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The Best Genshin Impact Diluc Build

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Author: Denis Malinka
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The Genshin Impact’s developers keep expanding the hero lineup so that players can come back to the game and try new, exciting classes. One of these nice additions to the game was Diluc, who joined the team of available characters in September 2020.


This hero uses claymore to destroy enemies by relying on normal or elemental attacks. And if you manage to find the optimal build for him, he can surpass any other character from the damage perspective. Besides that, some playable locations also grant Diluc certain privileges. For example, if you visit the legendary mount Dragonspine, you will encounter various cryo-creatures. They have low fire resistance, so your pyro attacks deal bonus damage to them.

The Best Genshin Impact Diluc Build

    While many experienced players recommend using Diluc as a supporting character, its true purpose is to crush enemies as efficiently as possible together with the group party. In other words, every party aimed at strengthening and protecting this hero can annihilate almost all the monsters of the mystical Teyvat universe. 

    The Best Genshin Impact Diluc Build for DPS 

    Since the developers imagined Diluc as a high DPS (damage per second) hero, in our review, you will learn about a build that prioritizes this character’s parameter. Considering that the champion damages enemies with a fire attack most of the time, your ideal set of items is the Crimson Witch of Flames. But at the same time, if you do not already have access to such artifact sets, focus on items with fire and normal damage bonuses. Plus, remember that a high critical rate also plays a significant role. 

    The beauty of this set is that you only need two items to make your Pyro attacks 15% more powerful. And if you manage to collect all 4 complete items, you will reach an even more impressive DPS level. The set will give a 40% boost to your fire damage. On top of that, your elemental skills will become much more effective. 

    It is worth highlighting that many players lose many DPS points due to a slightly incorrect attacking approach. The thing is that you can achieve maximum damage with Diluc if you use the Searing Onslaught skill after every regular hit. This combat style will allow you to deal constant damage to enemies instead of giving them brief breaks between standard attacks. Try to optimize your combat patterns in this way, and you will be able to destroy many more monsters during each game session. 

    Nothing will allow you to demonstrate your character’s potential better than Wolf’s Gravestone when it comes to weapons. Since this claymore can provide your entire team with an insane 40% extra damage against injured monsters, it is the most effective option. That being said, you can base your gameplay on cheaper weapon items as well. 

    For example, if you build a free-to-play hero, you should undoubtedly try Prototype Archaic. Even though this sword only has 4 stars, it can provide you with an excellent bonus. Your attacks will take an additional 240% damage with a 50% chance. Although this feature will trigger once every 12 seconds, it has a small AoE effect and can harm multiple enemies simultaneously. 

    Your final step towards the most effective Diluc gameplay is choosing the right characters for your party. And since this hero works effectively against any frozen enemies, Kaeya is the perfect match for him. Besides that, you can boost your fire attacks by inviting Bennet with its Fervent Flames buff to your entire team. And of course, do not forget that even the most powerful damage-oriented parties need a seasoned healer. 

    What Diluc’s Abilities Should You Use?


    This skill will come in handy if several powerful enemies surround you. Your character will be able to knock over all monsters with fire waves and deliver a devastating Pyro attack in the form of a phoenix. After this effect, your sword will absorb the resulting flame, and you will be able to inflict more Pyro damage on enemies through your normal strikes for a few seconds. 

    Searing Onslaught 

    With this elemental skill, you will be able to inflict fire damage on your enemies thanks to a quick slash. The character can use this skill up to 3 times in a row. The only catch is that the game gives you no more than 5 seconds for each next re-attack. And if you fail to apply a skill in time, its cooldown increases to 12 seconds. 

    Normal Attack: Tempered Sword 

    You will be able to perform three types of hits: 

    1. The regular attack will allow you to hit the enemy up to 4 times in a row.
    2. The charged attack will allow you to perform continuous attacks using your stamina. Each series of such attacks ends with a strong strike.
    3. The plunging attack will allow you to attack your enemies from the air and generate a powerful AoE effect upon landing. 

    Which Passive Talents Should You Choose for Diluc? 

    • Tradition of the Dawn Knight. This skill will allow you to recover 15% of your ore when you craft various claymore weapons.
    • Relentless. This skill will reduce your stamina cost by 50% during charged attacks. It also makes these attacks 3 seconds longer.
    • Blessing of Phoenix. This talent makes your Dawn skill more effective. It extends your fire buff after each initial attack for 4 seconds. And on top of that, your Pyro strikes deal 20% more damage to enemies for the fire buff’s duration. 

    What Constellations Should You Choose for Diluc? 

    • Flaming Sword, Nemesis of Dark. This constellation improves the regular attacks you use after the Searing Onslaught skill. It will allow you to deal 30% more damage and increase your attack speed by 30%. The only nuance is that you get this bonus for 6 seconds only.
    • Steel and Fire. You will receive three additional levels for the Searing Onslaught skill.
    • Conviction. If you deal with enemies that have half health or more, the character attacks them 15% stronger.
    • Phoenix, Harbinger of Dawn. You will receive three additional levels for the Dawn skill.
    • Searing Ember. When the hero is damaged, his standard attacks are 10% stronger and 5% faster. The character will have bonus damage and attack speed for 10 seconds, and you can trigger it no more than 3 times in a row.
    • Flowing Flame. If you use Searing Onslaught at 2-second intervals, your second attack deals 40% more damage to enemies. 

    Even though this character has other popular builds, the items, talents and skills mentioned above will help you turn him into an unstoppable DPS monster. Follow our quick guide, and you will be able to conquer the most dangerous areas of Genshin Impact’s stunning open world.


    9.88 (Votes: 4)


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