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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth in 2022

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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What is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth?

If you follow some poker players who are acknowledged all over the world, you are surely familiar with the name of Dan Bilzerian. Yes, he is a world-famous poker gambler whose net worth is no doubt higher than any other poker player’s. 

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth in 2022

    In accordance with the latest data, the amount of $200 million is considered to be the real net worth that Dan Bilzerian is characterized with in 2022.  

    Similarly to Tom Dwan, Dan Bilzerian is into high roller games of poker. Actually, it may serve as a trigger for his success in the game and high-class winnings.

    Along with the gambling success, Dan Bilzerian holds an active acting career and is known to be a social media influencer. Probably, due to this reason the audience frequently entitles him as an Instagram King. By the way, at present, the number of followers in Dan’s Instagram is more than 30 million.

    Early Life

    Tampa Bay, Florida is the place of birth of the further poker player, actor and influencer. Dan was born on December 7, 1980. Dan’s mother’s name is Terri Steffen. His dad’s name is Paul Bilzerian, and during the first years of Dan’s life he had been an outstanding private equity and corporate takeover specialist.

    What is more, Dan’s father had got his millionaire status by the age of 36.

    As for the siblings, Bilzerian has a brother, Adam, who is also a poker player, similarly to Dan.

    It may seem that Dan Bilzerian has always lived a luxurious life—in reality, he has not. His dad went bankrupt in 2001, and, as a result, the family happened to have a $140 million worth of debt. Because of this reason, the family was supposed to sell their grandiose 10-bedroom 28,000 square foot mansion. 

    However, Paul Bilzerian started a trust fund for both of his sons, so a big part of the money went to the brothers. But up to now, there is no exact information on the amounts.

    In any case, it is evident that the fortune of Dan is the main source of his income, so he unlikely lives for his dad’s funds. 

    Dan Bilzerian’s Early Career

    Dan’s major is Criminology and Business. After 2000, he graduated from the University of Florida. He entered the university after being kicked out of the Navy for the safety violation on the gun range.

    It is known that Dan did not work a single day at the work related to his major.

    Poker Career

    If you are curious how old Dan was when he got the status of a professional poker player, we know the answer—he was 29. Yes, back in 2009, Dan took part in one of the most reputable poker-related events in the world—2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.

    That time Dan was reported to win as much as $36,000. 

    After these winnings Dan’s success did not leave him, and the first event’s winning was literally tripled in the successive games.

    In 2011, a scandal related to Den took place. That year Dan and a couple of other poker players known globally, were requested to pay back all of the winnings from the 2011 event. It was due to the usage of the Ponzi scheme by artist Bradley Ruderman. The latter was put into jail.

    One of Dan’s poker records is playing poker with the $5,000–$10,000 stakes. The winning he obtained was equal to $10.8 million. What is remarkable is that it was made within just a single game.

    In 2014, Bilzerian made another record winning $50M within the year!

    However, it is not all like that with fortune—he also underwent some failures. In total, the researchers point out the rate of $3M being lost for poker games by Dan.

    Bluff Magazine awarded Dan with the title of the “Funniest Poker Player on Twitter”.    

    Acting Career

    Poker is not the only source of income for Balzerian. Acting is one of the hobbies he is into. Of course, he has never played any leading roles. Notwithstanding, he appeared in a set of films like: 

    • Extraction
    • Cat Run 2
    • Olympus Has Fallen
    • The Equalizer
    • Lone Survivor
    • The Other Woman and 
    • War Dogs.

    We are not aware of the income that Dan accumulates from the films and acting in general. But the fact is that poker is primary in his money-making process.

    Legal Issues

    As we already mentioned, Dan Bilzerian is a scandalous media person, so a couple of negative events took place in his biography.

    For example, in 2014, Dan Bilzerian injured a famous model Vanessa Castano in one of the nightclubs in Miami. As a result, he had to pay $1 million to Castano for the harm he caused.

    By the end of the same year, another scandal had beheld Dan’s bio. He and the adult movies actress Janice Griffith had had a joint photoshoot for Hustler. Janice Griffith was supposed to fall from the roof into a pool after Dan kicked her. Regardless of that being a part of the photoshoot, Dan was obliged to pay $85,000 for the injuries the actress went through.

    By December 2014, the bomb-making charges had served as another reason for Dan to have been arrested. It happened at LEX Airport. He was released the same day. Nevertheless, he had to pay a $17 million fine for the illegal actions.

    However, the most loud scandal took place in August 2018. That time Dan and his family decided to move to Armenia. The purpose was to gain Armenian residence. But the behaviour of the player was absolutely uncontrolled: he shot from the weapons at the shooting range.

    It caused a set of international scandals. There was an arrest issued to Dan and he was put on the international wanted list.

    Social Media

    As mentioned, Dan Bilzerian is an Instagram King—or, as he calls himself, an Instagram Playboy King. His followers are fond of observing his over-the-top luxurious lifestyle. 

    The Instagram profile of the poker star contains a ton of the pictures that demonstrate a really insane lifestyle. As evident, it could not have any good reflection on the poker player’s health. 

    By the age of 32, Dan had survived three heart attacks.

    When Dan gets invited to podcasts or YouTube shows—like Joe Rogan’s—he explains why he acts up in this way. Nevertheless, he cannot stop behaving in another way.

    The video above demonstrates the interview by Dan where he explains the reasons for this behavior. One the one hand, the actor and poker player would like to be more tranquille. On the other hand, it seems to be impossible for him, as his audience requires him to keep on posting the content he is into now. 

    Dan Bilzerian Net Worth Milestones

    The way to a net worth of $200 million was long and complicated. Nonetheless, Dan has experienced success all the time. You may cast a glance at the key milestones of his career, where his wealth got bigger and bigger in the positive vector:


    $50 million


    $100 million


    $120 million


    $150 million


    $170 million


    $180 million


    $200 million

    Of course, the lion share of the income is formed by the poker games that Dan participates in. Nonetheless, his social media activities and acting are also a source of income for him.

    Personal Life

    Being quite a popular poker player and an actor, Dan decided he has to get involved in politics. As a result, in 2015 he took place in the elections as a candidate.

    As for his private life, there are no details about his spouse. Evidently, the poker star is not married and his marital status is single.

    Dan Bilzerian Real Estate

    Initially, Dan grew up in an enormous mansion located in the place of birth of the player—in Tampa. You may find a video touring the house where Dan used to live.

    Dan is known to own a $4.1 million house Summerlin South containing 5 bedrooms. 

    In 2018, Dan decided to rent an unspeakably grandiose house for $50,000 per month. The house was supposed to contain all of the nightclub life attributes.


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