would correspond to certain future matches. This approach will allow you to win additional cards and sell them through a special auction.

    If you are not a football expert, you can choose the second method which revolves around smart deals. In other words, you will need to invest a certain amount, buy cards that are in demand among other players and try to sell them at a reasonable price.

    To form your first team, you can use 5 different types of cards. For example, each player receives several Common football players right after registration. And since these cards are completely free, you will not be able to sell them. Besides that, there are Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique cards that can help you earn a substantial fortune. Just keep in mind that Sorare does not give you any guarantees, and your profit will mainly depend on your knowledge and timely decisions.

    Guild of Guardians

    Fans of the classic action-packed RPG games will definitely appreciate this mobile project, which is about to hit the market in 2022. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular games to make money by impressing players not only with its NFT potential but also with its bright, stylized visuals.

    This virtual universe has prepared for you all the traditional elements of multiplayer role-playing titles, including party battles, numerous PvE locations, raid bosses and exciting quests. Add an excellent system for earning tokens here, and you get the perfect project that combines addictive gameplay with innovative technology.

    Experienced players noticed this promising game right away, and it has already managed to form a pretty impressive community. According to the developers, over 130,000 players have added Guild of Guardians to their wishlist. It means the game will have a pretty impressive economic system right after its release. With that in mind, you better hurry up and visit the official website of this upcoming project for all the details.

    The Stepico studio that is working on the game made sure that the gameplay cycle included elements that would motivate you to move on. Therefore, each of your adventures in this fantasy world can end up with a generous tradable NFT reward.

    Idle Cyber

    Similarly to the previous game, this project also knows a thing or two about style. With impressive graphics and mind-blowing special effects reminiscent of anime series, you can immerse yourself in the mysterious, futuristic setting. The game will tell you a story about humanity that was on the verge of extinction due to hostile cyborgs. And to protect themselves from these dangerous machines, people had to build colossal walls.

    As you might imagine, you will need to lead a special squad that includes various super mutants. These units vary depending on the available skills and weapons, and you will need to distribute these military forces properly to successfully defend the walls.

    In addition to standard units, you will be able to control more unique characters that have their own interesting stories and exclusive equipment. Also, each of these heroes has a recognizable style that makes you want to play as these impressive champions.

    Bear in mind that Idle Cyber will not limit you in terms of earning through gameplay. The project will allow you to generate NFT assets and in-game tokens both in the endless story mode and in battles with other players. The more strategic your defensive skills are, the more financial gain this game will provide you.

    Battle of Guardians

    The next title on our list is the product of several gaming enthusiasts who wanted to develop a play-to-earn project of their dreams. Battle of Guardians will invite you to participate in engaging online battles against various monsters and other players. In essence, this project is an arena for multi-layered battles that take place in an intriguing sci-fi universe.

    The developers claim that they did not want the game to focus solely on making money. With this in mind, they put a lot of effort into making the title’s gameplay as engaging as possible. In the game, you will be able to operate with three races that have their own unique characters. Besides that, the project has a special tier system that makes the development of its heroes even more enjoyable.

    The game’s NFT aspect revolves around your collection of fighters. If you can show great results in the arenas, you will have more opportunities to recruit expensive units to your team. And keep in mind that the developers do not plan to limit players to the PC platform, and they are already working on a cross-platform experience for iOS and Android users.


    Moving on from the arena-oriented project, let us check out a game that will delight all fans of Fortnite and other battle royale gaming franchises. Even though this title is not free, it provides players with a lot of opportunities to have an entertaining experience and earn money.

    Lightnite presents gamers with a pretty fascinating system of interaction for players, when each action has a certain financial value. For example, those who demonstrate the highest skill level and take first place regularly will receive more NFT items and Satoshi coins. On the other hand, if you get too many wounds, these hits will also cost you crypto coins.

    While the game’s economic part is quite impressive, its gameplay elements will also please you. The project will surely remind you of Fortnite from a visual perspective due to the cartoon style. But it is worth noting that this clone of the world-famous shooter will also be able to provide you with smooth gameplay and an excellent server connection.

