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Is Fortnite down? And if so then how long is the Fortnite downtime?

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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If you have already played Fortnite lots of times, you surely know that sometimes it exhibits some errors, and the game seems not to work at all. Read this page to find out what you are supposed to do in this case.

Is Fortnite down? And if so then how long is the Fortnite downtime?

If you are scared that Fortnite is down or something like that, you might have seen some errors on your screen. Of course, it would be a pretty unpleasant situation, if you played all the sessions. 

Nevertheless, it is not a reason to worry, since these bugs are frequently short as they are mitigated by the server administration. What is more, you should always remember about the connection problems that may easily interrupt the work of the game server. 

In any case, all of the problems and errors are usually handled in a fast-paced manner, so you would not experience this inconvenience for too long.

Whatever, we have decided to accomplish the list of the most common and frequently encountered errors the game displays.

Is Fortnite Down?

One of the most recent issues with Fortnite took place on February 1, when the new updated v19.20 of the game was released. Some of the gamers consider the update as a reason for the destruction. The Epic team meanwhile investigates the case and has a conviction that it is not about the update at all.

The company reacted to the error instantly: there was a tweet by them claiming it will not take too long to get the game to the normal mode. Secondly, the investigation held by Epic was profound, so they will unravel all the reasons for why the game was down.

So, the first thing to do in case you see Fortnite does not function well is to address the game’s official Twitter profile at FortniteStatus. As a rule, they post all the most recent information, and their followers get informed on any bugs instantly.

Previously, when another bug happened to the game, it took Epic 2 hours to get the issue resolved. So, it is relatively fast.

As a rule, when you are eager to play but you cannot do that, you see an error displayed. Each of the errors has a certain code in Fortnite.

Sometimes, when the problem has already started to be solved, you may receive an in-screen message, so you should have no worries — the game will start functioning soon.

Nevertheless, there might be an error that you experience but you understand that nothing gets repaired. For this, you are always welcome to visit the official forum and find out if any other gamers stumbled upon the same issue.

Whatever it is, you should not panic, as even if the game is timely down, it will function again within the shortest period. And you will be able to have the best gaming experiences ever!

Fortnite Error Codes and What They Mean

Regardless of the errors being pretty rare, we have compiled a list of the most common ones. Besides, we will also provide you with a short description of the error as well as with the possible solution.

Just cast a glance at the table below, and you will grab the idea.

Error Description Solution
Error Code 500 As a rule, it is a serious issue that takes place on the game’s server, and it gets fixed in the fastest way possible. No solution possible for a user.
Error Code 0 In most cases, it is a problem with your PC that prevents Fortnite from the successful launching process.

You are to verify the Fortnite’s files from the client game settings. Alternatively, be sure to run the command prompt as administrator and type “sfc/scannow” and then press the Enter key.

Error Code 86 Error Code 91 An error indicating the issue with the party server. Restart the game.
Error Code 93 The rarest error that corresponds to the issue of joining parties. Change your character’s outfit.


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