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FFXIV: Location for the “Dearest Keiko” Quest

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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Dearest Keiko quest is one of the most complicated stages in FFXIV, and being aware of the locations in the game is one of the essential skills.

Right after the Stormblood expansion was published for the game Final Fantasy XIV, the gamers and fans of the game had obtained access to the countless content items. One of the most discussed issues about the new content in the game was the ability to accomplish the new quests in FFXIV.

FFXIV: Location for the “Dearest Keiko” Quest

    One of such instances is the famous “Dearest Keiko” quest. There have been plenty of questions on how to complete it, since there is no exact explanation for the gamers. Hopefully, you have this incredible guide, so that you can be aware of all the perks on how to succeed in the “Dearest Keiko” quest in Final Fantasy XIV. Use it and you will be one of the luckiest gamers who won it!

    How to Get the “Dearest Keiko” Quest in FFXIV

    Only in case you have successfully accomplished the “All the Little Angels” quest and found the mauled man’s body, you are welcome to proceed with the “Dearest Keiko” quest. By the way, to find the mauled man’s body you are supposed to be directed to Heron’s Way.

    One of the difficulties that a gamer is likely to encounter is the absolute absence of the markers on the map. So, to seek the mauled man’s body and find it you will have to come across the man’s blood-stained journal. You are to read everything written in the journal: about sorrow, sadness, and that he will never be able to get back to his beloved.

    Herein, you will stumble upon the first hints on how to get the quest over: there will be plenty of sketches of the map where the meeting should have taken place.

    So, what you are to do is to move in that direction and be located correctly. If you do everything properly, you will warn the mauled man’s lover that he died.

    How to Complete the “Dearest Keiko” Quest in FFXIV

    Deliver the Sketch

    As previously mentioned, the main thing you have to do is to grab all the sketches and figure out the location where the two loved ones were to meet.

    To have this stage completed successfully, you will need to be directed to The Heron’s Flight. Why? Your predominant purpose is to get in touch with the “Dispirited Woman”.

    The main topic that you are to discuss with the “Dispirited Woman” is to get the location. You will need to show her the sketches and she will guide you. She will take to a grave of the mauled man’s love, who is also a sister of “Dispirited Woman”.

    She will also narrate some events about her sister’s tragic past and she will tell you that you will need to meet this woman again in Namai, the village.

    Find the Girl at the Village

    As soon as you arrive in Namai, you will have to find the “Dispirited Woman” again. After you do that, you will be told the following: the mauled man will be buried right near his lover. The “Dispirited Woman” will also be grateful for your attempts to unite the two lovers.

    Finally for the quest, the “Dispirited Woman” will give you money and experience for accomplishing this stage.

    In fact, that is all that you are supposed to do to finish with the “Dearest Keiko” quest. As you may see, it is not as complicated as you might have expected it to be.


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