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Most Realistic Video Games Ranked

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Today’s video game developers have everything they need to create stunning projects that simulate reality. They use detailed locations, the characters which are difficult to distinguish from real people, thought-out behavioural patterns and combat systems. These and other similar elements make gameplay more immersive, therefore, it comes as no surprise that realistic games attract so many players.

Most Realistic Video Games Ranked

    If you want to know which of the latest titles have delighted gamers the most in this regard, keep reading. In the review, you will learn brief information about each game and understand which ones are actually worth your attention. 

    Death Stranding 

    Released for: PS5, PS4 and PC (Windows). 

    This game, inspired by Hideo Kojima, divided the gaming community into two camps after its release. While some players called this project undeniably brilliant, others thought that Death Stranding’s gameplay was too boring and deliberately stretched out. And although the game does have some drawbacks, no one can deny its incredibly high graphics quality. 

    The project will allow you to take on the role of Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, and travel through a mysterious post-apocalyptic world. Even though all your tasks will come down to delivery, these missions will always have a certain twist to them.  

    Many players call Death Stranding the most realistic video game when it comes to movement. You will have to correctly distribute the load, so that Sam can better maintain balance while walking, plan alternate routes, monitor weather forecasts and a bunch of other nuances. Throw in the impressive mountain scenery and relaxing music here, and you get a pretty intriguing virtual adventure. 

    Grand Theft Auto 5 

    Released for: Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC (Windows), PS4 and PS5. 

    Who knows more about detailed real-life simulations than Rockstar? With the 5th instalment of the GTA series, the developers have managed to create a virtual world that has been engaging users since 2013. This sandbox can offer you numerous side activities besides the main story missions. 

    Take part in races, buy any clothes or accessories and interact with unpredictable NPCs to make every visit to Los Santos as unique as possible. This game with realistic graphics will allow you to explore the mentioned metropolis from all possible angles: on the water, on the ground and from the air. 

    Crysis: Remastered 

    Released for: PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. 

    Since we live in the era of remade games, no one was surprised that Crytek decided to revive its most successful franchise with a graphic update. The original Crysis was the benchmark for your video adapter back in the day, and the remastered version followed suit. 

    The developers have added ultra realistic world lighting, highly detailed textures and even Ray tracing support to the game. This visual update made all locations even more engaging and replayable.  

    The game will once again invite you to try on a secret battle suit and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the tropical island. And while the project is slightly outdated from a gameplay perspective, your super-soldier abilities will surely keep you entertained. 

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 

    Released for: Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC (Windows). 

    If you are looking for the most hardcore flying experience possible, Microsoft Flight Simulator is perfect for you. But at the same time, the project does not focus exclusively on experienced players. Instead, it allows beginners to use simplified control modes for even the largest passenger aircraft in the world. 

    When it comes to photorealistic games, most other similar projects lose to this title significantly. In fact, the developers managed to create a virtual copy of our planet, considering even the smallest objects. So, with this simulator, you can turn each of your sessions into a long awaited journey with some personal stops.

    Metro Exodus 

    Released for: Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC (Windows), PS4 and PS5. 

    Anyone who wishes to experience all the flaws of a post-apocalyptic world filled with mutated monsters will appreciate Metro Exodus. This realistic game’s story revolves around a squad of survivors who travel across the wasteland by train.  

    Even though the project received mixed reviews right after its release, no one can deny its visual brilliance. The developers have filled their virtual environment with numerous details that create an excellent atmosphere. In addition, they did their best to make every action of your character immerse you into the game even more through the detailed animations.  

    Be sure, the more time you spend in this picturesque first-person shooter, the more often you will want to come back here. 

    Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 

    Released for: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC (Windows) 

    Have you ever wondered what does it feel to experience a severe psychosis? Well, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, featuring amazing video game graphics, will demonstrate you this state of mind in detail. This project focuses on the mysterious spiritual journey of a female warrior. She wants to talk to the goddess of death and bring her dead lover back to life. And you will have to help her with this strange, difficult mission. 

    Although the game’s events frequently take place in fantastic dimensions, the gameplay and all the story aspects will seem pretty realistic to you. You will fight legendary warriors / monsters, solve visual puzzles and help Senua to resist her mental illness. 

