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How to Uninstall League of Legend

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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The top-class options presented in the League of Legends (aka LoL) game can sometimes get carried away. And sometimes, you might even think of getting LoL uninstalling to have some rest from the game. 

While rage-uninstalls occasionally happen, uninstalling and reinstalling the LoL game is one of the most popular methods.

How to Uninstall League of Legend

    If a corrupted file causes errors all the time while you try to play LoL, reinstalling the game may help fix the problem. Installing and launching LoL is fairly easy, but uninstalling it can be trickier.

    That is why we have accomplished a guide for you to stick to in order to have the game uninstalled in a trouble-free manner. 

    Since League of Legends has got an option to remove the game from your computer using its client relatively recently, many players get used to a traditional way of uninstalling the game – through the Control Panel.

    As soon as you click on the panels, this method can be used to uninstall all types of software on your PC.

    Before we tell you all about the uninstallation and/or reinstallation of the game, we would love to share some details on game popularity. 

    This game became one of the most played games in the world in 2013. It has encountered mind-boggling and phenomenal success. 

    In fact, more than 150 million users worldwide have registered an account on League of Legends.

    Notwithstanding, if you have signed up for an account, you may be experiencing difficulties and want to delete the game permanently. 

    We offer you a short guide to understand how to uninstall this game from your PC in just a few steps—different operating systems are covered.

    Uninstalling the League of Legends Game from Windows 10

    In short, be sure to stick to these steps to delete the game from your computer:

    • Run the start menu
    • Go to the “Control Panel”
    • Visit “Programs and features”
    • Find League of Legends there
    • Click on LoL and choose “Uninstall”

    After clicking on “Uninstall,” an additional window will get emerged. It will be the LoL uninstaller, and it will take a few more steps to keep it on. 

    It is possible to select if you want to keep your configuration information even after deleting LoL—just by using these menus. Besides, it will allow you not to readjust all of your options if you reinstall it later.

    In case you are seeking to get into a complete uninstallation, you will also need to check the installation folder to see if there are still any files. The only thing you can accomplish here is to navigate through your folders and manually delete all LoL-related files. This is generally recommended for gamers who want to do a fresh install. After removing all the LoL-related files, restart your computer before you are going to reinstall LoL.

    Although the installer should work fine, it is generally a good idea to download the most recent one from the official LoL site.

    Suppose you are also eager to reset your playing options. In that case, it is possible to look at the configurations of pro players and try to improve yours by drawing inspiration from their formulas.

    In any case, we will guide you throughout all of these processes so that you would clearly see how you can get done with it all.

    Uninstalling the League of Legends Game from mac OS

    Have you accumulated a lot of programs and applications on your Mac over time? See these files taking up a lot of storage and also slowing down your computer’s usability? It is therefore important to uninstall them when you no longer need them.

    To uninstall League of Legends from your mac OS, you need to do the following:

    • Start by opening the “Applications” folder on your PC
    • Find the application to uninstall League of Legends
    • As you stumble upon it, drag the game’s icon to “Trash”

    When it is done, the game has been deleted successfully. All you have to do is empty the recycle bin to uninstall the video game from your computer completely.

    Below is a video demonstration that will help you better realize how to uninstall the video game easily:

    Confirming That League of Legends Is Absolutely Uninstalled

    To fully comprehend that the game is totally deleted from your PC—no matter if it is Windows or Mac—you will also be supposed to delete your gaming account.

    The League of Legends game is a MOBA game developed and published for free by Riot Games.

    Unfortunately, there is no direct button to request deletion of an account with the League of Legends and/or LoL platform, but you can terminate your presence on this site.

    To request the closure of your account, you must send an email to customer service specifying the reason for deleting your account. Your request should also contain your: 

    • Name
    • Email
    • Summoner name
    • The server used.

    Once your request to close your account is sent, an expert will respond to it as soon as possible.

    Be sure to note that the League of Legends account deletion will permanently delete all information associated with your account, including username, summoner, email address, etc. 

    Your account will no longer be accessible again. The closure of your account is irreversible.

    Nonetheless, it is the only way to confirm that your game has been fully removed from the device.

    Deleting Old Files Utilized When Installing the Game

    As you may know, some software you previously installed may leave some old setup files in your operating system. To fully delete the game, you are supposed to remove these setup files, as well. 

    On the one hand, it would free some extra space on your gadget. On the other hand, it would let you fully get rid of the game.

    To accomplish this mission, you would have to run the “Start Menu” search bar again and observe if something comes up. 

    If it does not, examine your desktop properly for the League of Legends installer. Thus, be sure to attentively cast a glance through the directory where League of Legends’ files are located. 

    Restarting the PC

    Similar to the majority of the software, when having deleted the League of Legends game, it is paramount to restart your personal computer. 

    From one perspective, it assists in fixing all the possible technical errors after the installation process. From other, it would keep your device clean. 

    In other words, being aware of the League of Legends uninstallation process is vital even if you do not mean to do this since problems can arise from the game. 

    Reinstalling League of Legends

    Before reinstalling the game, it is advisable to check whether all the files related to the application are installed on your computer disk. 

    If you have these files, you need to erase them in the C drive and restart your computer. After that, you need to follow the subsequent reinstallation steps mentioned below:

    • Download the latest version of the LOL game
    • Click on “League of Legends.exe” to initiate the game’s installation.

    Resetting Your Configuration Folder

    The League of Legends resetting process supposes that you possess the old game settings ready to be used. In other words, you may happen to use the default version of the gaming option.

    In case you are into the most recent gaming experiences, be sure to go through the set of steps listed below:

    • Run League of Legends and sign in to your account
    • Minimize the game and open the League of Legend install folder
    • Return to the game and run a custom game to make up a new config folder.

    The whole of the League of Legends uninstallation process or reinstallation is pretty simple. 

    If you stick to the steps listed on this page, you will encounter no trouble doing what you aim to do.


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