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10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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As you may know — or just for your information — the League of Legends game comprises 150+ champions. They are extremely diverse: from the most powerful to the most routine ones. Everything depends on the gamer’s choice, and it helps make a balance in the game.

10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

    Herein, the banned champions are paramount, since they also impact the balance. No matter what kind of a champion you are eager to play with — the most forceful or the simplest one — you would still have a great chance to choose what you are really in need of.

    Whenever you choose a champion, it is always necessary to know who of them is banned at the moment. That is why we have accomplished this toplist of 10 most banned champions in the game.

    Yes, from now on, your gaming experiences will grow more magnificent!

    #10 Sett

    Being one of the newest — and along with this — the most versatile champion in LoL, Sett gets banned in almost half of the cases. On average, this character is banned in up to 49% of games.

    As a rule, the League of Legends gamers prefer to ban the new champions just not to let any other gamers choose them. 

    Being a powerful and charismatic champ, Sett can struggle almost to his half-death. It makes him almost inconvincible. That is why it is better to ban him, so that no other gamers could opt for him.

    #9 Senna

    In League of Legends, Senna is considered to be banned in up to 30% of cases. When she emerged in the game, she did not impress a lot of users.

    However, she can perform a role of the ADC champ, or you may pick her up as a support champ.

    However, what the gamers love her for is her super ability for the rage of attacks. If you are eager to have a passionate and harsh champion in the game, Senna would suit you perfectly! 

    #8 Leona

    You may notice Leona getting banned in 28% of games in LoL. The gamers tend to prefer choosing her in case they need to take part in a complicated fight.

    Yes, Leona is an excellentoption for the ones who prefer constant interruptions. The team fights that you can get into would get more complicated if you prefer this very champ.

    #7 Yone

    Being an assassin and/or a skirmisher with AOE damage, Yone gets banned in 50% of the games. The champ possesses two essential traits that the gamers prefer not to be used against them: a gap close and several on-hit effects.

    Yone has a sibling hero in this game — Yasuo — who we ranked #5 in this rating of the top banned champs in LoL.

    Yone appeared in the game in 2020, and he was, then, said to be murdered by his brother, Yasuo. In reality, he was not. 

    #6 Diana

    In the game, Diana is known to be banned in 30% of the cases. Maybe, she is not the most special champ in the game but she possesses a fantastic skill — control over the crowd. By the way, she has countless abilities at her disposal to control the crowd.

    Along with this, she possesses a power damage, so the competitors in the game would get scared of her. Yes, it is better to keep away from her, as she would make any battle more and more complicated.

    #5 Yasuo

    Yone’s brother Yasuo’s ban percentage is more than 40%. Regardless of having the same abilities as Yi — who, by the way, we ranked third on this list — Yasuo is one of the best champs to choose for the team fights in League of Legends.

    Due to him being almost unconvinced, he wipes his foes out easily.

    Besides, similarly to Diana, Yasuo can control the crowd, so you may find him pretty effective not only in team fights but also in other activities in the game.

    #4 Blitzcrank

    Like some of the champs we have already told you about, Blitzcrank gets banned in about 30% of the LoL games.

    One of the prerogatives this champion is characterized with is his ability of crowd control. Nonetheless, it is a unique one, as Blitzcrank pulls and uppercuts combo being absolutely capable of pulling his foes. The thing is that he pushes them directly into a team fight.

    Actually, due to this skill, he gets banned regardless of being one of the oldest champs in the game — he has been in LoL since the beginning.

    #3 Master Yi

    Master Yi, who we have already mentioned when talking about Yasuo, obtains a ban in 30% of the games.

    Some of the gamers have a conviction that Master Yi is something like a lix of Leona and Blitzcrank. It is because he is absolutely capable of damaging the enemies fast.

    Nevertheless, his most outstanding feature is his ability to heal. No matter what kind of damage he has undergone, he would still be able to recover in a short period. 

    #2 Aphelios

    You may see Aphelios banned in up to 50% of the games. Yes, it is possible to refer him to the most banned champs due to this fact.

    Why does he get banned? In most cases, he serves as one of the biggest threats to his enemies because of his extraordinary power. 

    Along with this, Aphelios has a trait to control the crowd. Can you imagine the fight where he participates? It is going to be a remarkable experience.

    #1 Ekko

    Ekko is the last champ we are going to locate on this most banned champs toplist. His ban rate is up to 30%.

    The reason for him to get banned is his original crowd control ability — he utilizes the approach that no one really likes — slows and stuns. It gets the gamers pretty nervous, so they do their best to escape from this champ or not to choose it.

    Another trait Ekko possesses is extreme sustainability — he is almost unkillable.


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