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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Guide - How to Beat the Cursed Revenants?

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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The status of the most exciting and well-developed RPG in gaming no doubt should be given to Divinity: Original Sin 2. In any case, the game has some obstacles for the gamers to make the plot more complex, and that is why accomplishing The Consulate quest may seem a real challenge. 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Guide - How to Beat the Cursed Revenants?

    The Cursed Revenants

    In Divinity: Original Sin 2, as soon as you approach the Consulate ruins in Arx you will witness three immortal creatures in their essence — in the game, they are known as Cursed Revenants. 

    The trick about these Cursed Revenants is that they can resist death — and here it does not matter a lot how many times you do them in or what tools you use with this purpose.

    In compliance with the game plot, there are two predominant reasons why they are absolutely unassailable.

    The first reason is that they possess a trait or a power to get resurrected. To do so, they just need a pool of the cursed fire. It may seem simple from the first glance: if there is no pool of cursed fire, there is no way they can be brought to life. Unfortunately, Cursed Revenants have an ability to make the cursed fire up on their own.

    The second reason consists in the fact that the game has a bug. According to it, it can create the cursed fire at any place — especially near the Consulate office. In other words, even if you arrange that there are no surfaces for the cursed fire, it would still appear.

    So, what should a gamer do in this case? If you read numerous forums, you would stumble upon an idea that it is a perfect solution to avoid any fight. Why so? First off, you would need to extinguish all the fire — it is not possible at all. Secondly, you would have to stop the fire in the walls. These two tasks are supposed to be accomplished at the same time. 

    Of course, the best solution is not to fight against the Cursed Revenants. 

    Putting the Cursed Fire Out in the Consulate

    As for the cursed fire and the way it should be snuffed out, there are a couple of methods to apply. Remember that it will not be the easiest task to go through. Still, we have these two solutions for you:

    1. Use the Blood Rain skill in the region of the fire. The thing is that neither water nor any ice can stamp the fire out but the blood is capable of doing it.
    2. In case you have the Blessed skill, it is possible to transform the cursed fire into the regular one. This skill would also permit you to modify the regular fire into the blessed one.

    In any case, these two alternatives are applicable and effective in all cases with the exception of the game bug we have talked about above.

    Alternatively, you may make an attempt to extinguish the fire caused by the bug. It is known that in Divinity: Original Sin 2, there are two more skills to make use of: Tornado or the Terrain Transmutation. Each of these skills can serve to extinguish the fire. 


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