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How to turn on Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects setting

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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If you seek to improve your Fortnite settings, here we have prepared what you need! By utilizing specific game accessibility options, you would be capable of seeing footsteps, for example. It means that you can predict any possible threat in the game. More accurately, you will always get a step forward than your competitors.

How to turn on Fortnite’s Visualize Sound Effects setting

Here is a concise guide on how to visualize the audio effects in Fortnite and why you should be eager to enable this handy feature.

How One Uses “Visualize Sound Effects” in the Fortnite Game

The first—and vital—thing to know about the game is that the developers have built in the audio visualization in Fortnite as one of the numerous accessibility features. The audio visualization was made for gamers who may need assistance in determining the threats via the usage of the in-game sounds.

This feature makes up a threat indicator. It emerges on your screen and singles a particular threat out.

You will have a much clearer canvas of the foes’ locations with the help of the audio being visualized. It is much better than just hearing a threat or observing a tiny dot signifying when someone is going to shoot.

You would also enjoy how the system produces other sounds like vehicles, wildlife sounds, and chests. If there is any noise, this feature showcases where it is for you.

In other words, you do not just hear enemies hiding somewhere around but clearly see their noise, as well.

If you have ever been a viewer for some top Fortnite players’ streaming sessions like on YouTube or Twitch, there is a big probability that they have applied this peculiar trait.

In reality, this is a practical solution made for all Fortnite players, including those who are hearing impaired. It is not invasive on Fortnite’s UI (being already busy). As a result, its advantages far outweigh its minor disadvantages—if any exist.

So, now we would love to demonstrate how to switch audio visualization in the Fortnite game.

As soon as you catch up to the essence of the effect, here is how you can have it activated on your own.

It is a pretty simple process to get into, but the difficulty is that it is a bit hidden in Fortnite’s menus. Some gamers agree that it is a problem to go through it, for it stems from the extensive customization offered in the game.

To activate the “Visualize Sound Effects” in Fortnite, be sure to stick to the following procedure:

  • Click on the settings menu and scroll down up to the speaker icon section
  • Scroll down until you stumble upon “Visualize sound effects.” This setting is disabled by default
  • Just switch it on and be advised to apply your settings by utilizing the button of interaction situated on your controller. Or press the “A” key on your keyboard.

Yes, apparently, it would take your Fortnite experiences and skills to a brand-new level!

Now give it a try on your own. We bet that you would surely keep in mind an idea of how you played without this particular feature of the game.

This is fruitful, especially in endgame storm circles wherein each hue of difference and each sound are greatly important.

You may also cast a glance at some video guides on performing this feature—like the one we are listing below.


10 (Votes: 1)


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