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Gang Beasts Controls Guide for PC, PS4 & Xbox One

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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Consider how you can make combos in Gang Beasts and how you can use keyboard and controllers. This guide will shed light on everything to know about the combinations in the game!

Gang Beasts Controls Guide for PC, PS4 & Xbox One

    Being aware of the controllers is essential when playing Gang Beasts, since they are used for the gameplay. If you do not know how you can utilize them, any success is never achieved.

    If you found yourself dead a lot of times in the game, you would surely need to use this guide. After you read this page, you will have a ton of key combinations to control the game and get into effects!

    Gang Beasts unlocks three essential control modes:

    • Xbox One controller;
    • PS4 controller;
    • Keyboard + mouse.

    In this guide, you are going to read the information about each of the control options in a separate manner.

    As we are aware, the majority of gamers find the PS4 and Xbox One controllers the most effective and comfortable to use in Gang Beasts.

    Nevertheless, some of the users, oppositely, believe that the process of playing the game with a keyboard and a mouse is much more comfortable.

    That is why we believe it is necessary to consider all of the modes, so that each gamer who is fond of the Gang Beasts game could admire the process.

    PS4 Controller

    • Jump: X;
    • Run: X (Hold while pressing a direction);
    • Sit: X (Hold while staying still);
    • Kick: Square;
    • Lie down: Square (Hold);
    • Duck: Circle;
    • Crawl: Circle (Hold);
    • Headbutt: Circle;
    • Lift: Triangle;
    • Taunt: Triangle;
    • Left punch/grab: L1;
    • Right punch/grab: R1.

    What is more, D-pad is allowed for use in order to change camera angles. Besides, be sure to use R2 to switch your focus to spectate.

    Xbox One Controller

    • Jump: A;
    • Run: A (Hold while pressing a direction);
    • Sit: A (Hold while staying still);
    • Kick: X;
    • Lie down: X (Hold);
    • Duck: B;
    • Crawl: B (Hold);
    • Headbutt: B;
    • Lift: Y;
    • Taunt: Y;
    • Left punch/grab: LB;
    • Right punch/grab: RB.

    What is more, D-pad is allowed for use in order to change camera angles. Besides, be sure to use R2 to switch your focus to spectate.

    PC Keyboard

    One of the essential ideas to keep in mind when playing Gang Beasts is that it is a must to possess a mechanical keyboard. If you do not have it, you will fail to use the three key combinations.

    In fact, that is the only downside when you play and use a keyboard for it.

    The number of strong sides is prevalent in this case.

    • Movement: WASD;
    • Jump: Space bar;
    • Run: Space bar (Hold while pressing a direction);
    • Sit: Space bar (Hold while staying still);
    • Kick: M;
    • Lie down: M (Hold);
    • Duck: Ctrl;
    • Crawl: Ctrl (Hold);
    • Headbutt: Ctrl;
    • Lift: Shift;
    • Taunt: Shift;
    • Left punch/grab: key or left mouse button;
    • Right punch/grab: key or right mouse button
    • Rotate between spectating players.

    Here are the PC/keyboard-exclusive bindings:

    • Next camera angle: Right arrow key;
    • Previous camera angle: Left arrow key;
    • Speed up game: + key (can be pressed repeatedly);
    • Slow down game: - key (can be pressed repeatedly);
    • Revert to standard speed: 0;
    • Spawn pushing or pulling force: 1~2 keys;
    • Spawn props: 3~7 keys;
    • Spawn opponents: Shift or Ctrl with numbers 1~8;
    • Toggle day and night: F1.


    As for the combos in Gang Beasts, there are four of them used most often.

    For now, the game is known to be played on the following devices and operating systems:

    • PlayStation 4;
    • PC;
    • Nintendo Switch;
    • Mac;
    • Linux.

    And now you are capable of applying all of the perks from this guide with each of the gaming options. 

    We are sure you will have the most preposterous gaming experiences with Gang Beasts!


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