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Hololive EN Gen 2 - Introducing the Council, Debut Streams, Lore

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Presently, YouTube is a multi-purpose platform, and it serves as a great trigger for the new ideas being implemented. The VTuber movement is pretty popular at the moment, and you surely know about it.

Hololive EN Gen 2 - Introducing the Council, Debut Streams, Lore

    One of the pioneers of VTubing was the Hololive Production project initiated back in 2017 by the Cover Corp company (established in 2016). And about 50 virtual YouTubers are owned by Hololive.

    As of August 22, 2021, Hololive English Generation 2 has been released. So, let us cast a swift glance at what the update is and how it would amaze the vast audience using YouTube!

    What Is New About Hololive En Gen 2?

    The new generation of Hololive is known to comprise new VTubers characters:

    • Tsukumo Sana
    • Ouro Kronii
    • Ceres Fauna
    • Nanashi Mumei, and 
    • Hakos Baelz.

    In addition to these, each of the new talents’ fathers and mothers got revealed.

    So, it all means that after the VTubers’ new content debuted, the interest in Hololive got higher manifold.

    So, it would be pretty logical to consider each of the new VTubers to understand who they are and what kind of content is possible to be expected.

    Tsukumo Sana

    Representing a speaker for Space, Tsukumo Sana is believed to be the first creation by the gods.

    When it comes to the Space concept, it is necessary to understand that it does not comprise the universe only but includes all possible realities, dimensions, and matter. In other words, all possible “spaces” that can exist are spoken for by Tsukumo Sana.

    Some more ideas are being put into this character. Speaking about Space, it is a concept that is absolutely deprived of any definition. Along with this, it is the one that continues to grow in scope indefinitely. Since it is not yet fully explored by people, their seemingly strange attitudes result in humanity’s inability to comprehend what Space is. 

    Ouro Kronii

    Ouro Kronii is known to be both the Warden of Time and a member of the Council, as well. This concept is the third one created by the gods. Besides, it possesses the closest association with humanity.

    This concept—as well as the character of Ouro Kronii—is presented by the idea that no one can flee from time. What is paradoxical? Most people do not even desire to be released from Ouro Kronii’s captivity. 

    Ouro Kronii has a quiet and remote personality. Also, it has never changed over time, but she has developed some arrogance and sadistic vibes along the way…

    Initially, the concept of Time being currently associated with Ouro Kronii was just a cog in the wheel that only worked in step with others.

    Finally, people attributed Time with individual meanings that used to include dawn and dusk. It helped them turn the concept into a universal notion. The main point of Ouro Kronii is that humanity became slaves of Time in exchange for giving her power. Consequently, Ouro Kronii has become a sadistic but proud guardian.

    Ceres Fauna

    Ceres Fauna represent the concept that the gods created the second. She performs two roles. Firstly, she is a member of the Council. Secondly, she is referred to as a keeper of the Nature concept.

    She has manifested herself in real life as a druid in an attempt to preserve the nature.

    If the concept of Nature is analyzed, it refers to all organic matter on the planet. The only exception in this case is humanity. In other words, Nature does not comprise humanity, which is untypical from the point of view of biology and numerous philosophical studies.

    Her whisper has long been compared to an avatar of Mother Nature. The main reason for this is that it is characterised by the healing properties. If it is true or not is something only those who have heard them can say.

    Although Ceres Fauna is usually loving, warm, and a little naughty, everyone who makes her angry will bear the greatest burden of Nature’s rage.

    Hakos Baelz

    Hakos Baelz is recognized as a member of the Council. The concept she presents is Chaos, which is born of the world itself.

    The Gods appointed Hakos Baelz as a chairman of the Council, but she is largely into a hands-off approach as she has not yet accepted the decision, much like her other members. That said, they do not all intend to fight; instead of obeying.

    Noticeable is also her wild smile, which she often flashes in her frequent asses.

    Hakos Baelz showcases that Chaos is confusion and disorder. Along with this, she stands for the idea that there are both tragedy and happiness. However, what is more, there is freedom that may deprive a person from all logic. Finally, the nature of life is undoubtedly inherent.

    In her opinion, the rules cannot be all-for-one. As a result, Hakos Baelz gets into breaking them all.

    Observing the aftermath is her biggest joy, and therefore she remains a spectator to the devastation caused by chaos.

    Nanashi Mumei

    Nanashi Mumei is also a member of the Council. Her role is to be the Guardian of Civilization. In this case, Civilization is a concept tailored by humanity. 

    She represents mankind’s efforts’ living embodiment. In other words, she is a prototype of the mark that human beings have left on the world. As a result, this character is far off her fellow members and lifeforms. 

    Nanashi Mumei was not made up by the gods. As a result, she is the only one to be free to choose her appearance. So, she made herself looking like an owl. The main reason for this is the symbolism that the bird is a sign of wisdom.

    Nanashi Mumei is characterized as a hard worker. Along with this, she is extremely tender, smart, and wise. She possesses a wealth of knowledge of the world. 

    She has witnessed, heard, and experienced plenty of things. As a result, she has forgotten even her own her name.

    She seems to possess a pitiable aura—but the reason is unknown why she does. One may think that this is partly because of the solitude and/or loneliness she has often faced in her perennial travels. 

    First Hololive En Gen 2 Collab Stream: Council Meeting

    Be welcome to check the first-ever collab with all five members streamed out. It was published right after the exclusive debut stream by Hakos Baelz.

    The Council Meeting is a pretty new approach comprised by Hololive English Generation 2, and it certainly attracted even more fans of the virtual YouTube.

    The majority of viewers loved Hakos Baelz’s debut the most. If you can still make it, do not hesitate to tune in for the first-ever Hololive EN Gen 2 collab stream. By the way, (the viewers have been witnessed over five-hour debut streams!

    In any case, it is always interesting to observe such virtual streams, as they always bring much fun and inspiration. The emergence of the new characters added up a lot to the show in general. 

    If the further generations would be as intriguing as this one, the popularity of Hololive would never cease!


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