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The Best Genshin Impact Keqing Build

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Most advanced players call Keqing one of the most efficient damage-oriented heroes in the game, and for a good reason. This character specializes in various swords and enhances his attacks with an Electro element. This combination of weapons and skills makes the hero perfect for battles against powerful single enemies. Moreover, if you manage to nail the best Genshin Impact Keqing build, you will not find a single end-game boss who can withstand you. 

The Best Genshin Impact Keqing Build

    The key issue with many characters who rely on their elemental powers too heavily is that they are not good at dealing with high-level enemies. However, Keqing is more versatile in this regard and can effectively destroy monsters even with normal physical attacks. On top of that, it is an incredibly mobile character, thanks to its elemental skills.

    Considering that Keqing can surpass almost any other hero from the DPS (damage per second) perspective, this champion should be the primary carry in your lineup. Choose the right supporting characters for her, and you can trigger deadly elemental reactions, allowing you to get rid of weak monsters instantly. And with the best Keqing build from our review, you can visit even the game’s most dangerous locations.

    The Best Genshin Impact Keqing Build for DPS

    The game invites you to build this character in two ways. You can base it on either physical damage or your electrical skills. Your fighting style should depend on what types of enemies you or your team faces the most. This time around, we will focus on an elemental build that allows players to cruise through the whole game with devastating electrical attacks. But even if you prefer other fighting styles, you will always need to hunt for items with high crit damage specifications and attacking boosts.

    When it comes to the best artifacts for an electro-oriented character, no set can match Thundering Fury. A couple of items from this set will make all your electrical attacks 15% more powerful. And a full set will allow you to improve your elemental reactions’ DPS by 40%. In the bargain, your electrical abilities’ cooldown will decrease by one second each time you activate these destructive combo attacks.

    In a perfect world, every Keqing player has to have a Primordial Jade Cutter because it is the most efficient weapon for the character. It grants the hero extra damage based on its maximum HP. On the other hand, if you do not have access to this expensive sword, you should try other 5-star options like Aquila Favonia. While players often use this weapon for physical builds, it can also be a great alternative for electro-based characters.

    Another realistic weapon option is The Black Sword, which has 4 stars. With this ancient sword, your charged and regular attacks will hit the enemies 20% stronger. In addition, every critical hit you make during such attacks will return 60% of your damage as health points. Such significant attacking bonuses will allow you to fight a huge number of enemies simultaneously without constant healing.

    Proper party-combinations also play an essential role in the champion’s overall attacking potential. Elemental reactions can help you clear high-lvl locations more efficiently, and if you want to trigger them as frequently as possible, you should invite cryo-heroes to your team. For example, Ganyu is the perfect damage dealer for Keqing. And when it comes to supporting champions, Kazuha with an appropriate elemental build can also come in handy.

    What Keqing’s Abilities Should You Use?

    Starward Sword

    This skill will allow you to generate a powerful lightning blast that deals impressive AoE damage. The character’s sword will then gain an electric buff, and you will be able to deliver a series of empowered hits to enemies that will end with another AoE attack.

    Stellar Restoration

    This skill has two modes and several exciting features. 

    1. If you press it, you launch the so-called Lightning Stiletto. It deals electrical damage to your targets and marks the hit zone with a Stiletto Mark.
    2. But if you want to determine exactly where you want to throw the Stiletto, you must hold the skill button. This mode will allow you to quickly jump to your projectiles when you reuse the skill.

    It is also worth considering that you can get various positive effects thanks to the Stiletto Marks. If you apply Stellar Restoration again or perform a charged hit whilst your Stilettos are active, your character will do the following:

    • You will instantly reach the triggered Mark in the form of an AoE electrical attack.
    • You will be able to attack the triggered Mark’s area with numerous electric shocks. These elemental attacks also can affect multiple enemies simultaneously.

    Normal Attack: Yunlai Swordsmanship

    You will be able to perform three types of hits: 

    1. The regular attack allows you to hit the monsters up to 5 times in a row.
    2. The charged attack allows you to perform two fast sword attacks using your stamina.
    3. The plunging attack allows you to hit the enemies from the air and create an attacking AoE wave in the end of the animation.

    What Constellations Should You Pick for Keqing?

    • Forseen Reformation. You will receive three extra levels for the Starward Sword skill.
    • Tenacious Star. Each of your attacks - charged, elemental or normal - will provide the character with a 6% boost for electrical damage. This effect lasts for 8 seconds and has nothing to do with other buffs.
    • Keen Extraction. Your regular and charged hits will generate an elemental particle with a 50% chance when you attack electro-affected monsters. You will be able to activate this bonus effect within five-second intervals only.
    • Beckoning Stars. You will receive three extra levels for the Stellar Restoration skill.
    • Thundering Might. When you use Stellar Restoration again, and your Stiletto is still active, the character will convert 50% of his attack into AoE electrical damage. Keqing will do this AoE damage at the start and endpoints of her teleport jump.
    • Attunement. The character increases her attack by 25% for ten seconds each time she activates an electro-based elemental reaction.

    Which Passive Talents Should You Choose for Keqing? 

    • Land’s Overseer. The Liyue expedition will take you 25% less time.
    • Thundering Penance. If you use Stellar Restoration again within 5 seconds of your first cast, your regular and charged hits generate electrical damage. And bear in mind that this talent only works if you manage to recast the skill while your first Stilettos attack is still going.
    • Aristocratic Dignity. Once you have cast Starward Sword, your energy recharge rate gets a 15% boost. The same goes for your crit rate. You will be able to benefit from this talent for 8 seconds. 

    Of course, other builds also allow players to unleash this character’s unbelievable potential. But it just seems right to give it as much elemental DPS as possible. Be sure, if you manage to create Keqing with all the necessary items from our guide, you will be able to handle any end-game content this RPG has to offer.


    6.25 (Votes: 2)


    • John Miller
      Don’t know a thing about the game, picked her based on the looks solely.

    • Juan Moore
      Who would love to play this stupid hero? 😀

    • Nikolas Franklin Franklin
      This is my favourite DPS character in GI.

    • Olivia Austin
      She’s been my most equipped character so far. And yet, I don’t have all the pieces ☹

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