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How to play Slither.io with friends (for now)

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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If you wondered how you can connect your mates to Slither.io to play together, in reality it is much easier than you had expected it to be! Scroll down to grab all the details now! As for now — you may know this — there is actually no real and efficient way to connect to the same Slither.io server as your pals do. Nevertheless, whatever this truth is sad, there is a real solution to this problem. And we are happy to share it with you right away!

How to play Slither.io with friends (for now)

    Yes, you will need nothing else but some extensions. It is not so complicated anyway.

    The first and predominant thing you have to do to connect your friends when playing Slither.io is to utilize the Chrome Web Store version of Slither Plus. If you use this very option, you may always be sure about the safety of usage and efficiency of the version. Avoid downloading and installing this extension from any other source not to cause any harm to your device.

    If you wonder who is the author of Slither Plus, we gladly inform you, as well. This extension was developed by the fans of Slither.io. Along with connecting a group of your friends to play together, it contains plenty of the other features to enjoy when playing.

    How does it all work?

    The thing is that the extension has a trait to observe and share your IP. Alternatively, your mates’ IPs are also noticed and shared. In such a way, the system connects the mates into a team to play together.

    So, to launch this process, you will be supposed to take a couple of easy steps that would advance you to the brand-new level of gaming. Cast a glance at them below.

    Step 1. Begin to play in your normal mode

    Try not to rush into difficult details from the very beginning and start playing in the usual manner proper to you.

    As you will see the text saying “Connect to IP,” you are supposed to ignore it for now — as displayed in the picture below.

    Step 2. Use server IP to share it with your mate(s)

    Once you start playing as demonstrated in Step 1, you will soon see the text showcasing the IP address to contact.

    Share the IP address with the persons who you would like to play Slither.io with, and keep on playing.

    Step 3. Ask your mate(s) to input the IP to connect

    The final step is to share your IP to connect to. As soon as you inform all the persons who you wish to play with on the IP, you will need them to connect to it.

    Each mate of yours will join you in the gameplay easily using just the IP address you generated. Similarly, each of your friends may do the same to invite you.


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