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Destiny 2: The Dawning Cookie Recipes and Ingredients

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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The Dawning holiday event has once again returned to Destiny 2, and the tradition of crafting treats for in-game characters to earn in-game loot continues for another year. This time, players will prepare items for the game characters to unlock different rewards including ships, weapons, armors, etc. 

Destiny 2: The Dawning Cookie Recipes and Ingredients

    This guide will showcase all the different recipes you can use and where to find the different ingredients needed to cook it.

    You can see all of the recipes below, along with the person in the game the item is supposed to be delivered to. 

    To complete these different deliveries in Destiny 2, you will need to set about gathering the ingredients as well as a universal cooking material needed for each batch of treats called the Essence of Dawning.

    Dawning Cookie Ingredients in 2022

    When it comes to the predominant ingredients in the game, you will unlock 3 types of ingredients to use:

    Ingredient Type Source
    Main Doing the foes in — regardless of the type of the world
    Secondary Activate the abilities by the killing process
    Essence Use any activity in the game

    Let us move to the main ingredients, first off. 

    Initially, let us consider the essence of the main ingredients. In Destiny 2, you are to kill the foes in order to obtain the ingredients. So, we are providing the table where an enemy corresponds to an ingredient that you get if the enemy is murdered.

    Ingredient Dropped Enemy Type
    Vex Milk The Vex
    Ether Cane The Fallen
    The Scorn Dark Ether Cane
    Cabal Oil The Cabal
    Taken Butter  The Taken
    Chitin Powder The Hive

    What is more, there are 4 additional kinds of the foes in the game:

    • Red bar
    • Boss
    • Ultra and
    • Miniboss.

    Killing them would also give you an ingredient that corresponds to each type of the enemies.

    Secondary Ingredients

    The essence of the secondary ingredients consists in the manner you kill the foes. The manner that you use to murder a foe would let you have a supplementary ingredient.

    The difference between the main and secondary ingredients is that the latter ones are more frequent.

    If you need a guide, the one below will tell you what in-game activities you need to do to have a chance of making Ingredient drops. 

    In the past, some ingredient drops were rarer than others and sometimes harder to obtain.

    So, have a look at the table below to consider the secondary ingredient and the manner of how you kill the foes to grab the ingredient.

    Secondary Ingredient The method to obtain it
    Balanced Flavors Murder the foes using a sniper or a scout rifle
    Delicious Explosion Murder the foes enemies with grenade abilities and rocket or grenade launchers
    Bullet Spray Do the foes in using auto rifles and/or a submachine gun. Alternatively, you may apply the light machine guns
    Electric Flavor Use the Arc damage out of the Guardian source to assassinate your foes. Alternatively, get into either weapon or ability.
    Dark Frosting Use the Stasis damage to do your enemies in
    Sharp Flavor Use the swords to do your foes in
    Perfect Taste Assassinate your enemies (Precision damage matters)
    Personal Touch Do your foes in using a melee attack
    Superb Texture Hit the enemies with your Super ability
    Finishing Touch Hit your foes using default or premium or a finisher move

    The more actions in Destiny 2 you take, the more exciting gameplay you will unlock.

    Dawning Cookies

    All the Dawning Cookies in the game are known to levitate in different dimensions. It is necessary for the cookies to have the needed ingredients adjusted.

    Once you get a recipe wrong, you will obtain Burnt Edge Transits. You can take them to Master Rahool the Cryptarch at the Tower. It would ensure that you have a chance to replenish any spent Essence of the Dawning.

    Cookie Name



    Radiolarian Pudding 

    Asher Mir

    1. Vex Milk
    2. Electric Flavor

    Alkane Dragee Cookies

    Sloane on Titan

    1. Bullet Spray
    2. Chitin Powder

    Candy Dead Ghosts

    The Spider

    1. Dark Ether Cane
    2. Flash of Inspiration

    Dark Chocolate Motes

    The Drifter 

    1. Taken Butter
    2. Null Flavor

    Strange Cookies


    1. Taken Butter
    2. Electric Flavor 

    Ascendant Apple Tart

    Mara Sov

    1. Sharp Flavor
    2. Taken Butter 

    Fractal Rolls

    Brother Vance

    1. Vex Milk
    2. Pinch of Light

    Lavender Ribbon Cookies


    1. Vex Milk
    2. Personal Touch

    Hot Crossfire Buns


    1. Ether Cane
    2. Balanced Flavors

    Eliksni Birdseed 


    1. Ether Cane
    2. Personal Touch

    Telemetry Tapioca


    1. Vex Milk
    2. Bullet SprayVex Milk
    3. Bullet Spray

    Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 

    Eris Morn

    1. Finishing Touch
    2. Chitin Powder           

    Chocolate Ship Cookies

    Amanda Holliday

    1. Cabal Oil
    2. Null Taste

    Fried Sha-dough

    The Visage of Calus

    1. Dark Ether Cane
    2. Superb Texture



    1. Ether Cane
    2. Delicious Explosion

    Stalwort Thins

    Exo Stranger

    1. Dark Ether Cane
    2. Dark Frosting

    Infinite Forest Cakes


    1. Vex Milk
    2. Impossible Heat

    Thousand-Layer Cookie


    1. Taken Butter
    2. Delicious Explosion

    Gentleman’s Shortbread 

    Devrim Kay

    1. Ether Cane
    2. Perfect Taste

    Ill-Fortune Cookies

    Petra Venj

    1. Dark Ether Cane
    2. Impossible Heat

    Traveler Donut Holes

    Ikora Rey

    1. Cabal Oil
    2. Flash of Inspiration

    Javelin Mooncake 

    Ana Bray

    1. Chitin Powder
    2. Sharp Flavor

    Hackberry Tart

    Benedict 99-40

    1. Cabal Oil
    2. Multifaceted Flavors

    Vanilla Blades


    1. Cabal Oil
    2. Sharp Flavor

    And one of the last pieces of advice if you have made these ingredients this far. Use the last year’s Starfarer Dawning ship. Eva owns it. When leveled up, it drops Dawning Spirit in the component set more often. It will have you racing through all the upgrades.


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