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Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta’s New 'Ultra Ego' Form Explained

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Dragon Ball Super (aka DBS), the manga series being popular at present, delighted its countless fans with the new Chapter 75. Similar to the previous ones, the new part caused the hottest discussions and provoked a ton of rumours.

Dragon Ball Super explique comment fonctionne Ultra Ego

The latest part was also written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou, so the same top-notch style and the mind-boggling plot will keep on amazing the manga fans.

Just for additional information, Chapter 74 for Dragon Ball Super showcased the new form of Vegeta, the protagonist. As a result, in Chapter 75, the fans had a chance to see the new form that manifests itself against another character named Granolah. Yes, Vegeta got a new ultimate power to dominate the warrior, the strongest in the universe.

What is more, the most recent chapter showcases some additional details on Vegeta’s bio. So, the anime fans obtain more clues and hints about the next part of the manga series. 

In any case, the most significant aspect of Chapter 75 is the form Vegeta obtained.      

Vegeta’s New Form Explained

The plot of DBS Chapter 75 focuses on Granolah’s powers against Vegeta. Also, the authors paid attention to the way Vegeta defeats Granolah. 

Compared to Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, the new form that Vegeta obtained was named “Ultra Ego.” That’s how Vegeta finally explains the powers he got, claiming that Kakarot’s body is likely to have a mind to govern it, but Vegeta himself represents all ego. After having said that, he carries on and says that he would go further and it would be appropriate to refer it as the Ultra Ego. 

Possibly, the Ultra Ego form can be referred to as the greatest power the DBS fans could witness before.

What is more – the origins of Vegeta’s new powers. Vegeta claims that he obtained the new superpowers and his new form thanks to the God of Destruction, Beerus. It may serve as an additional reason why the current power of Vegeta is indeed the maximum someone could have had at the moment. 

Why did Vegeta need a new power? It is not only to conquer Granolah but also to compensate for the lesion he experienced.  

As a result, the new power that Vegeta possesses as well as the brand-new form in the newest chapter functions in the following way: the more attacks Vegeta is exposed to, the more power is added up to him. So, whatever Granolah’s strength is, Vegeta will keep one step ahead. 

As proof, Vegeta proclaims that the more massacre his battle soul experiences, the more force he receives. 

Besides, as the narration of the chapter evolves, the fans get the etymology of the new form name. Indeed, Vegeta names the new form of his as “Ultra Ego” to have it compared with Goku’s “Ultra Instinct.” There is a contrast in this case, and to emphasize it, Vegeta points to the fact that his power activates when there is the power of destruction. 


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