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How to Sprint in Fortnite

13:01 February 8, 2022 0 2439
Author: Anton Yurchenko
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Whenever you play any game, you surely aim to have a win. When you play Fortnite, it is paramount to have knowledge on how to sprint. Some of the gamers believe that the game could have had a more advanced layout but still the battle can cause numerous sensations.

How to Sprint in Fortnite

How to Sprint in Fortnite

For the gamers who love gaming using their computer, it is enough to hold the leftmost SHIFT on your keyboard. 

If you are a console gamer, you would just need to press L3 and hold it using the left thumbstick.

Some gamers believe that these two methods are not the most convenient, so we are presenting you some alternative ways that would surely surprise you.

What we suggest you do is to get into activating the “Sprint By Default” tool. You may compare this feature with “Auto Run.”

How to Turn on Sprint by Default in Fortnite

To switch Sprint by Default on in the game, you would need to take just a couple of easy steps, and the feature would get activated at once:

  1. Push ESCAPE to see the main menu if you are using PC (for Xbox and PlayStation, you are to push the Start and the Plus button).
  2. Get access to “Settings.”
  3. Go to the “Game” menu.
  4. Move down to “Movement”.
  5. Press the Right Arrow key on PC (if you are using a joystick, then, press Right on).
  6. Choose the “Apply” button on the bottom right-hand corner.

That is it, no complicated steps have been required, and you can enjoy your Sprint by Default tool easily now.

The main advantage of this feature is that you canreact immediately — that is, sprint — whenever you need to.

Should You Turn on Sprint By Default in Fortnite?

Definitely, the Sprint by Default tool is not a must to be activated, as each gaming experience may vary from a game to game or from a player to player.

However, in Fortnite, it is one of the most necessary things as it lets you react instantly when seeing the blocks, and that is why you can have many more chances to win.

In most cases, the Fortnite battle is a fast-paced experience, so there is no time to press the keys on the keyboard. As soon as you activate the Sprint by Default tool, you would see how much time you save and how it makes a contribution to your overall game performance.


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