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Did Dream Do a Face Reveal on Twitter After Reaching 20 Million Subs?

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If you are into Minecraft, you probably follow some streamers either on YouTube or Twitch to watch them playing the game. So, you may know a pretty popular nickname—Dream—whose audience has grown up to 20 M right within half a year.

Did Dream Do a Face Reveal on Twitter After Reaching 20 Million Subs?

    This popular streamer published this mind-boggling news on Twitter.   

    Being a media star in the gaming world, Dream has never shown the real face, regardless of the audience insisting on doing so. 

    The fans of the famous Youtuber expected that the real identity would be revealed when the number of the channel’s subscribers would reach 20 million. In reality, there has been no explicit confirmation that someone nicknamed Dream showed their face.

    Indeed, because of the mysterious image, many rumours keep growing, as there is no detailed and trusted information on how Dream looks. 

    Who Is Dream?

    That is probably one of the questions that possessing an answer cannot be answered clearly. 

    On the one hand, Dream is a YouTube and Twitch streamer whose audience is more than 20 million people. This moment indicates that the channel is among the most developed and fast-growing ones.

    On the other hand, no one has seen the real face of the streamer. So, it is not easy to figure out who is staying behind the mask.

    As a result, it may seem that a person whose channel is more popular than many famous stars’ ones is hiding.

    It is not surprising that Dream’s other social profiles have millions of subscribers. Cast a glance at the table below.

    Dream’s Youtube 20 Million Subscribers
    Dream’s Twitch 3.9 Million Followers
    Dream’s Twitter 2.8 Million Followers

    As evident, the YouTube channel is the most prosperous, as it unites the biggest audience. No doubts, it is an ultra-high level of trust, respect, and fame in the gaming universe. You would hardly ever recall anyone who would have the same popularity, would not you?

    Dream Reaches 20 Million Subs on YouTube

    The fact that Dream’s subs number has already surpassed 20 million people can be reasonably considered a historic turning point. It is a complete record since no one has showcased the same results while streaming Minecraft.

    And it is obvious that Dream is not going to quit: the pace of the Youtuber is growing faster, and it means that the next year, we will witness even a higher spring of the audience. 

    The question that is still open is whether Dream will reveal their face or it will always be a mystery, and their fans get disappointed or even disenchanted.  

    Did Dream Reveal Their Face on Twitter?

    Yes, the main intrigue was related to the Dream’s celebration of 20 million viewers on their YouTube channel. All of the fans expected that Dream does reveal the identity to know who the star is in reality. 

    At the beginning of this situation, you might have heard some rumours that Dream posted their real picture and then removed it immediately. Of course, no one could find any reliable proof for this fact.

    As a result, Dream’s fans flooded the channel with countless comments asking to reveal the face, but no action followed.

    However, if you’re not a newbie to Dream’s videos, you are aware that it is not the first case when the viewers insist on showing the face. 

    The only thing left is not to witness the audience of Dream being disappointed or upset. Otherwise, it may turn into shortcomings for the channel.


    10 (Votes: 1)


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