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Cool Minecraft Houses: Ideas for Your Next Build

08:44 November 24, 2021 4 2635
Author: Denis Malinka
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Minecraft’s amazing world has opened up new horizons for us in terms of virtual architecture, and our new article will allow you to benefit from this. Whether you look to build a modern house with an excellent pool or a cozy shelter right on the top of a tree, this list is full of fascinating ideas for your next building project.

Each house mentioned has a detailed video guide to help you create comparable or similar buildings in no time. You will learn what resources are needed to build various structures and what block tricks can help you from the design perspective.


    Minecraft Treehouse

    Although this Minecraft house idea is not that simple, such a house can serve as a superb asylum to protect you from night monsters. In the bargain, treehouses will also allow you to monitor the surrounding locations effectively. Or you can use your building as a watchtower and shoot unfriendly enemies from it.

    You can either place your building on an existing tree or create your own tree and turn it into a house. Whichever approach you prefer, make sure your house has a solid foundation. 

    Once you are done building, you will realize that this nature-oriented home has numerous gameplay benefits. Plus, you will finally see what your dream treehouse might look like. 

    Minecraft Suburban House

    This building idea is for those looking to build something earthlier and more realistic. The suburban house has all the attributes that will remind you of the typical American home. You will get a spacious garage, which you can access directly through the living room, a full-fledged second floor and a beautiful porch with green bushes around the perimeter. 

    Even though this building may seem simple enough at first glance, it indeed has some charm. After completing the construction and creating all the interior elements, you will see that you have genuinely made a comfortable, cozy home environment.

    The video tutorial will guide you through this project in 17 minutes. However, remember that you are free to mix it with any of your ideas and complicate the construction however you want.

    Minecraft Medieval House

    This architectural trend is one of the most popular among many virtual builders. Considering this, you can find endless variations of Minecraft houses that would suit your medieval preferences. It could be some hut, mostly made of wood, a more Gothic building that requires stone resources or other structure.

    Either way, if you want to create a good-looking medieval house as fast as possible, the video mentioned above will suit you perfectly. It focuses on the construction of a small but comfortable home, combining wooden elements with stone walls. This exterior makes the building look like a miniature medieval castle, which is a great cover for any Minecraft adventurer.

    Minecraft Japanese House

    Anyone looking to realize their building potential in the traditional Japanese style will love this guide. It will allow you to build a home that reflects numerous elements of Asian architecture. The bright-green roof, colourful walls, beautiful lamps and wooden poles will remind you of the iconic Japanese buildings’ designs from multiple films and cartoons.

    Since the tutorial is about 10 minutes long, the entire construction process should not take too much of your time. As a result, you will get a stunning two-story Minecraft house that will surely impress you with its realism. Besides that, no one forbids you to create a beautiful Sakura garden around it and make your home environment even more relaxing.

    Minecraft Modern House

    Even though many Minecraft-creators are into various ancient and historical buildings, the lion’s share of players prefers to create more modern houses. With that in mind, we have added this stunning structure with multiple glass walls to our list.

    Although the video does not demonstrate the entire construction process, it allows you to realize how complex this building is. In addition to a home with a full interior, this project includes a giant courtyard with numerous bushes and a perfect lawn. This building’s creator has taken care of even the slightest nuances like an active fireplace or paintings to make this house as cozy as possible.

    Keep in mind that if you decide to start such a large-scale construction, it will take a lot of time and patience. But as you know, the more effort you put into something, the more enjoyable the final result will be.

    Minecraft Villa

    Another popular Minecraft house idea is to build luxurious and comfortable villas. Since these houses mimic the various attributes of the luxury lifestyle, they take a lot of time to build. And although not every player dares to start such construction, the completed projects impress the entire Minecraft community in most cases.

    This video shows how the original idea turns into a shocking, incredibly realistic villa. This cool-looking property has multiple floors filled with various furniture and decorations. And even if you are not going to create anything like this in the near future, such impressive structures can inspire and push you to new architectural victories.

    Minecraft Underground House

    The game’s construction industry has its own trends, and if you want to follow them, this project should intrigue you. This house is a full-fledged underground property that you can enter using the stairs.

    Many players prefer to use glass elements on the roof to make such structures lighter and more nature-friendly. As for the nighttime, you can apply torches and light up your underground apartment without any issues.

    Even though you will be building a reliable, secure home, do not forget to fence off your area with some fence. Otherwise, you may run into unexpected, creepy guests right in the middle of the night.

    Minecraft Beach House

    Since Minecraft adventurers often start the game nearby the coast, beach houses are a highly sought-after architectural option. If you also want your home to be more in line with the environment, look no further than this video tutorial. It highlights a stunning quartz-based property with a cozy patio and spacious pool.

    Considering that the tutorial video is 25 minutes long, you will probably have to spend more time completing this project. The design’s author will explain to you which resources you will need the most. And on top of that, you will learn some clever block tricks that will allow you to make your beach house even more aesthetic.

    Minecraft Wooden House

    It is hard to imagine how many excellent ideas for Minecraft wooden houses the gaming community has already generated. No matter how large the building you want to materialize, you can always create a wooden house with all the necessary interior elements. It can be a cozy one-room cottage or a huge country mansion with an impressive garden. Or perhaps you will choose something in between and build a house with a beautiful porch from the video tutorial. 

    This project is quite simple and will take no more than 15 minutes for experienced players. And if you have just started your Minecraft adventure, you may need more time to complete the steps correctly. At the final stage of the video, you will also see which interior elements will help you make your wooden home more comfortable. Use these guidelines as a source of inspiration and create your own unique home environment.

    Minecraft helps millions of players worldwide build colossal structures and even create entire worlds for RPG gameplay every day. This overview will help you join the game’s creative community faster if you are a beginner. And at the same time, experienced players will be able to find here some reasonable ideas for their next ambitious construction projects.


    9.75 (Votes: 2)


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