    Detroit: Become Human 

    Released for: PC (Windows), PS4 

    Today’s video game industry has numerous problems. However, there is one thing we all can be sure about - David Cage clearly knows how to create gorgeous-looking interactive games. Detroit: Become Human introduces you to three androids who face a variety of events and can influence the plot with their decisions. 

    Believable acting, high-calibre graphics and intriguing futuristic setting will make each of your gaming sessions stunningly immersive. Considering the number of story endings available, this project undoubtedly guarantees you another engaging hours-long adventure. 

    The Last of Us Part II 

    Released for: PS4 

    This project turned out to be one of the Sony’s most controversial exclusives in terms of storyline. And yet, the game has attracted millions of players thanks to its familiar, thoughtful gameplay and fantastic detailing across the world conquered by a terrible virus.  

    The developers have done an insanely meticulous job to optimize The Last of Us Part II for the PlayStation 4. As a result, they proved that this last-gen console can handle even the most realistic looking games.  

    Since it is the story-driven project, fans recommend playing the original game first. But at the same time, no one forbids you to go to the sequel and enjoy its gorgeous visuals right away. 

    L.A. Noire 

    Released for: Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC (Windows). 

    If you assume that a game from 2011 cannot look stylish and rely on cool technologies, you are mistaken. The developers used MotionScan to make this multi-layered detective simulator as engaging as possible. When you interact with suspects, they will show you different facial expressions depending on their involvement in the criminal cases. 

    The game’s storyline begins in 1947. You will play as Cole Phelps and help him reach new career heights through solved crimes. The game has an interactive open world, however, you cannot attack civilians. Considering this, many players referred to L.A. Noire as the cop version of the GTA franchise back in the day. 

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

    Released for: PS4, PC (Windows) and Xbox One.

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance has everything to easily immerse you in the virtual Middle Ages. The classless RPG system, fascinating storyline and, of course, realistic graphics made this project one of the most popular in the genre.  

    Forget about cool heroes who must destroy some universal evil yet again. In this game, you will play as a rebel who is no different from your fellow tribesmen. You will have to look for basic resources like food or water, reliable shelters and consider many other nuances to survive in this cruel world. 

    Ghost of Tsushima 

    Released for: PS4, PS5

    Ghost of Tsushima was supposed to be just another open-world game with outposts and primitive RPG elements but the final result surpassed all the expectations. Once the players have seen how gracefully the developers reproduced the Japanese island, they realized that they are about to go on a wonderful, action-packed adventure. 

    The game is a successful project not only because of the realistic setting but also because of the gameplay elements. You will be able to feel like a samurai who violates his principles and fights with opponents by their methods. The difficult moral choices will guide you through an engaging campaign with dozens of spectacular battles and unexpected discoveries. 

    Anno 1800 

    Released for: PC (Windows) 

    This project’s gameplay revolves around urban development and economic management. And while it is surely not the most realistic game in the world from the visual perspective, we included it on our list for a reason.  

    Since you will be managing a city in the global industrialization era, you will have to consider numerous aspects to create a successful metropolis. For example, if you want to get bread, you need to build not only a wheat farm but a windmill along with a bakery.  

    So basically, the whole game consists of sequential, logical decisions that should help you develop your city and satisfy all the needs of your population.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 

    Released for: Xbox One, PC (Windows) and PS4. 

    Rockstar approached this game’s development meticulously to portray the cowboy routine as accurately as possible. Red Dead Redemption 2 will tell you the story of Arthur Morgan, whose adventures were based on real events to a large extent.  

    You can travel across endless, picturesque locations on horseback, participate in daring robberies and interact with charismatic characters. Besides, the title is also one of the most realistic games ever regarding details and animations. So, you probably will have a hard time getting out of this immersive sandbox. 

    Arma III 

    Released for: PC (Windows, Linux or Mac) 

    Nothing can come even close to Arma III in terms of military simulations. This game has long been considered the standard of the genre thanks to its realistic graphics, varied missions and detailed military equipment. The plot is built around fictitious states and unfolds in the future. But at the same time, it does not harm the general level of real combat imitation in any way. 

    This unrivalled simulator will allow you to put your military knowledge into practice without harming anyone. Therefore, if you have been interested in military topics for a long time and have never tried this game, launch Arma III at least once, and you will add it to your collection forever.


    10 (Votes: 1)


    • Donovan
      Have you seen GTA 5 with the max settings? It has really stood the test of time.

    • Dave Doyle
      I would say that RDR2 is too realistic in some aspects.

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