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Genshin Impact | How Old is Venti

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Author: Denis Malinka
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How many Genshin Impact game characters are you aware of? Have you ever thought of their real age? Did you think that the appearance of the characters goes apart from the real age?

Genshin Impact | How Old is Venti

For instance, you surely know Venti — one of the main characters in the game — and we bet you could have never had an idea of how old he is! What do you think? 

When looking at him, he seems to be even under 15 but in reality it is not like that!

If we go deeper into the game’s lore, we can discover that Venti is at least 2,600 years old regardless of his young body and face.

In fact, the creators of the role-play game made him up like an avatar, so his body cannot be impacted by the time.

What is more, Venti is embodiment of Barbatos, who had been a nameless bard and a wind spirit after the defeat of Decarabian. Since then, he had become a new Anemo Archon. 

Actually, it is a symbolic representation of the child who passed away because of the fight against Decarabian.

The form of Venti in Genshin Impact is shown as a bard who has a wanderlust to travel the world.

He has survived a lot of events — from the defense against the dark dragon named Durin to the destruction of Khaenri’ah. So, he has witnessed plenty of events regardless of looking so young.

Therefore, let us get back to the question — how old is Venti? After he turned into different embodiments, he does not have a body in its regular meaning. So, it is possible to claim that he was made up of at least 2,600 years old. 

However, we cannot stick to this particular age strictly, for he may be even older. But we have no proof for it.


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