    Given that the game is not free and requires some investment, try to weigh the pros and cons before registering here. And if battle royale is not your most skilful genre, you better not risk your money on this unforgivable shooter.

    Axie Infinity

    Digital pet projects have gained a lot of traction in recent years, and Axie Infinity is capitalizing on this trend successfully. This game revolves around growing your own unique NFT characters called axies. To join this gaming community, you need to buy at least 3 of these creatures. Since the game’s release in 2018, the value of this starting trio has fluctuated with the growth of the in-game economy. For example, at the end of 2021, players needed to spend over $1,000 to buy the first three axies.

    Axie Infinity will offer you some basic ways to earn a currency called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). You can generate SLP by completing various missions or by fighting other real players in turn-based battles. Apart from this, you will also be able to earn SLP thanks to the adventure mode.

    This project has become one of the best NFT games to invest in not only because of the advanced economic model based on Ethereum but also because of the stunning visuals. Cute characters, solid soundtrack and overall inspiring style will surely help you immerse yourself into the world of rare creatures and reasonable cryptocurrency incomes.


    Trading card games have always had a massive fan base, and the Splinterlands developers have capitalized on the popularity of the genre. By combining blockchain technology with thoughtful design and balanced cards, they managed to create the perfect game for relaxing earnings on the Internet.

    When it comes to play to earn NFT games, this project can compete with any other title thanks to its unrivalled style and advanced economic model. Your path to impressive victories will begin with the purchase of your first card pack, which may include cards of various rarities.

    If you are lucky enough, even your first pack may contain valuable cards that you can sell to other players later on. Apart from this, the game also allows players to get rid of copies of various cards for a small cash reward.

    The essential aspect is that your earnings here will depend on how skillfully you manage your card deck. By making smart, strategic decisions, anticipating the actions of your opponents and combining the possibilities of different maps, you can get a positive win rate and turn Splinterlands into a reliable source of income.

    Gods Unchained

    Unlike the previous project, this card game belongs to a different category and does not require players to make any investments to start playing. After the registration, you will also be able to create your own card deck and fight against other real players. With each win, you will have more chances to get additional cards to strengthen your deck. Besides that, you will be able to sell cards that do not fit into your play style and earn so-called GODS coins.

    Since we are talking about crypto games, each card in this title has its own unique NFT token that uniqueizes this virtual item. To earn these cards, you will need to defeat your opponent in a duel by nullifying all of its health points. You will need to think over your each move to end the battle as a winner. But at the same time, the potential cash reward will certainly be worth it.

    It is also worth noting that Gods Unchained has a massive gaming community, so you do not have to spend a lot of time on matchmaking. Just collect 30 of the most powerful cards that you can catch in your free packs and start to conquer the peaks of this strategic PvP project.

    Sandbox 3D

    The last game in our ranking is a true paradise for imaginative players. It is a virtual sandbox that imitates our world and allows players to not only buy NFT-land but also create unique digital items. Essentially, you will be dealing with a Minecraft-oriented title where your creativity can bring you substantial cryptocurrency income.

    Considering the game’s genre, it will also open up endless possibilities for multiplayer entertainment. You will be able to buy and sell various land cells and upgrade them however you like. In this context, the project will surely remind you of The Sims and will be able to offer you the same detailed customization of your environment. You will be able to build your own unique house, choose the interior and create many other things to make your land even more attractive to other players.


    Regardless of what you thought of the NFT revolution originally, this trend is already showing incredible financial potential. The games mentioned above will allow you to join the world of cryptocurrency earnings where even typical in-game activities can bring you real money. So, you just have to choose the genre that will give you the most chances to prove yourself and achieve high results.


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    NFT games are projects that allow players to receive NFT objects and exchange them for cryptocurrency.

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    Of course. Cryptocurrency games are no longer something new or unusual. They work based on the blockchain technology and offer players the same level of security as other crypto services.

    In most cases, players manage to earn regular income through skill-based NFT games that have a higher entry threshold.