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How to Save in Stardew Valley

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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What is your favourite RPG? Have you ever heard of Stardew Valley? Yes, that is a pretty bright and engaging game to play. Dedicated to the farming theme, the game would request you to build everything from scratch.

Stardew Valley will let you earn money by selling crops. It is necessary for your development within the game. You will be supposed to build a town — only you can earn all of the money to do it.


    Unlike any other similar title, Stardew Valley contains a quite complicated system to save the game. But no worries, please — we will guide you through this process so that you will be familiar with every step to take.

    Stardew Valley: Discover How to Save Game

    No matter which platform you pick to play the game, Stardew Valley  offers you the same process.

    When you save the game, you should keep in mind that you can do that just in one location—at your household.

    The game is specific from this point of view, since you can save the game only in case your character goes to bed for a night. In other words, you will need to press the Sleep button, and you will see your screen saying a greeting.

    What is really surprising at Stardew Valley is that the game is absolutely traditional when it comes to saving it. So, there is no auto save option. Of course, it may seem weird for the contemporary gamer — but the rules are like this.

    Since it is impossible to save the game anywhere except for the household, you should do one more thing before you leave the gaming interface. You are to back up the game. If you do not do that do not even expect your crops and all of your work to save till your next gaming session.


    10 (Votes: 1)


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