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Fortnite Season 8: Where to Forage Mushrooms for Madcap

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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After its release, Fortnite Madcap Location has challenged the players to find mushrooms for Madcap, the famous non-player character (as a rule, abbreviated to as NPC).

Madcap is one of the many Fortnite Season 8 NPCs. In the game, the players are to reach him out to decipher his Punch Card questline.

Fortnite Season 8: Where to Forage Mushrooms for Madcap

    This character is into some of the challenges in the Mushroom Master questline. And players who want to study and use the mushroom force may assist him in accomplishing a few challenges to exchange for the special experience points.

    This current page provides a guide to Fortnite Madcap’s mushrooms to be found in Season 8 for the Mushroom Master quest line challenges.

    Where One Can Stumble upon Madcap in Fortnite

    Madcap possesses a mushroom man skin, with a predominantly purple and teal mix. It comes with an added style. The latter features the blue parts that glitter and it is surrounded by various mushrooms.

    In addition to this, it has a bag, which also has a similar bright style, and a pickaxe with a silver frame. There are totally five stages to have accomplished in the Madcap Mushroom Master quest line challenges.

    As a result, to start the questline, players are supposed to interact with Madcap.

    One of the simplest locations to grab the mushrooms is west of the Nerdy Complex in Fortnite. The top location to pick mushrooms will be in and around the Sludgy Swamp area.

    They can also be easily found in the Weeping Woods’ grassy regions and can be eaten or picked up.

    As long as 2 mushrooms have been collected, the quest will be considered as a finished one and players would have to keep on with Madcap’s quests.

    As soon as the gamers reach Madcap, they will witness a pretty familiar text bubble icon. It used to emerge over the past few seasons. There, it used to define that he got inside a building.

    When the gamers observe this icon, they will comprehend that they are on the right path and in the right place and can easily find and talk to Madcap. Players will totally receive up to 80,000 XP under condition that these quests are over.

    How to Find Mushrooms in Fortnite Season 8

    If you were successful in talking to Madcap, you may easily expect him to bestow you with the Mushroom Master quest line possessing five stages. These steps involve finding mushrooms for Madcap.

    Some other players are absolutely likely to be directed to Madcap to get his punch card as well, so players should be well equipped when they come to the Corny Complex.

    Possessing a powerful weapon and several healing items would be perfect before departing to the adventure to chat with him or before having his quest finished in case players run into opponents.

    As an alternative, the previous seasons of Fortnite demonstrated some NPCs in the Team Rumble mode. As a result, the players obtain an easier time reaching it in Team Rumble if they would rather do it without combating.

    A total of 80,000 XP is given as a reward for accomplishing the Complete Madcap Questline. This reward may be used for upgrading the users’ Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass. What is more, the players would be eligible to receive  more Battle Stars.

    Madcap’s punch card is just one of many, so players should make sure to do as much as possible to earn all of the awesome rewards available in Season 8.

    At present, Fortnite is free-to-play on the following devices:

    • PC
    • Switch
    • PS4
    • PS5
    • Xbox One, and
    • Xbox Series X/S.

    It means that you would have lots of options to participate in the games and unlock all the features that would stimulate your gameplay and advance you to the desired outcomes!



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