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Minecraft Anvil Recipe

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Author: Denis Malinka
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An anvil is a useful Minecraft tool that allows you to perform several meaningful actions. You can use this tool to rename or repair items. Plus, it will also help you unify items with enchantments.

Minecraft Anvil Recipe

    The more often you use an anvil, the faster it will take damage. Each time you apply the tool, it will cost you 12% of its durability. And ultimately, you will ruin it after a few uses.

    It is worth highlighting that anvil is an unrepairable tool, so the Minecraft anvil recipe will surely come in handy for you to craft this valuable item. Also, bear in mind that if you drop anvil block, it will take damage. And besides that, when the tool falls on players or monsters, it deals damage to them, similarly to dragon eggs or falling sand.

    How to Rename Items with Minecraft Anvil?

    Anvil allows you to rename one item or multiple items simultaneously. But bear in mind that you will spend one level for each such rename. Your item’s new name cannot be longer than 35 characters. And after renaming, your equipment may get some additional effects.

    For example, if you kill a player with your renamed weapon, the death message will include its name. On top of that, you can create a new name for a spawn egg, and the mob produced by it will have the same name.

    How Can You Use Falling Anvils?

    Another beauty of anvil is that when it falls, it turns into a weapon. Every time you throw material from a certain height, it will generate a metal ring upon landing. As for the damage, it depends on the drop height and can reach up to 40 hit points.

    How to Repair Items with Minecraft Anvil?

    Be ready to spend some experience and materials to restore your items using anvil. Depending on the items you plan to fix, you will need a proper material for the process. In other words, if you deal with some iron harvesting tool, you will have to utilize iron to restore it.

    The anvil’s key benefit is that it retains all the enchantments the items had during the repairing. It means that a simple Minecraft anvil recipe gives you tons of opportunities to generate powerful enchantment links. The higher the level of your enchantments, the more materials you have to spend. Besides that, you should be aware that anvil is not suitable for repairs exceeding level 39.

    Minecraft Anvil Recipe

    Since anvil presents so many excellent gameplay options for any player, you should take a look at this recipe and save it. You only need 2 components to create the instrument.

    • 3 Blocks of Iron;
    • 4 Iron Ingots.

    Place your iron blocks in the crafting section’s top row. As for the iron ingot, you should put this material in the grid’s middle and bottom rows.


    9.5 (Votes: 2)


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