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How Old is Diona in Genshin Impact?

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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Genshin Impact contains plenty of appealing characters, and Diona, the bartender, is one of them. The fans of the game frequently compare her with the other characters based on her young age, and it is not eventual. Indeed, Diona looks pretty young. 

How Old is Diona in Genshin Impact?

So, let us find out how old Diona is and what her parameters are.

Diona Kätzlein is the real name of the character in the game. She is one of the images in Genshin Impact, whose age has never been revealed to the fullest extent.

So, we have to unravel this information by investigating all the story of Diona’s character in the game.

Genshin Impact officially started September 28, 2020 when the game got available on all possible platforms and devices: PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 included.

The only exception is Nintendo Switch, that is being worked out since 2020.

In total, the number of the characters in the game is 44, and literally all of their ages have not been clearly stated.

One of the aspects of trying to guess the age of a particular character is their appearance. Nonetheless, some of the characters in Genshin Impact are not easy to identify their age. Even if you follow some of the gamers’ way and try to figure out the age by analyzing the interaction between the characters, you would witness an obstacle.

Anyway, let us get back to Diona. January 18 is the official date of birth of the character. What else is officially known about her is that her weapon is a bow. Besides, she was one of the first characters to be added to the game before the official release in 2020.

Cat’s Tail tavern in the City of Mondstadt is the place where she lives and works as a bartender. Of course, it may seem weird a bit that a child-like character is a bartender, but the fact is the fact.

Diona’s Proximate Age In the Genshin Impact Game

Diona is generally claimed to be one of the youngest images in the game — along with Qiqi and Klee. The latter ones are believed to be about 10 yo. If you remember we said that Diona is one of the first characters that appeared in the game. So, she can be considered to be more mature compared to Qiqi and Klee.

Because of this, some of the game fans believe she is no more than 14, but her appearance forces to think she is around 12.

If you again compare Qiqi and Klee to Diona, it is evident that Diona’s height is slightly more than that of Qiqi and Klee. What is more, she really looks older than the two youngest characters in Genshin Impact.

That is why, we tend to believe that Diona is no less than 12 but no more than 14 years old.


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